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  1. Here's our original Twitter poll with SarahAlexxx's response:
  2. Both interesting points, thank you. I agree Oldandnerdy, I've seen a lot of somewhat naive young women setting up an account thinking it would be "easy money", which I think makes the stigma around sex work worse. Sex workers, whether they're cam models, escorts, foot pic sellers, whatever, put a tonne of effort into their work and building their brand and don't get the recognition they deserve for it. I think OF only makes that worse. But on the other hand I feel like I've seen an increase in people talking about how paying for sexual content is more ethical than watching free porn, so I'd like to think awareness is being raised in that way at least.
  3. Some of you may have seen that a University student from the UK has written a dissertation on Onlyfans and how they're treated on Twitter. Full article here - https://thetab.com/uk/leeds/2020/05/22/this-leeds-student-wrote-her-dissertation-on-onlyfans-and-were-here-for-it-51712 It's got us thinking, do you think that the rise in Onlyfans popularity has reduced stigma around sex work? Or made it worse?
  4. Christina Hendricks is up there for me
  5. lydiahardwood

    SP's Incall Locations

    So sorry this happened to you Melanie Rose. This is completely unacceptable - no one but the the Provider should be giving out addresses. I will move this thread to all of Canada as per @NotchJohnson's suggestion as people need to be aware. I can't believe that anyone could think this was okay to do!
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    Introducing... Member of the Month!

    You are so kind! I absolutely love working with you lot - this community makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 💓 Big love to you all!
  7. Providers - will your working habits change much after COVID? We have seen a few Providers say they'll stick to online work, or avoid kissing. Discuss!
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    Introducing... Member of the Month!

    Oops, sorry guys - I had a technical issue with the first form! For May, please can you write your nominations on this thread instead 😊 Nominations close 31st May.
  9. Hey Lyla fam, From now, we are opening nominations for Lyla Member of the Month! This person will be decided on by the community. You will all be able to nominate one person who has stood out on here, been supportive to the community or just been helpful in the past month. You can nominate anyone who uses Lyla - a Provider or a Client. The list will then be shortlisted and sent to our town council for a final vote. The winner will get a shout out from us on here and on Twitter. Plus you'll get the satisfaction of knowing we think you're the BUSINESS. Incentive enough, right? 😛 Keep an eye on the comments to find the link to the nomination survey each month, and to keep an eye on who wins the title. 👑
  10. Everyone - please give a warm welcome to AdamD who joined on the 05/21/20! 👍 View Member
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    Welcome to our new members!

    Everyone - please give a warm welcome to punter1959 who joined on the 05/21/20! View Member
  12. Hey newbies, Welcome to Lyla. It's fantastic to have you onboard! Please feel free to browse around and get to know the other members. Take your time to read through this forum in particular, as it's full of great advice on how the forum works as well as tips specific to this industry. We'd also recommend having a look at our rules and welcome letter. The most important thing to remember is our mantra: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 😘
  13. I came across this Twitter thread in relation to the tragic murder of Ashley Noell Arzaga in Toronto. Apparently municipal bylaws do not allow workers like Ashley from locking the doors to their own treatment rooms to ensure their own safety. Within the thread there's a petition to change that. Definitely worth a read. RIP Ashley 🌹
  14. I'm with you on this one GT - Emily Ratajkowski is a goddess
  15. According to this article, these are the hottest women in the world. Clearly they haven't seen the women on Lyla 😉 But what do you think, who is your favourite hottie? Just to clarify - this is for a bit of fun, we think all women are beautiful and don't think they can be ranked in a list as everyone is special in their own way! 😘