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  1. Due to COVID-19, I am now offering Virtual Services. This is the perfect opportunity to test our chemistry and get to know each other from the comfort of your home! Payments can be made via Interact e-Transfer to [email protected], Bitcoin and select gift cards. Texting may be done through standard SMS, Whatsapp or Viber. Texting: 1 Hour | $40 3 Hours | $70 12 Hours | $100 3 Days | $150 Texting + Sexting 1 Hour | $70 3 Hours | $120 12 Hours | $150 3 Days | $250 Good to know I currently do not offer video calls, videos or photos. I am usually available between 9am-11pm EST. I will do my best to answer you as fast as possible. USD and EUR is accepted as a 1:1 ratio. My Website : CharlieAltena.com Email : [email protected]
  2. Pleasure to meet you, my new friend. Perhaps we came across each other. Could it have been at a Starbucks during your break? Having a glass of champagne after a long week at a rooftop bar? Or perhaps while taking a stroll down Harbourfront on a sunny day? We may not have been able to get to know each other as living in Toronto may cause us to have an endless work schedule. Why don’t we change that? I will go first. I am 24 and currently wrapping up my Bachelor’s in business. I am based in Toronto and proud to call this city my home. If you are not from Toronto, I would be delighted to show you a few favourite spots of mine! Or why don't we go on an adventure? Although I have been to numerous places, I believe that there is so much more to be discovered. Although this may be a very brief introduction, you will find out more about me during our date. I enjoy forming meaningful connections and have been told that I am easy to talk to about various topics. Now it's your turn! Toronto Rates 1.5 hours (Minimum) | $550 2 hours | $700 3 hours | $900 4 hours | $1000 6 hours | $1400 15 hours (Overnight) | $2500 24 hours | $3000 36 hours | $4000 In date extensions are at a rate of $350 per hour Outcalls are available to upscale condos and hotels. A travel fee will be applied depending on your location. Lets meet, Shall we? My Website : CharlieAltena.com My Booking Form : https://www.charliealtena.com/lets-meet Email : [email protected]
  3. Hello Ottawa! I will be touring in your city for the first time and I cannot wait to meet you! ❤️ Since this will be my first tour in Ottawa, I have decided to offer a promotion for those who prebook our date before December 12. I will give priority to longer engagements and highly suggest 2 hours or more for the best experience possible. This will be your chance to be my tour guide or show me your favourite restaurant! Ottawa Touring Rates *PROMO* 1 hour | $350 1.5 hours | $400 2 hours | $500 3 hours | $700 4 hours | $800 6 hours | $1100 Outcalls are available to upscale private residences and hotels. A travel fee will be applied depending on your location. To qualify for these rates, you must complete screening and provide a 20% deposit before December 12, 2020. Regular touring rates on my website apply afterwards. I look forward to meeting you! Website: CharlieAltena.com Booking Form: https://www.charliealtena.com/lets-meet Email: [email protected]
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