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  1. I told you all I was there..If you don’t believe me that’s your problem. I had a great time with a petite little firecracker...This is the reason I stayed off this site for the last few years...too many experts !
  2. Just got back from a visit..went for a half and lasted for almost 20..lol..wild petite ride, lots of moaning etc, she introduced me to her girlfriend who was hiding in the bathroom..worth a visit...I believe she had a few drinks in her....
  3. I texted her this am...waiting to see if she gets back to me....
  4. And sometimes you don’t...we’ve met years ago..lol
  5. Or that Mary J tune.....NO MORE DRAMA.....
  6. Remember that Beatles song.....LET IT BE......
  7. Not much dark chocolate to sample 😒
  8. Seen her a few times, nice girl and great location. B—-j is extra. 😩
  9. The heading is Royalty from LL, I did my searches and nothing came up. i did my legwork and could not find anything. Why don’t you try to help a newbie and not be such an asshole know it all.
  10. Very accommodating, worth a visit.
  11. I’ll give her a shot, lol
  12. I find with her you need to make appointment as soon as you make initial contact. I have had good luck in booking in the am with about an hours notice.
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