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  1. would like some info as well if I may.. Please and Thank you J
  2. Red Lady was the only girl I saw that spent time with me after I " finished " ..she was sweet , it has happened to me enough times to make me leary of seeing anyone again .. I getting older and it becomes an issue more times than not... which it shouldnt Im thinking.. any help would be appreciated TY J
  3. anything anyone can tell me about her ..Madison ... pm me if you like Thank you J
  4. how about .." Tonight's Girlfriend " ...saw it on pornhub.com
  5. we just went code Orange in the Moncton region ... is it still safe to visit sp's ?? would love to see someone but just being cautious.. Thank you J
  6. just curious if she is still around ?? saw her once , wasn't too bad of an experience .. thank you
  7. Zombieland for sure has to be my favorite ...followed by Zombieland 2 ...
  8. any info on Stormy Rain ?? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_come_get_a_massage_therapeutic_sensual_nuru_full_service-5983949 thank u
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