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  1. I can now see another reason why SPs don’t answer the phone and only take texts or emails. That would be an unnerving call to take. Though I agree with the majority of posts that state discretion is paramount. Don’t confirm/deny. Let her know that you don’t discuss clients. Then hang up.
  2. Payment for a reference. Do many SPs ask for compensation for being used as a reference? I would think this would go contrary to the reason for referencing. What would an SP think if she found out another SP was being compensated? To me it would be like being paid for a positive review of a service ie restaurant. The reference could be legit. Though some may think the reference is fraudulent due to being paid.
  3. Absolutely correct, the best girls to see are your hose who are themselves and don’t take life too seriously. Just enjoy the ride!
  4. Oh man. Seriously my favourite dress on a woman!
  5. Never really experimented with toys while solo play. But did very much enjoy when my ex used her vibrator on my package. Never really thought about using a vibrator on my own. But it would be enjoyable.
  6. As a kid my dream job changed quite a bit. Everything from being a cop, race car driver, hockey player to a clown. Now as an adult, my dream job would be to be retired and be free.
  7. Wow, the abs on the first girl are amazing.
  8. I enjoy tandoori chicken pizza with lots of spices. And love stuff crust from Pizza Hut. That petroleum cheese in the crust is amazing.
  9. Slit dress, oh yes please! Especially when the slit goes above the hip. So sexy.
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