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  1. Never really experimented with toys while solo play. But did very much enjoy when my ex used her vibrator on my package. Never really thought about using a vibrator on my own. But it would be enjoyable.
  2. As a kid my dream job changed quite a bit. Everything from being a cop, race car driver, hockey player to a clown. Now as an adult, my dream job would be to be retired and be free.
  3. Wow, the abs on the first girl are amazing.
  4. I enjoy tandoori chicken pizza with lots of spices. And love stuff crust from Pizza Hut. That petroleum cheese in the crust is amazing.
  5. Slit dress, oh yes please! Especially when the slit goes above the hip. So sexy.
  6. Sir Mix A Lot would commend these photos and applaud the beauty of the booty.
  7. And some people who are new to this hobby may not be aware of bulletin boards and may not know anyone/feel comfortable speaking with someone in regards to the do’s/don’ts and what to look out for, both good and bad. It took me over two years to find out about boards and have learned a lot, which would have been helpful when I was first starting out.
  8. This is an amazing way to start the day. Gracias!
  9. Oh damn, these women can’t be real...they are amazing!
  10. Yes, yes to the body suit. Snap snap is an amazing sound!
  11. Oh no, that’s no bueno. People need to be better and not take what they know is nots theirs. Oh the inhumanity
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