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  1. I am in my mid-40s. My taste in women in civilian life and as a client has changed. I find as I get older I want to be with a woman who is genuine, comfortable in their skin, smart and has a sense of humour. It also helps if they are interesting and can hold a conversation. Also, if I see a woman a few times, it’s a nice touch if she remembers some of the topics of conversation we’ve had or shared experiences. Even if months have passed since we’ve seen each other. It makes the session seem more of a “date” than a service.
  2. Politicians need to realize that they are public servants who are there to try do what’s best for their constituents. I know this is a naive thought, but political parties should work together to bring their respective countries up. It’s sad to see that politics has become such big business that the common person is forgotten about and this may be very detrimental in another generation or two.
  3. Yes Greenteal, that is the Nadia I’m referring to.
  4. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Nadia. She gives an amazing body slide and massage. She is also good with giving pleasure. She is very accommodating with what I would like. Nadia has a very nice body and her photos are accurate. She greeted me at the door with a sexy outfit. She is not a clock watcher. I would recommend and see her again.
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