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  1. Are you referring to the place on St. Mary’s just off Fermor? It’s been a few months since I have been there, but at that time I believe it was just Susan and Brianna working there…
  2. Maria at Border, Winnie at Henderson, and all of Jessie, Amy, and Lisa at Thompson.
  3. I would recommend this provider: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/manitoba/winnipeg_ccccougar_in_wpg_again_for_good-3564364?source=list
  4. FYI - this establishment was recently added to the Do Not Review list.
  5. In Winnipeg, at legitimate registered massage therapy clinics (direct billing or receipt for insurance type places) I have not heard of people receiving undraped massages. With that said, I know the regulations (draped vs undraped) differ from province to province, however I suspect a long term client at a owner-operated one therapist clinic, or home business, might operate differently.
  6. Good question, as I know this can be somewhat embarrassing to ask directly of the massage therapist. In my own experience having seem over a dozen Registered Massage Therapists in Winnipeg, across numerous completely legitimate clinics, and having gotten to know them well enough to ask, I have learnt that completely nude (under the sheets) is pretty standard for a full body, one hour relaxation massage. As with anything, some therapist are a little more shy, and will massage glutes from over the sheet, however most experienced massage therapists will massage one glute at a time with the sheet pulled over one cheek only.
  7. Correct, there is a Susan at 855, and another Susan who is at 741 (who also works at Corydon). I have seen both, and both great.
  8. Have been scanning the site and a number of great looking women. Sometimes I see some the the LL, EA, ohmy, women on there as well. Outside of those women, any feel for if the others are looking for an upfront monthly allowance (I am sure that is their preference), vs open to pay per meet?
  9. Last visits for me were August, both Sophie and Molly were good appointments.
  10. Susan from Crystal on St. Mary’s is great. She can also be found at Oui on Corydon.
  11. I enjoy Susan at 855 Henderson very much! Great value for money.
  12. Hello, Curious about others’ experiences with massage. If choosing 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes, would the rate charged the finish alone, also increase to some degree? I have felt this pressure, namely to pay more for the same finish. Also have felt pressure to upgrade the finish selected when choosing a 60 minute session. I do empathize however, as there is an opportunity cost for their time (two finishes across two 30 minute appointments vs one finish during a 60 minute appointments. Greatly appreciate any insight!
  13. Hello! With Felina having left the business, and Capital C for Cougar only in Winnipeg once a month, I am wondering who else provides a great Femdom handjob experience? This service generally includes the provider standing over you in an authoritative manner; dominant language and dirty talk such as “good boy”, “you can cum now”, “cum for me”; leg spreading (even some mild some ass play); edging and denial. I appreciate any suggestions, and am happy to share and exchange information, however my most recent visits have been with the two ladies already mentioned above. Thanks!
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