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  1. I have had the pleasure of meeting with Ava Mariee a couple of times. She is BEAUTIFUL, with a great smile, a warm outlook on life and a bubbly personality. For being someone who is completely new to this, my experiences with Ava Mariee were nothing but perfect. From communicating about meeting, it was a simple set up. No headaches or games, just a professional arrangement. Her location is great, clean and in a nice part of town with street parking. Upon arrival I was greeted at the door with a nice smile and a hug. She puts any hesitation at ease with her sense of humour which is also a great attribute. The pictures that she posted on Leolist are her so don’t be worried about any of this “switching”. The specifics of our encounter I will keep to myself however, I can tell you that you will NOT be disappointed.
  2. Saw her once. She’s nice and friendly. Doesn’t play games, show up- pay and enjoy.
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