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  1. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/fredericton_avaliable_now-7094367?source=list Any info out there on her? No reco's. Need to find a new SP as mine retired. Not looking for a party girl; want a mature, sophisticated intelligent companion.
  2. I hear ya. There are only 2 mature SP in my area- one is a coke head who I had a horrible experience with. But found The other to be a pleasant surprise and stick with her now. I think the bad blood goes both ways with the SP having their share of no shows too. Keep looking. They aren't all cons!
  3. I went to admin first to make sure. I was told it was not appropriate to post.
  4. Yes, we have a bait and switch section (which is absolutely needed) but I think there should be a section for dangerous encounters as well.
  5. Sad to say, that is not true. Anyone advertising as "party friendly" is red flag. And , to my astonishment, at least one 'sniff sniff' is extremely popular and well reviewed which I have met. This forum does not tell the whole story on any SP.
  6. Granted, hanky panky is the primal force behind my initial search for a SP, but it takes more than looks and even skill to keep me cumming back 😉 Corny as it sounds, personality is a turn on. I generally don't have high expectations but more a wait and see attitude. I had a SP who, it turns out is an addict, and who is well reviewed,smash my illusions not long ago. Thankfully, I have found a classy SP since who meets my needs. I think most importantly is to hold myself to high expectations. Be punctual. Be polite. Be respectful.
  7. Very interesting discussion. The redundancy of writing a reco for a sp who can't be contacted ( for whatever reason) directly, is funny because it is so obvious, and yet, a valid point. For me, Lyla was a way to safe guard myself from the wide array of problems that can arise from seeking a companion. I can't say I feel the site considers all perspectives though; but, regardless, a place to report problem sp's is needed and being able to investigate a SP by way of the search bar is very helpful. I voted that independent sp's should get the vote, so to speak. Ones that work for an agency, biker gang, pimp, ect....do not receive their donation in total, as it is shared. Somehow that makes a difference to me.
  8. I love your viewpoint on the importance of personality and being yourself! Thanks for the interview
  9. Thanks for the interview. I can only guess, but it actually makes sense that some kinks are for personal life only and not for hire. Makes sense bout what you said bout the intamcy needed. Magine can't do that with every Time, Dick, and Harry....
  10. I have definitely had the jitters, particularly with a new encounter. I mentally prepare myself for the worst - just in case. But upon arrival and first glance I can tell the forecast for the time spent together. Lots of tell tail signs even before meeting too that can be red flags. First time is always the hardest 🤪
  11. I had the pleasure of seeing this lovely lady a couple times recently. I had been surveying the layout of the land, looking for a companion who was like the girl nextdoor, so to speak. She is a very genuine, sexy, unique women. I opted for the happy ending massage. The massage was incredible. We laughed, joked and carried on like we knew each other for years.
  12. Very thought provoking ideas. Intelligence is so sexy. Thanks for doing the interview.
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