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    " A women's body makes her sexy.Her smile makes her pretty. But it is a good heart and soul that makes her beautiful."
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  1. Love your sense of humor! I have taken a few mens virginities in the last 2 years. I actually give them lessons on what to do ( for future experiences with possible girlfriends). One tip is NEVER go in dry!!! And would you believe it? They still tried to fuck me dry none the less 🤔!!!!
  2. This is a very pertinent topic and one that definately should be talked about. Most of my clientele are gentlemen I have seen since I began escorting, and I am thankful for that. When I do have a new client though, I prepare to be ghosted ,internally, because it happens so often. I would rather be prepared so that I don't get so angry at the disrespect I see in this bizz.
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