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    I’m 6’8”, 280 lbs. ex bodybuilder, ex-power lifter. Rig hand for 30 years.
  1. Had a seriously amazing experience with Kali. She was easy to book, and kept me informed on her timing. I booked her for out call and she provided shared location to ensure she was en route. She was a few mins late but I didn’t care. Cause when I saw her she instantly blew my mind. She’s hot, like sexy confident hot. She’s got a swagger when she walk that could turn heads anywhere. Her personality is just as outgoing as her looks. She’s got brains, brawn and beauty. And she was ultra professional also. Upon meet up she discussed rules. Once the business was out of the way it was all pleasure from there on. She isn’t a time watcher. Came dressed in requested outfit. Brought a plethora of toys. Top notch in my books. Will definitely see her again
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