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  1. Hey babes, come join me for some fun, I offer the best massages in town, Petite 4"11, 100 lbs, nicest and reallest girl you can have💕 and also Im funny, how can you get better ? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 Text me (437)993-1780
  2. https://twitter.com/xXSnoWhyteXx?t=JFRo5I71rx4z4w_mHcvdKQ&s=09 Just created a new one 💕
  3. And... I am canceled 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 people dont have to loose for others to win. Its not putting people down that will raise you up, I wish more people had the same kind of view about this world like me, I wish this world knew more love and more acceptance, I pray each one of you will be happy one day and decide to spread love ❤️
  4. Youll will surely get jumped. Pimps knows how boys become crazy and stupid when they see young girls, bad quality surely really old pictures thats girls is probably 25 yo now
  5. I think asking for more is bad luck, and that only what people truly wants to give you have value, and grow in the future, also makes me feels selfish to ask for tip, doesnt make me feel good about myself.
  6. Personally my phone is in silence except for important calls, I set some music then I set aside and concentrate on you, at the end if you take your shower Ill go ahead and text but I dont disrespect people like that because I know damn well how it makes me feel when clients are on the phone texting and chatting with friends, if we know each other for a long time ok, but I like us to be connected and having fun, treating you like I want you to treat me 💕
  7. People who are not happy because they talk to me like an object and have no respect for my name, you think I will let you insult me, insult my work and insult my worth? I will NEVER.EVER give bb services you are not happy with that? Fine, walk away, I dont need someone who can't respect my boundaries, would you like your mom to be treated like you do to me? How would you feel if people would treat your daughter or your sister like that? We are humans and try to give the best time possible to people, we are here to make them feel good, to feel better about themselves, to help them rebuild their confidence, to listen to their pain and help them having a better life with good company. We answer hundreds of texts a day just for people to waste our time or laugh at our faces. I love my job when I have gentleman that respect me and treat me like I am important, because, I am, you are paying me to give you a good time and good experience and its by making me feel like you're enjoying it that I will enjoy it. So my number is out of service for the moment, thank you.
  8. I did the same and it just makes our work harder, being on page one 30 min between thousands of fake ads boosted to the max
  9. Hey babes, I am downtown for the entire week I work from 11AM-1AM 💕 come book an appointment with me for the best massage and service you will ever get 😘 I do outcalls with a 50$ deposit, for verification my instagram is @the_real_snow_whyte, multi hours specials and greek available 💕😇 Text me ❣️ (437) 370-5862
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