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  1. This is hilarious. Please report me, I'm sure admins will laugh their freakin heads off. LOL
  2. You're clinging to the YLF name for reviews written over 2 years ago?
  3. Not sure what "futur lover could easily go and check". Other than your ads and post here, the only mention of you under "Veronica French" I could find is a short TERB thread from Mars 2021 mentioning they couldn't find reviews.
  4. The LL verification process was always minimalistic. But many of those ads now contain links to fake Lyla recommendations. This used to be dealt with quickly, but it's now done on a larger scale and admins are completely ignoring it. I already posted examples of edited images and reported many of those fake accounts. As I strongly believe some received the Verified Independent status, I'm quite concerned for members who shared private information on this forum. I still use Lyla for searches, but I would advise caution to anyone who intend to conduct business here.
  5. I don't want to sound negative. But due to numerous factors, I doubt traditional adult services will remain sustainable for very long. No matter the website, navigating ads been increasingly difficult. This includes forums (including Lyla) that are no longer reliable. In the past months I identified more than a dozen fake accounts regularly posting recommendations(likely AI generated) promoting fake ads with edited pictures. Right now, the words "Verified", "Recommended", including "Verified Independent" are worth nothing unless you personally know who wrote it. I consider myself relatively educated on the matter and I get blindsided by some of the new stuff. And with tools like ChatGTP, this will only get worst. I'm not predicting the end of adult services. But more likely a shift toward alternative/hybrid services to build business relationships and arrangements. More traditional options will remain, but without solid recommendations and references, the concept of meeting a complete stranger with a pile of cash will no longer be worth the risk.
  6. She posted the conversation on her Twitter page. Her previous employment experience seems a bit broad. Would be like if a plumber considered himself an ex-Hilton Hotels employee because he was called once to replace a toilet. Technically "not a lie", but not quite enough to put on a resume.
  7. I seen my share of overreactions to miscommunications and found myself in situations where needed to decide between trying to deescalate or walk away. I'm not downplaying the risks and abuse providers may experience. But when seeking services, I prioritize knowing who I'm dealing with before discussing other details.
  8. I hope you know and understand how the purchase of sexual services is ILLEGAL! You are allowed to pay for services of many nature including therapeutic/massages and companionship. What consenting adults do in private, should remain between them. Something you should keep in mind when communicating with someone and when using public forums.
  9. Here a last one to make clear this is not a "mix up"...
  10. As her travel schedule of the past week seem quite busy, I'm not gonna judge her for that. Sometimes things work out, sometimes not so much. My point was about the relevance of identifying yourself as a Lyla member. Not all providers are onboard with online reviews. And judging from the nature of recent recommendations, I suggest caution with posted content. Being a member doesn't provide perks or rebates. It's a source of information for those who take the time to decipher it. I never once used my "membership" as a negotiating tool. What I do in private stays that way.
  11. At least 6 pictures in your ad (including the one you use for your profile avatar here) belong to a pornstar/camgirl using the name Lilah Anne. Not only the pictures were stolen, but facial features were edited. Lilah Anne - Free nude pics, galleries & more at Babepedia Lilah (@lilahlickedyou) / Twitter
  12. Found no evidence of her being a member. Mostly serving the GTA, not sure why she would be. And even if she was, a membership doesn't mean much anymore...
  13. Not knowing her, I can only speculate. But many providers do choose not to be reviewed or discussed online for privacy reasons. This board has a DND(do not discuss) list for that purpose. F.A.Q - Lyla As for her book and what she does after her retirement, this is up to her.
  14. Considering she likely worked in the time period independence was a privilege and not a right, I can understand why she kept a low profile. And judging from the ad she posted in Toronto 4 days ago, she's about to retire. If want to meet her, this will likely be the last opportunity.
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