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massage only places?

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Hey I was wondering if there are any massage only parlours? Ones that offer nothing past the hand release? (body slide ok) And if so, how much the girls usually make? As I said in another thread I posted I have done escort work once but am not interested in getting back into it, nor being an indy. If anyone has any info please let me know.



-Katy :)

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This is not something that is typical in Vancouver. (I think there are storefront massage places in Ontario where hj is the maximum available).


You can look into some massage parlours in Vancouver/Burnaby and see what they have to say about providing advertising and space for someone who does not want to do more.


For our area, tho, it is typically only done by either independents in their own location or by some of the asian mp places where there is no mention of services at all, and they are primarily massage only with extras.


But realistically, I think you can rule it out as an option. If you decide you want to offer "r&t" only sessions, you will have interest. IT is really quite a popular thing, and there are a lot of guys who only ever want that. You don't have to be concerned about offering that and then getting a lot of guys showing up who want or expect much more, and won't take no for an answer. Massage clients are pretty awesome, imo.


Keep in mind you can't charge 200 an hour for this, usually even if you are younger and have limited touching, and are unskilled (as in you really don't know how to massage or tease or do not linger over the finish or unable to provide a sensual encounter) the most you can charge in spite of youth is about 100/hr. If you are able to take it to the next level, 120-140 is possible. If you offer a true tantric total body experience, and wish to go to 90 minute minimums, you would then be at the 200+ level.


If you try to do this at a massage place, your rates are going to be higher than normal since there will be a room fee.


Try broadway body care, it might be possible to be hj only there, it is not all asian.

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