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Like many of you, I'd like to be as safe as I can be.

So I'm thinking as I scroll through ads, which ones are least likely to be LE.


Like any profiling, this experiment has the risk of generalizing, but the question is an "honestt" one... want to be safe. I'd like to propose a few axioms, and see what that gets me for "rules" derived from those, and then I'd like folks to propose new rules or axioms, or critique mine.



1) Tolerance varies by area

2) LE wants to be seen as effective, so targets least tolerated practices first.

3) LE wants to be efficient with their time, so if more than one crime is captured in a sting,it increases their chance of proving on of them...

4) Providers can be expected to value their own safety and privacy, so take some measures to protect it.

5) LE agents will not tend to provide service for extended periods then start enforcing, as doing so is a) hard on LE personnel, if using staff, and b) hard to outsource, as established providers ruin reputation that costs them more that the $$ LE could pay, and with the legalization of providing, there's not much leverage to force a non-compensated flip to enforcement.


So recognizing, I'm not LE... just a closet math major, let's see what we get... so from each of the above (numbered) I'm guessing I should avoid the following posts.


From #1) Be aware of news, enforcement, and local LE postings of priorities, and avoid those areas with a history of stronger enforcement, and those practices or focus areas of LE priorities (vary by jurisdiction)


From 2,3: Avoid posts with statements like "fresh off the boat from <name of country with trafficking reputation>

From 2,3: Avoid the posts with the youngest providers (increase odds of underage)

From 4: Avoid posts that are on the high-end of explicit (for the forum), give addresses or rates

From 5: Tend to use providers with multiple reviews, or reviews from johns with a good reputation

From 5: Tend toward repeat business


That all said, I'm sure LE would catch folks even with the most middle of the road post too, but they'd just be catching a) a random sampling, which makes for less valuable headlines for the head of prosecution. Strong headlines, tend to increase the social license for enforcement, and arresting "boring" johns is at best neutral or possibly negative.


What do you all think, any I missed, any I got wrong?



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I feel it is simply common sense that keeps us and the ladies we love to visit safe. I emphasize that lyla is your friend. I don't read nor book through any BP/CL ads unless referenced here on lyla and, I think, almost exclusively the advertisers have been lyla members, are recommended by reputable lyla members and are then savvy enough to join lyla.

Building your reputation here involves participating and making thoughtful posts. Posting a reco for a respected provider and having them offer a public thanks contributes to your credibility. It's not the number of posts but the quality/helpfulness of them that works.

"So recognizing, I'm not LE..." OK, I believe that but your first and only post in 6 months on the board sure doesn't guarantee it! lol

LE could probably easily infiltrate the lyla community but, as you point out, it isn't worth their time. No doubt some LE (in their private lives) are happy, satisfied members here!

I avoid BP/CL primarily to avoid poor service, lot LE (though I'm not interested in crossing paths with LE either)

One other caution: - and this was a very sad and unfortunate situation for a great man - Don't pull a Wil***t K**n.

Thanks for starting this thread - I'm sure new members will find it encouraging and helpful.


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Thanks WR,


So basically a vote for leaning on reputation, with Lyla, and presumably other boards as helping there like TER, CERB, etc.



All those boards will help you, best way to help yourself is research. All the ERB boards and here well help you.


If you go on BP, research first.

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If your goal is to avoid an LE sting, just don't seek the services of street workers. keeps you 99% safer. the other 1% if (and so far have only heard of 2 cities across canada that have ever done this, and that is over a total of 10years)is t you see an ad for someone 19 or 18, then you contact them for more info and they tell you they are 16 or anything other than 18 plus, then tell them no thanks, and then contact LE about the ad. the only stings i've seen them do with online ads is for underagers, and i'd say that 99% of those who followed thru to make an appt think the legal working age is same as age of consent, 16.


the fact is, sps are far more likely to get fake booked by LE for an LE visit to shake them down to prove they aren't trafficking victims, while preventing them from making the money they need to not be a victim, for hours. then they pat themselves on the back for having done their jobs in looking for but not finding victims of exploitation. clients? never in their line of sight, far too difficult to find unless you like street workers.

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Thanks Fortunate one. I really appreciate the thoughtful reply. Makes sense about street, that seems riskier on a number of levels for all involved. Also appreciate the detail on age. Personally, i normally book 30+ for a few reasons, so reassuring. Thanks again!

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One thing that was a takeaway from the above thread was the value of providers that post here, where one can see they are people with an interest in being part of the community, so safer overall.


I do find myself wondering about some of the ads on Leo's and elsewhere... mostly as a curiosity / thought experiment.


One thing I've done a bit is uploaded some of the photos from ads that seem to promise a bit much, or fail to offer a phone number. Into image search.


I notice quite a few that track back to different providers from different regions / different phone numbers.


So clearly "borrowed pictures"... something to avoid... that said, curious, has anyone accidentally contacted a "fake" ad... what actually happens... was it a real person, just different, or was it enforcement or some thug or other cash extraction?



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It's ironic for me that even before I found reputable forums like this, I was never duped by fake ads and such. To me, reading certain ads just are too obvious. Of course, I have always been a little more patient with my process and don't let the little head do the thinking. And maybe my "spidey" senses are just pretty good, i don't know.

As for LE and C-36, I remember when all the BS was happening, posting here and elsewhere that it is just in no way cost effective or prudent for LE to spend the resources to try and set up stings as an independent escort at an incall location and try to catch johns that way. Aside from the underage stings which the johns were frankly, idiots to fall for and deserved to be busted for booking with a 16 yr old, the only real enforcement has been at the street level and the trafficking side which is not unexpected and was the case long before the bill. 

Having said that, resources like Lyla and other reputable forums where clients and providers can interact are invaluable and beneficial to keeping us all happy, healthy and safe. Cheers all.

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