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I'm trying to post a second part of a long post and I've divided it up to accommodate character limits but it won't let me post the second part.

Can anyone help me with why?


smiles, cat


Additional Comments:

It's trying to add my second post as "additional comments" which is why the character limit is coming in.


Additional Comments:


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I've hit this in the past. It's because consecutive posts in the same thread get auto-merged, but the post size count isn't done until after that. Mind you, you get 10k characters (I think) so it's not a common problem. There's two workarounds:


1) if someone else posts after your initial post, your second one won't get merged as they aren't consecutive.


2) Failing that, if the two posts are 24h apart (I think) they're also treated as separate, and don't get merged.

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