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Back to blonde 36E Moncton april6-7-8 retiring early summer special fees

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April 6-7-8

Arriving tonight




With a salacious appetite for amour of the purest kind, I am the

personification of total liberty and unrestrained sensuality. I am a true

woman with a carefree attitude who enjoys celebrating her femininity.



In my culture, the subtlest of nuances color the sensuality of pure living:

the glean in a gentleman?s eyes as he looks at me the morning after; the

way we linger over succulent delicacies and savory sips of wine at sunset;

laughter that falls upon random bits of conversation when I say something

silly. Almost immediately, burgeoning desire will shroud us in a seductive

euphoria that is warm, powerful and uninhibited. Will you find me

impossibly sexy, down-to-earth and carefree? It?s quite possible.



Though I?m not interested in the whole ego thing, my figure is simply

intoxicating. I am blessed with ample curves exactly where they belong and

lean muscle tone where it matters most. Piercing copper brown eyes, satin

smooth skin and long auburn hair look just as fantastic in an evening

ensemble as they do in bits of satin and lace. A spontaneous look with a

light touch of makeup works best for me to create a natural yet smashing




Adoration is my art and passion my mantra. Sometimes it?s fun to look at

life through the wrong end of the telescope! A man who notices the

genuineness in everything that I do, who appreciates my candor and

whimsical nature is the one who becomes my perfect compliment and center of

my world. We?ll never know when episodes of timeless romance may erupt into

frenzied desire. Barely greeting each other, ordinary life will be

abandoned as urgent moments demand supercharged attention. ?Who said a lady

can?t get a little wild now and then?? she laughed. You will sense my ease

an inner tranquility.



Unless my native French language excites you terribly, I communicate in

English. Please forgive me if it shows in my words! Unique beauty can be

found in the differences of others. I?ve been told that I put action to my

words which is probably what instills a sense of trust and longevity in my

gentlemen friends.



For extended rendezvous or a brief tryst to see if we?re right for each

other, please visit my website for details. Above all, follow your instinct

and be in touch.



*?* toi, pour toujours,

*Forever yours*,



Victoria Jolie





new website coming up


You can follow me on TWITTER https://twitter.com/Victoriajolie



Retirement early summer





*Warmest of wishes,*






mid thirties

5 "9 in heel 6'1

36E enhanced

28 waist

35 hips

Dark blonde now

Hazel eyes

French Canadian with Ukrainian background

I am consistent into providing an excellent rendez-vous











You can pm me @victoriajolie however I rarely log in

Email me [email protected] or

Text me 646-349-7115 or

Text me 647-485-7570




To book the rendez-vous kindly provide: handle/name


day time duration

type of rendez-vous

At my discretion i may ask a reference of well establish lady seen in the past and her contact info

No text app and ~Virtual phone~Fake numbers

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