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Lyla is getting a Face lift this weekend!

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Hey Everyone,

Weâ??re happy to announce that weâ??ll be switching over to a new system this weekend. It will function very much like the current one but with an updated appearance. Over time we will work to see what can be improved with the layout and function of the forum and get the communities feedback of what should be added or removed. While we do this transition, weâ??ll be disabling a few features of the current site including posting. This is in order to preserve the database the way it is now for the new version and prevent the loss of any information.

Please be patient with us this weekend, as we will get all features up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime the chat will be operational and searching through the sites database will be as well. Please note these changes are aesthetic and function only, Lyla will continue to be the same positive recommendation board it is now. We hope you all like the new look and feel of Lyla.com!

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