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This isnt the first time i have wrote about Eden, and maybe my last time. I was suppose to do a incall session at her place (i have seen her at least 5 or 6 times by this point), so it wasnt my first time. I go to Dieppe to see her at her apartment (i etransfered her 180$ for our session), and i get to the area where her place is located. I sit down at a cafe nearby her place and get wifi to text her (because i only have text/call app) and she texts me saying she arrived home and there was supposedly a "cop" waiting outside her apartment door and she was saying that they were knocking on her door and she had no idea why. So i told her what should we do, and she starts blaming me that i ratted her out to the cops and called it on her or i was in on it (like she was thinking i was connected with the police, which i am not lol). So then i leave the cafe and as i look over her apartment building i dont see one cop car at all parked or with lights on. So no cop car and she was saying she got intruded by them, and then she says she is paranoid and she only wants to see me in a few days or until things chill out for those "cops" showing up at her place supposedly. I honestly think i got played and she stole 180$ from me for idk what reason, because i was always polite and honest with her on everything before when i saw her at least 5 or 6 times. Very weird change of events with her, kinda sad because she was a great SP and she was amazing. It honestly sucks and i really hate the fact i had to write this but everyone needs to know that she is not to be trusted or even worth going to see her if in the future she will turn on you like she did with me. Be careful out there and stick with recommended and well reviewed SPs here on Lyla!

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Wow sorry to hear this! I thought she was beginning to build her rep! Even tho it is known she uses fake photos ( self admitted by her) I always would be weary of someone who is willing to use stollen photos to begin with. It shows lack of ethics IMO. 

What confuses me the most...is that she claimed YOU called the cops on HER?  That's so backwards because Ladies can 100% legally work as long as of age, and independent ( not trafficked etc). The ways laws are written, only the client is illegal ( if they are asking for sexual service VS time spent with companion). 

So as you can see, it would do you NO purpose to call the cops cause you would just be ratting yourself out 😂

On occasion police can and will do check ups on known ladies as a way to be sure they are not being pimped and are of age. Maybe that happened? I was checked in years and years ago and I gladly welcomed them in and shown them I was of age, no children in my home, independent and no drug activity. They said thank you mame and left😃 

Everyone should always KNOW the laws so that others cant intimidate, con, or use scare tactics against you. This advise if for both ladies and men! 

Hope that she reaches out to you and clarifies what took place and returns your deposit! Its a shame for someone to loose their business over 180😬 

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