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Maria Divina: UPDATE visit on 24th Truro late pm & evening!

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Here is the Update for this present visit:


I will go only at Truro as I did not get enough advance interest from Halifax

But you are really welcome if you want to join me at Truro on the 24th afternoon from 4pm & evening


Other possibilities during this visit are: 

1 in Fredericton: Tuesday the 24th morning before noon   

1 in St-John: Wednesday the 25th afternoon from 4pm & evening

Maybe a last 1 - if I stop to Moncton on Thursday afternoon from 4pm & evening -this city isn't confirmed at all for the moment


**And by the way, I will come back in the first week of November for my last Maritimes visit of the year between the 4th to the 8th,

and it is never too early to contact me to be in touch



I meet few as I do want to take advantage of my trip to get around 


Life is so great when we are giving us a time to savour it properly

Dear Gentleman

Electing a lady to accompany you might be based

on some common grounds to assure the most rewarding experience.

I don't know better common ground than a mutual respectful approach based

on positive vibes to build a genuine enhancing connection.

If we never met before, let me introduce myself:

I am Maria Divina, a mature & beautiful woman in her forties, full of joy & smiling at life.

I'm a very caring person, I like to please and be please also. I adapt myself to a variety of contexts :-)

Did this picked your curiosity?

We are maybe then meant to meet!

I warmly invite you then to contact me

by email at [email protected]

Light screening is required, reference and/or handles and/or P411 and/or deposit

Everything with empathy, courtesy, respect
& most important conviviality
I'm wearing always my legendary smile

Be assured that will be a privilege to meet you

Au plaisir!

Maria Divina xox









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