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#1 I'm computer iliterete...lol  for escort discussion how do I post a leol**t ad on this site so others can see the "ad" & comment or check the "ad" out....also how do you "tineye" or check "pics" that is posted in ads?  thanks in advance for any help on this topic  :)

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For the first part: You simply highlight the link in the top address bar, right-click on it, click copy and then right click again on your post to paste the link. 

For the second: Save the image you want to verify on your hard drive. With Google images:

Click on the Camera Icon "Search by image" and "Upload an image" and Browse and double click on the image you want to verify.

With TinEye.com the procedure is similar and you simply click on the up arrow to browse and choose the pic to verify.

With https://yandex.com/images/ :  You click the camera icon and then "Select a file" to browse.








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