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Leolist has definitely become a bit of a shitshow.  Never been a fan of combing through those places for work. Caveat emptor however still very much applicable. Especially in an element like that. There are ways both sides are responsible for protecting themselves. It's not just on one or the other. This is an interesting thread and I'm happy it's a thing. I do feel there could be a lot more discussion on this board in these respects. Was happy to see someone else mention the same.

I think what is really important to keep in mind however that looks are completely subjective. What is gorgeous to one maybe a complete turn-off to another and I think we need to be careful with the guys who complain to other providers about these things. We should also be careful that their expectations are not getting the best of them. My mind can't help but to see a possible in for someone to take advantage.

Much can be said for screening and deposits. If this information is so important for providers, why have I seen little to no education or awareness for fellow SW's? From what I've noticed there isn't much of that out there at all. Thankfully I am capable of establishing my own process. As much as they can help tighten security, I do feel we should also be careful that they are not being used to discriminate against others as well.

If brainstorming together to develop a system to help protect those being scammed is possible you can definitely count me in on that process!

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