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A warning for Industry Girls

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There is a guy in the Calgary area approaching Industry providers (And from what I can see) focusing on new girls to the industry. 

This guy responds to ads and books an appointment as any other client would. However he comes to the appointment and offers to "trade a review and an Oilmans Directory listing " in exchange for massage services. 

I admit, I was suckered by him when I first joined the industry about 7 years ago. Not knowing any better and hoping that it would help to build my new business.  

I tracked my clients asking each how they had gotten my name and info. I can say NOT 1 WAS EVER THROUGH ANY OIL DIRECTORY! EVER!! AND CAF REVIEWS CAN BE POSTED FOR FREE!

This guy who contacts through an "International Number" contacted me again when I came back to the industry last week making the same offer. To which I responded asking him where this Oil Directory is? To see a copy of the last posting he had made in the directory in my regard as I had never even once had a client in almost 4 years that came to me through this supposed Directory posting and his CAF posting as I also had never seen that if ever made. As such  I would NOT be interested in providing him services once again for these supposed things, and would like proof of them from the last time as I believe it to be a scam.

I told him that if there was no clients that came from this Oil Directory before when oil was booming here, I didn't believe it would help now with things as slow as they are in oil and gas. He back peddled. Stated that the Oil Directory didn't exist when he saw me the first time and does now. So I sent him a copy of his message asking if I wanted to be listed in it again. And called him out on his lie and his scam! 

He freaked out!!! Started threatening me! Threatening to ruin my reputation and bump negative reviews and post negative reviews on CAF ( As he claims to have the ability to manipulate CAF review postings and be on the CAF review board itself.) 

He copied and pasted a screen shot of  the ONLY negative review I had on CAF (which the poster has actually been blocked from the site!) And continued to message me with threats and negativity because I had ASKED HIM TO PROVE HIS CLAIMS ON HIS DIRECTORY AND HIS REVIEW ON CAF! WHICH HE NEVER PROVIDED! This continued on until I blocked him. 

I wanted to share this information as this is wrong! IF he was legitimate  he would have had no problem showing me where this review was and where the listing is in this Oil Directory. The oil directory that he claimed the first time, and offered to do again but when I brought up how slow oil is now and how I have never heard from a single client about this Directory he changed his story and claimed it didn't exist the first time he saw me!  I simply asked him to prove his claims and when I did I was verbally abused and threatened! And he continued on and on until I blocked him! 

If anyone wants proof of this, I took screen shots of the conversation and his messages. I wanted to warn everyone about this guy! His actions and behavior are dangerous! He is clearly unable and as stated above  clearly this offer of his is a scam and he feels it is acceptable to threaten and verbally abuse girls if they question him or his scam! All of my conversations in this regard were by text. I worry that had they been in person he may have been rather dangerous and NO ONE had the right to do these things to anyone! Regardless of the industry we choose to work in! 

Has anyone else had dealings with this guy? Please be careful! And know  I am speaking from experience! Which I had when coming back to the industry this time  but didn't have when first starting and fell victim to his scam! 

Hopefully, this prevents anyone else from having to go through it and keeps girls safe! As I am positive,  had I called him out on this stuff in person, he would have likely become violent and forceful! (Based on the way he has behaved when called out on text! And had no problem writing threatening and abusive texts to me! For hours after I simply asked him to prove his postings!)

I also now know, which I didn't when I first started, its FREE to post a review! And anyone can post them! Don't let someone make you think otherwise!

Hopefully this prevents someone else from having to deal with this guy and his abuse! Will leave his phone number out of this post at this time. He is pretty specific about what he offers! So what I have written, should be enough, to distinguish him to anyone who reads he has or makes his "proposal" to. 

If more proof or the screens hots taken are needed as more proof I am happy to provide! Stay safe everyone! And take care of eachother! If we do, these guys loose their ability to do these things and to get away with it!!! 

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