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Sexy fun DD blonde waiting to please (Lowermainland/Cloverdale)

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AD SAYS: Sexy fun DD blonde waiting to please (Lowermainland/Cloverdale)

Hi there, I'm hosting at my house and want to please every need. Long- weekend special. Call me 778-3*1-4**9. Bridgette D blonde waiting to please (Lowermainland/Cloverdale)


Went to see her today - takes your money and a guy comes down stairs

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Hi Parmy, I see this is your first post on cerb and we don't like to see first time posters making warnings as you are not credible at this time so this could just be a FAKE warning and trying to cause this person trouble - so I must caution everyone about this but I will allow it at this time until we get further feedback from other members.


You also need more info. You say a guy comes down stairs, what did this guy say and do? Were you intoxicated at all? Were you misbehaving? Was this a security person maybe? With St.Patys day being yesterday I have to ask this question (I Know I am hurting today)...


Usually when someone's first post is a warning they are just trying to slander someone so please anyone reading this please take caution (Like you would in any situation) but remember parmy does not have any reputation on the site at this time so this could be a fake post - if you have further info please PM me or post it here.


Guy's... please DO NOT post full phone numbers either (I edited the phone number on your post parmy and made the post a little more easy to read - You did post it like you may have been a little intoxicated).

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