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Timmins Warnings: Report Bait & Switch, Scams or Dangerous Encounters (NOT negative reviews)

Providers: we have a private SP ONLY area for you to post bad date info. Contact a moderator for access!

Rules for this forum

Hey everyone!  😉

If you came to this forum, it’s either because you’ve had some problems with a Service Provider, or you’re simply looking to do some ‘homework’ before meeting someone.

Here are some simple rules to follow when posting in here:

  • Remember: this is a forum to report scams, no-shows, or anything else of this nature. It is not a place to review someone negatively.
  • Simply saying that ‘xxx in British Columbia’ didn’t show up isn’t really that helpful! 😕 If you include a URL for the ad that you used to contact someone, it will be much more beneficial to other members of the forum.
  • We think it's important that this section remains open to share information or experiences on scams and dangerous encounters, but please remember that Lyla is a positive site and negative reviews are strictly prohibited. 👍

Thanks folks!

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