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  2. Mature Angela

    HAMILTON, Ontario

    I live in Burlington and must say Lyla does very little for me in this area.
  3. sparhawk

    Red Hot Cougar Lana

    If you do a search on this site for ‘red hot cougar’ there are many different discussions about her. Hope this helps.
  4. Thursday December 13 will be my last full day for the Christmas holidays, 1230pm-12am. I will also be in Friday December 14 for the morning, 730am-11am. - I will be off from December 15/18 to January 2/19. - My next Incall day will be Thursday January 3/19. - I will make myself available for any legitimate outcalls that agree with my holiday schedule. - Also will be available for duos with the amazing @dirtyblondesteph over the holidays on her schedule. I wish everyone a wonderful holidays and a happy new year. Bring and support peace to the world.
  5. RiverCityGuy


    Seems like an interesting worded add. If anyone does go, I'd be very interested in a review
  6. There are many b great girls on here who see couples. I do see couples and I am legitimately bisexual. I love being with women as much as men. Also as Stephanie(dirtyblondesteph) has been mentioned she also would be awesome and do see individuals and couples as a duo together. Hope you find what your looking for. Xo
  7. Phaedrus


    There's no harm in following up after a couple of days (or even a full day), I think, provided you do it right. "Hey, I was wondering if you got my mail" is OK. "Why didn't you reply to me?" will make you look like an entitled asshole, which is probably not what you want :)


    i was offered he once by an older asian lady there but i declined, was not my type. I went in without knowing who will come in. so I guess he is available there, just depending on who you see. but still interested in knowing any different experience .
  9. xxxlol

    Tips included

    first i have heard of tips being included but it does sound like a good idea though
  10. Phaedrus

    Facebook vs Lyla

    I've never liked Facebook much, because of its relentless harvesting of data about its users. I still use it somewhat, but only for my real life stuff, and I'm careful about what I post there.
  11. Trent4321


    I’ve never been offered anything extra there.
  12. Be aware that content providers are starting to block VPN exits, precisely because a lot of people are using VPNs to get around geographical restrictions. And piracy, having declined for a while, is on the rise again. Most people are honest and are willing to pay for things, but if you refuse to sell it to them, they'll get it another way...
  13. N8buy


    I meant that it’s just strange that when fake ads are posted, usually there is a demand for some kind of payment before meeting. I am seriously curious about what’s going on at the Fredericton where all these fake ads are pointing too.


    went there recently, and had a massage from a Caucasian girl at this place. ( i believe she is the only white girl there) . I really enjoyed her massage however i didnt sense anything beyond legit massage is possible. curious to know if anyone had different experience ? thanks in advance.
  15. I'm seeking Carmen and Tianna from Legends in 2011, Tianna and Tiara are sisters and worked together at Legends, I know Tianna also worked at Extreme Bodycare, Carmen may be back in Ontario which is fine cause that's where I am but I'm going to Edmonton over the holidays and would really like to reconnect with these amazing girls, any intel is appreciated, you may Private Message me
  16. hopeful

    Casino Cabaret

    what is their number ?
  17. mikesuty


    Thanks evrybody. Have a nice evening.
  18. brentcrocker44

    Pigale's dancers

    I actually heard Camila is at Pigale this week but will be leaving on Friday.
  19. Trent4321

    Yuan Yuan 2018

    So they are now advertising new girls using the pretty pictures. Does this mean they are more open to tipping now? I haven’t been in months. Might be time to try again.
  20. Trent4321

    Tips included

    So Broadway now has an add for $80 45 minutes tips included. I’ve seen this type of pricing in BC before but this is the first time I’ve seen it in Winnipeg.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Dear gentlemen, the sweet and sensual 36D(N) Gabrielle from Quebec city is available for incalls in Gatineau (5 min from DT Ottawa) Dec 13-15th! ----- FOLLOW US ON TWITTER FOR EXCLUSIVE PICS & PROMOS!!! ----- YFL Twitter: https://twitter.com/Yourfrenchlady1 GABRIELLE FRENCH Stats: Quebecoise College girl 21 Yrs old Long brown hair 36D natural 5'4" 126 Contact:For prebooking: Email:[email protected]: http://www.yourfrenchlady.comPhone: 438-985-4063 (Text only) Twitter: https://twitter.com/Yourfrenchlady1
  23. peacectryguy

    Natural or Shaved

    I think that is the biggest thing from my standpoint in regards to her as well. There is a certain turn off with a "stubble". I don't mind hair or smooth but the in between just seems weird to me. As for me, I keep myself completely smooth down there, partly for the ladies but mostly just because I don't like hair around my genitals. I'd like to do laser removal at some point.
  24. Meaghan McLeod

    Natural or Shaved

    That is so hot. Thank you as it will be in my memory bank for awhile. Personally I prefer a bush on the mound but shaved (or waxed) below. As for men, I prefer bare. However, if it's coarse I don't enjoy prickly. So would rather bush then prickly. So if guys are choosing to shave, please shave closely when visiting. For those that have fine hair shaved please.
  25. Bianca Jaguar

    Natural or Shaved

    Hmmm well on my end...Gentlemen...if you shave it I'll lick it 😄😂 Well groomed is so much better imo 😉
  26. WildTiger

    This Can't be Real

    A new twist on notches on the bedpost. One that would have me doing a quick about face before my face was added to the wall.
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