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  2. Who is grassy lake? Address?please....
  3. Unfortunately no... Asian...curly hair... moderate English...other staff told that she is pregnant and left...πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ
  4. Nobody have seen this girl...?she advirtise on kijiji sayin VArious massages...
  5. Buzzard

    Update: Healthtree

    Who do you recommend at Sargent and River ??
  6. Buzzard

    Looking for Woman with big breasts

    Who’s at Broadway now -Sara ??? what kind of services offered ??
  7. Today
  8. Try Michelle on Leo List Winnipeg massage .
  9. Are you talking about Tiffany on Grassy Lake. ?? South pointe ??
  10. What everyone else has said. He was looking for free stuff which you are under no obligation to provide, or crossing boundaries that shouldn't be crossed without invitation, or both. I'd just like to add that I approve of the fact that you aren't seeing him again. That seems like a very sensible course of action.
  11. Well, here's wishing them luck... and hoping we don't have a conservative government in place a decade from now when the SCC finally rules on it.
  12. There's nothing wrong in asking what rate is the right one. And if you feel bad accepting the lowest one , just give a more generous tip. Everybody wins.
  13. clearbluesky15

    Vipotg Spring

    No real trick... find a 5 star review, in "recommendations" look for the corresponding profile (preferably), or LeoList/VIPFavours ad. Follow the golden rule, be nice, Follow the contact instructions. If new to hobby, let her know, and tip :). Avoid places, situations or communications that make you feel unsafe or concerned. PM if you'd like recommendations. good luck! -Robert
  14. clearbluesky15

    Rate differences between sites

    Also thought that was a nice perspective, and appreciate the thought. Also, in everyone's interest that the discussion happens before the appointment, not after. That was implied in the thread. i agree, if doubts can't be resolved, just cancel... better than a bad experience... I suppose that works for both sides, eh?
  15. Hi Papi! πŸ˜‡πŸ’œπŸ˜‡ I will be in a nice hotel in downtown Ottawa this coming week! (Still learning where the best spot to be in this city is lol) xoxo In case you're just tuning in - it's me (Christina4u) and I'm back with my amateur porn name - Ashley Angel! http://www.ashleyangel.ca Here are my current rates: 50 per phone date or facetime 150hh 200hr 300-90min 350-2 hours πŸ™‚ πŸ’• *Duo partner may require extra donation when available* I deleted EVERYTHING when I quit escorting/porn last autumn but I am in the process of making my new SP website and I have re-opened my old pornhub (help my get my views back lol). http://www.ashleyangel.ca 902.229.4252 Schedule for Sunday April 28 - Saturday May 4 **Please note that for the month of May I will be unavailable most if not all evenings past 7 or 8pm - I will be up early tho! πŸŒžπŸ˜˜πŸ˜‡**: Sunday April 28: 3PM-7PM Monday April 29: Morning/Day til 7PM Tuesday April 30: Afternoon til 7PM Wednesday May 1: Morning/Day til 7PM Thursday May 2: Morning/Day til 7PM Friday May 3: Morning/Early Afternoon Only Saturday May 4: UNAVAILABLE I offer GF experience and/or amateur PS experience. I don't mind filming and the only thing I ever ask extra donation for is travel - not service. Aside from the traditional date I also enjoy ladies only, couples, duos and parties! Despite what you may find in one of my videos, bare FS is not an option - safety is first! I can list more in PM since we're not allowed to here! πŸ™‚(And you know I am a good girl for daddy LOL) πŸ‘ΌπŸ’•πŸ’œ I am 5'9, long platinum blonde hair, 34DD (implants but VERY natural feeling as I used to be a full C), very small waist, large hips. I like to work out, tan and keep my nails groomed. I always doll up (hair/makeup/outfits) though discretion is important to me so for outcalls I will show up wearing something a classy good girl should wear (professional or casual). I can change after I arrive as you wish! xoxo πŸ’•πŸ’œ I am very friendly and sweet! I have many many reviews in too many spots to list (under both my old and new name) - have a look! πŸ™‚ xoxo Please contact me via PM, email [email protected] or cell (text is easiest) 902.229.4252 If I do not respond right away I am not ignoring you - promise!! LOL Sometimes my messages get mistaken for spam on my phone and my email!! Feel free to text/email as much as you want in between replies, it doesn't bother me πŸ’• xoxo
  16. Luvmachine

    Vanessa on LL massage

    Advertises as Latin but doesn’t speak Spanish and lives in tyndall park. Based on location I decided not to see.
  17. Maybe that or he was just a bit naΓ―ve and not quite getting the hint the relationship was not really more than just business.
  18. I understand but I'm a safety girl so that was all taken care of. Again because he kept mentioning it before the date. So to me it was expected as apart of the session. That is how I was able to prepare. I would not have even bothered if not for him continuing to bring it up. It is clear to me now based on all the replies across all the boards that he was trying to take advantage and I didn't fall for it.
  19. Irish X Russian Babe 29 years old experienced, professional & real naughty companion Tall with legs for days, Fit & voluptuous gym dream body 32K-24-34 ( yes... K !!! ) 5''10 , 125lbs Gorgeous face, high cheek bones & long blonde hair Versatile & aimed to please Can be as Naughty, provocative & demanding man eater or transform into this sweet, playful & lovable young woman and be the best girlfriend you ever had ❀️ Bubbly, educated, great conversationalist Love to smile, giggle and set a good mood and be sure to make you forget about ALL your oustide stress No disappointment, cum have the time of your life !! 438-274-2197 [email protected] 2HRS 500 , 300 1H , hh 220
  20. Maybe for that part. But if use your car and then drink and smoke at his place, this creates a problematic situation when time to go home.
  21. Just wanted to address this directly. I realize that I sometimes come across as self-assured and confident, but we all have our insecurities. For me, unhappy customers, either with escorting or my mainstream job, is something that just rubs me the wrong way. I always second guess if I have done enough, if it was good enough, was I fair enough pay wise, etc. It is a thing for me. So this just happens to pull on that string, and triggered my insecurities. Which is why I needed to see the opinions of others to help validate for me that I'm not wrong, I read the situation right and I did the right thing. It really helped me get back to my center and know the truth of the situation. I only ever see one client in a day. Maybe 2 in a week. I would never have seen anyone else. He knows that, so planning this type of session would have been okay in the regard.
  22. If he wanted an hour of "warming up", this is something he should have mentioned before hand. And if you drive or see someone else later on the same day , the drinking and smoking could cause you problems. Reason why these kind of meetings should be planned ahead.
  23. Luvmachine

    Ellen - in St. B

    Was wanting to see this lady but I’m glad I read the comments.
  24. keypress19

    Annabelle in Fredericton

    The pics look an awful lot like Anna from Glamour Models in Montreal, http://www.glamour-modeles.com/
  25. rykky

    Lauren 8320

    She's back and better than before. (recent enhancements look great but aren't ready to be played with yet). Her skills and personality more than make up for the short term inconvenience. Make her feel welcome so she comes back.
  26. It just seems like he actually wanted me to show up early, to get settled and have a conversation, chill, smoke, but that was all for me. He feels he was just offering that to be nice and being a gentleman and other escorts apparently take him up on this offer. So I was the bad escort for showing up on time and doing that during paid time. If I wasn't going to do that for free, then I should have just gone into the bedroom right away. That is the message I'm getting anyway. It appears to me he is/was playing a game of offering something it wants and hoping I take the bait. I didn't and now he is upset. I guess I'm just looking for validation that my gut feeling was right and that I didn't do anything wrong. I also think it opens up the discussion of what is expected and not expected during a session. Thanks to all who answered.
  27. roamingguy

    Best Song....put yours

    An eclectic mix RG
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