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  2. On top of the CERB, people entitled to GST/HST credit will get a special payment on Thursday(April 9th). The amount varies between $443 and $1160 depending on marital status and more if got children under 19. This special increase is based on the 2018 income tax return and you don't need to apply for it other than filing for that year. More details here: https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/child-family-benefits/covid-19-gsthstc-increase.html Also, If registered to the CRA website, you can log in and look in "Benefits and credits" to immediately see if you qualify and how much you'll receive. As I wasn't expecting anything, I'm pleasantly surprised with this little extra help.
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  4. 1963Kennedy

    Babe of the Day

    Oh my, that hair. Thanks GT
  5. status4

    Jamie - sexy student

    Odd she would be a flake since she's advertising duos with Barbie Doll Hailey who we all know is a keeper, EDIT: Hmm, Maybe I misread, she advertises duos with a "Hailey Doll", not sure if that's the well known and reviewed Barbie Doll Hailey.
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  7. Greenteal

    Babe of the Day

    Irene Rouse
  8. Janebondage

    Lockdown selfies

    All healthy here, just getting tested to get cleared for lab work again as my mouth has been off duty for weeks. Social distancing has been hard on this slut. So hard I killed my hatchi magic wand. 😮 I can not wait to play with you all again. Be safe!
  9. Hello lovely pervs, I hope you are all safe and well. A little update, I have been isolating and and am currentlygetting my swabs for COVID to get cleared to go back into the labs. Not as fun as slutting with you fine folks, but I figure for the interim its time to do what I am trained to do. We all have to do our part. 

    I miss my boys more than you imagine and cant wait until I can get paid to do the fun work I truly love. In the meantime please feed my slutty soul with updates of your life. Naughty pics welcome and I may even return the favour if you ask nicely. 😉 



    slutty Jane


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