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  2. Jurgen287


  3. Colbie


    You’re obsessed with me and it’s starting to get a little weird. At no point in my previous message did I ask for a review. Wanting to know if the person is real/safe is a legit question to ask on this type of forum. Maybe take a break from this for a little while bud. best,
  4. wynn

    Babe of the Day

    Hannelle reminds me of Justine Bateman from "Family Ties".
  5. davidfield

    TS reviews

    Lol. I have heard good things about TS Laurence. One of our lovely ladies offered duo with Laurence.
  6. Katherine of Halifax

    TS reviews

    I deserve it for being so stupid. I may be mouthy at times but I am honest and when you are that can go against you . I really hardly ever gave it any thought. It happens all around me and I ought to have been smarter. Its probably the only thing ( fantasy sort) I have not tried so my fantasy was bigger than my brain . I will wait till the beautiful Soda comes in next and see someone who has a solid reputation. I don't mind a little fun picking on me, its all fun and it was my foolishness . Imagine a seasoned SP getting ripped my someone non existent. Those who know me can pull my pigtails next visit. πŸ™‚
  7. letsplay_57

    Phase2 @ NB Restructions lifted

    Everyone has their own thoughts on this...Yes we were fortunate here in NB....But I think the virus was here late Dec & Jan...Doctors called it "the upper respitatory cold" which I had @ Jan & lots of people I know....a lot of the symptoms were the same as Covid-19.... we all survived it back then. A lot of people are still concerned about it...things will get back to normal soon
  8. happy fisherman

    Alone and waiting.....; )

  9. happy fisherman

    very nice!
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