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  2. I am a very sweet and sensual babe who wants to pamper and please you. I will not disappoint!!! 902-440-3939 Stacie
  3. drlove

    Looking For Out of Shape Lady

    Very true, although I find that’s the case with a lot of newer members - ask for info but yet don’t make an effort to contribute in a meaningful way to the board. I realize that’s a gross generalization and not indicative of everyone. However, I find myself pining for the days when Lyla (then known as Cerb) was a lot more active in terms of its members and overall posting/participation and dissemination of information. Granted, I’m well aware that the new laws had a lot to do with this. Many of the long time members have gone inactive, which is a shame. Although that said, we can all do our part to add to the vibrancy of our little community here... 😊
  4. harboursmoke

    massage parlour

    I kinda miss the days of dialing up an escort service from the yellow pages and the interaction over the phone and then the excitement of waiting to actually see the lady for the first time lol I loved the suspense. I once was able to talk the receptionist from a local service into coming for a call with me. Her voice was so sexy. Still one of my all time fav encounters. She was beautiful. Who knows maybe was an escort and just working the lines that night as well, but I loved the experience anyways 🙂 I also dated a girl for a while who hid from me that she was a dancer at the Load of Mischief in Sackville. Its all came to tragic end when some friends of mine went there one night after having met her with me earlier in the day. She went silent after that. I really would have had no problem with it, in fact I think it would have been hot... I wonder sometimes where she is now...
  5. Greenteal

    Looking For Out of Shape Lady

    There's that and also be a bit more active in his own thread. His opening request is the only post he ever made on Lyla and that was a week ago.
  6. drlove

    Looking For Out of Shape Lady

    The OP could have phrased his request a bit more tactfully.
  7. harboursmoke

    LeoList Fake?

    In general I look at the preferred contact method after I reverse search the pics. If its just email, in general, I move on; as they are fakes. If its a number and a 902 area code I will venture further, if not I will search the number and see what comes up. Sometimes you will notice the same add or number in various locations. Lastl,y if I am still iffy, I will look here and other places for recommendations, if I find nothing, then depending on the interaction I have in setting up an appointment I will decide on whether I am going to book. Obviously if the lady is well known I skip these steps.
  8. Greenteal

    Looking For Out of Shape Lady

    People who let themselves go, rarely limit the neglect to their health and appearance. If they don't want to seek help, we shouldn't buy them extra time. No matter the occupation, a minimal amount of pride is required.
  9. Jurgen287

    Looking For Out of Shape Lady

    LOL wont support those on a self-destrcutive path.. The irony.
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  13. Studio 110 by Sophia

    Police round up 10 suspected johns in Moncton

    All the more reason I wish and try to get people to enquire without explicit details! Eventho these operations tend to be only for the car date situations, its wise to stop asking for this and that! When we say romance time, cuddles, social engagement... Please use some imagination! Baseline is. It is illegal for you clients to soliciting sexual service! We sell our hosting and time only! Stop criminalizing yourselves! We dont like to answer these question to KEEP YOU SAFE. There I said it ...I feel better!
  14. Please anyone saw this girl plz any recommendations https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_beautiful_bombshell_here_to_please_you-3623750
  15. www.chezlaliberte.com Gabrielle Laliberté visiting Ottawa 20-21-22 August Proud member of Indycompanion As an independent and free-spirited woman, I believe that life can and should be better. We need to fully explore its good side and use every opportunity to live out our dreams and desires fully. I often joke that my career path resembles a quilt. I started as a cook before becoming a social worker, then a few years ago, I decided to leave it all behind in order to take on an ambitious writing project. I love the written word; from Bertolt Brecht to Anais Nin by way of Michel Tremblay and Anne Archet. I also enjoy theatre, history, and anthropology, while also being easily seduced by music. I am a good listener, I like to laugh, but I can also comfort and console, but I also enjoy living wild adventures. I have previously had the good fortune to meet and spend some wonderful times with people having limited mobility. I hope to continue to meet similar individuals as it is a wonderful way to explore new horizons. As a curious and creative epicurean, I enjoy chatting over a drink or a good meal. This led me to develop the concept of Chez Laliberté, a culinary date where gastronomy and intimity are luxuriously and deliciously paired. As a low-volume companion, I want to ensure that each encounter is very special. Therefore, I relish in carefully selecting my lovers. I want to get to know you and be charmed by your words before our first encounter. If you want to meet, I invite you to introduce yourself by email; simply saying “hello” is insufficient. I want to know your passions, what drew you to want to be with me. [email protected]
  16. kikou68

    received 10213259595394734

    Très joli. Ça donne le gout de te rencontrer......
  17. I d also like to maybe try and make it this time ..
  18. So, yeah. That bit in bold is the problem. Sounds like the OP was just trying to say he's a bit uncomfortable with it, and the provider took it as a refusal/cancellation. He could have been clearer, and she could have asked for clarification before bailing. Now, let's all stop being pissy, learn a small lesson about clear communication, and move along, shall we? Except for people who *really* want the last word, who won't.
  19. I really don't understand why guys would want to use that method of finding a date... nor would I want it on the street in my neighbourhood... I echo Meaghan's comment
  20. Rebecca Neals: Your Very Personal Assistant Exclusive Bespoke Services for the Busy Gentleman "Catering to your every need!" Available August 22 - Sept 3 in Westboro. Prebooking highly recommended. Screening required. Do your demanding responsibilities leave you with little time to take care of personal business? Do your responsibilities leave you stressed out and looking for a better way to relax? Offering truly personal services for the busy professional: From taking dictation to alleviating frustration, your satisfaction is guaranteed! When you pass me on the street, I come across as a "girl next door," or maybe a quiet librarian. When you get me behind closed doors, however... well, let's just say that the naughty librarian stereotype exists for a reason! I'm 5'6", 115lbs, with beautiful all natural 32D breasts and little pink nipples that like to be pinched, a perfect bum, long chestnut brown hair, and hazel eyes. Everyone loves my body! Want to encourage that uptight librarian to let down her hair? Or maybe you have a sexy, innocent secretary who really needs to keep her job... To book a personalized consultation, please visit www.RebeccaNeals.com Follow me on Twitter for instant updates and lots of selfies: @RebeccaNeals
  21. labialover

    Pigale's dancers

    Damn, missed Gabrielle again. My timing is off. Everytime I'm in, she's not.
  22. I do occasional outcalls.. Imo communiacation from both is required .. and all scenarios must be covered.. must times if I dont know whether I can just go up to the room without an elevator key I ask in advance.. so if they need to come and meet is spoken in before hand... I much rather just keep going up.to the room than having to wait around in the lobby... to be honest I ve learned in this business you have to be clear and upfront from the beginning... and guys please dont take this in the wrong way but most guys dont really think about what is required for a date.. and how to be prepared for many situations.... (less they have already gone through it) us as service providers.. just like in any Customer service position need to be prepared and ready.. and she could have given some reason as to why she required the lobby meeting... I think if he tried some communication afterwards she should have at least answer.. maybe the situation could have been fixed...
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