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  3. alpharise


    Had a nice session with Mila on Saturday night, a very sweet and "attentive" girl. Apparently she has been at Barbs for 5 years, however I have not met her before. Born in Croatia and also part Romanian. She has the Romanian dark eyes and hair. Loved her flirting eyes and eyebrows.
  4. pepperjack


    Sweet. But how could it be otherwise, for Sweet Sierra?
  5. Ice4fun

    Male SPs

    Well given my pretty active participation in this industry for over 30+ yrs.... I don't think I am in any position to make judgements... lol. I tell everyone that I am an older pervert.
  6. One of our amazing LYLA ladies
  7. Hi! My name is Sweet Emily J! ๐Ÿ’— I am an experienced GFE escort in Ottawa and am proud to have earned a positive reputation as an authentic and trusted provider. Browse my collection of wonderful recommendations for a stimulating idea of what you might expect from spending time with me! Together we can revel in hot carnal pleasure, affectionate warmth and cuddly casual pillow talk! I am best matched with clients who will appreciate my all-natural low-maintenance appearance and soft, plush womanly figure. I have no tattoos, no piercings and have had no cosmetic surgery modifications. A blue eyed feminine beauty with long blonde locks, I am graced with wonderfully soft and smooth youthful skin that I adore having caressed and kissed. Sincere in my approach, my service style appeals to those who enjoy easygoing and unpretentious company. Come with a positive attitude, top-notch hygiene and an open mind, and I will ensure you leave feeling fantastic! To find LOTS more sexy photos, rates & info, or to book an appointment, visit my website! ๐Ÿ’—www.SweetEmilyJ.com๐Ÿ’—
  8. If you want I can send you the full gif of the eye candy lol

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    2. Ice4fun


      You have never seen a guy cum? Lol

    3. katie


      What..... Oh My... Shhh, soneone might hear you.... Lol.. โ˜บ๏ธ

    4. Ice4fun


      Well if he is cumming and no one hears that means one of two possible things....ย 

      1. He is cumming but it's not so greatย 


      2. She has made him unable to remain quiet as he cums

  9. stewie15

    Allison from Vibe and CMJ

    She's back? ๐Ÿค—
  10. Holly Geez, My ๐Ÿ‘€'s ... What would be done with this .....lol... Look the Sea Creature is Trying to Escape.... Lmfao....๐Ÿ˜ณ
  11. Big j daddy


    Can u pm me and let me know what went wrong
  12. letsplay_57

    Emily Rushton

    there should be some reco's posted here on lyla
  13. Does any one have any info about the beautiful Jayla? She almost look too good to be true but she has been traveling around nb for a little while so someone should have some feedback?
  14. Yesterday
  15. Well first the reason you are screening potential clients is for your safety and security. It's not a tit for tat "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" And potential clients are the ones seeking you out (they initiated contact with you, you didn't contact them) So someone asking for your ID etc is contacting you for your personal info. What you should reveal and this is JMO is what you would like revealed in your profile/ads/website. Your personal info is not part of that. If a potential client doesn't want to be screened and give his personal info then decline to see him as a client. And reiterating, he contacted you. So he must be interested in seeing you. As for advertising sites. First Lyla has a section in each province/city where you can post your schedules and announcements. I've heard of Leol List and VIP Favours (both have ad banners on the right of Lyla's page) Also a lot of companions and clients are on Twitter and use that for networking/business too. And getting involved on Lyla as well (not just posting ads but other forums too (General Discussion Area etc) gets you noticed. Anyhow a couple quick thoughts. I'm sure others, especially ladies will have opinions on screening and getting noticed Good Luck RG
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