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  2. I cant help but to express that from my experience sugar sites are not very friendly towards our type of services.
  3. I always ask a lady's permission before sending her a dick pic 😇
  4. Ugh that place. The place that doesn't deserve your traffic and anyone who pays it attention doesn't deserve yours. Only trolls and idiots would take that source seriously. Five years ago I ended up on it twice, by people incredibly close. That betrayal took a while to manage. Sadly without a lawyer not much can be done. Even the DMCA notices are usually ignored unless coming from an attorney. Good news however is that it will fade from the SEO after some time as you cant find my name in the search anymore. I have been curious however how the FOSTA-SESTA laws apply to the dick responsible for this horrible place. I doubt any good employer scours the dirty to assess prospects and if they are that's likely a team you do not want to work for anyway. Sending strength as I know how much this hurts.
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  6. Hello kamila, Welcome to Lyla. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. kamila joined on the 01/21/21. View Member
  7. You are so right. I doubt if they check actual ID. I think they jsut do it to keep the government happy. Back in the fall when bars were open I went to Lipstixx. The girl at the door said she needed my contact info. I wrote down Dr. Brent Roussin and 204-555-5555
  8. I was going to suggest that showing your phone had the Covid alert app downloaded might meet the requirements for contact tracing info but it might not work, depending on timing, If it were an employee or masseuse were the ones to have the positive test it might. I'm writing from Ottawa where all the commercial establishments are closed but private masseuses are still advertising on LL. Going for a massage isn't likely to reduce the chance of viral spread. Don;t know how Winterpeg is doing with the battle but there's always everyone's dear friend Palmela Handerson to pay a visit to.... Call your MPP's office and ask.
  9. Yeah. I've noticed Notch has a propensity for doing this: posting a single pic that could fit into almost half a dozen threads - fripples, lingerie, bums, cleavage..... I could go on but you get the idea. I find it very disconcerting as I become distracted and lost (in the best possible way) not knowing which thread I'm viewing, lol. Reminds me of the # thread......
  10. Take a break from your day to day troubles I am the ultimate experience, call me if you want to unwind let me make your toes curl .. NON RUSHED services! I am available 4pm Friday January 22 until 6pm Sunday Jan 24 for incall & outcall Prebooking is not required but is encouraged to ensure a booking in my limited time schedule. 30 mins minimum notice required for Incall 1hr minimum notice required for outcall within HRM + time for out of city calls please contact me directly for specific details with your exact location Clean, Fresh, Mani &Pedi HYGIENE IS A MUST! Fetishes available! UPSCALE DISCRETE LOCATION! My privacy is important as well as yours so please be respectful when booking!! My pictures are 100% me and recent. No Blocked Callers Safe & Professional Services ONLY! NO CAR CALLS! VIP RATES ARE NON NEGOTIABLE AND ITS QUITE OFFENSIVE WHEN SOMEONE DOESNT RESPECT THIS. NOT EVERYTHING IS FOR EVERYBODY SO IF YOUR BUDGET CANNOT ACCOMMODATE QUALITY SERVICE PLEASE DO NOT BARGAIN Outcalls available for distances near and far (extra donation required for longer distance) 613-917-2552 call or text (screening & possible reference may be required) or follow me on Twitter @CoastKimmy for schedule updates xxx KIMMY
  11. Then I wouldn’t imagine places like Executive Bath would open if customers have to provide info for contact tracing ..I sure wouldn’t
  12. There's nothing in the wording that specifically mentions massage, but I would imagine they would fall under the "non-regulated health services". Only issue I see is the "requirement to collect information for contact tracing purposes". I can see a lot of J. Doe or M. Mouse, 123 Any St. on the list with a phone number of 555-1212. Home based businesses are still going to be watched by the neighbors, as only 2 "designated" people are allowed to visit most households. Legal, but could still get a visit from enforcement just to see what's going on.
  13. Hello osearth, Welcome to Lyla. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. osearth joined on the 01/21/21. View Member
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