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  2. Old thread but a golden one! I have also never seen Led Zeppelin and doubt I'll ever get to - I'd be amazed if they ever performed together again! Never have I ever had a beef burger (true story) 🍔
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  4. I know this is a Mercedes...but what model? What is she looking for anyways?
  5. So glad you had a great time! You can add a recommendation to his thread here -
  6. Back to the question at hand . I can say I have known her for a long time . She has taken time off for her own reasons. I believe she used the name Penelope before if that jogs your memory . She is is a wonderful person and a very smart choice as a quality companion. she is a lovely woman , beautiful, smart, and sincere. If you cant be happy with her then you will never be happy at all I see Tame Pussy's post . Well every has a bad day or makes errors on the job. No one is perfect , um.. perhaps you are Tame Pussy ? So to sum this up see her with confidence . I see she is offering duos with Ms Manda . They are probably fully booked already but do call you may get lucky .
  7. I am new to this, and feel free to PM me, but how long of session and what did it cost total?
  8. Goo Goo Dolls - Iris [Official Music Video] - YouTube Duran Duran - Come Undone (Official Music Video) - YouTube
  9. Our phone lines will be open from 9AM - 11pm Monday to Friday and from 10am - 11pm on Saturday and Sunday for your convenience. To book same day appointments please call us at 416-787-8558 or contact us via text/sms at 416-560-7286 For bookings in advance please refer to our SCHEDULE updated daily Email or PM bookings please allow up to 24 hours for a response. Bookings via SMS/Text are always welcome! Calls from private numbers or unknown will not be answered
  10. I second that!!!! She is open minded and super fun to visit with. She has more piercing and tattoos that you don't see in her pics but great boobs and booty!!!
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  12. I'm trying to post under boomer, why cant I? Anyway all of us who get in posting trouble could start a support group perhaps meet here in the morning . If we believe in God pray for tolerance and patience . I need to just not say a word , even if I'm trying to be polite when I'm pissed it never works . A glass or two of wine never helps either . Seems simple enough in print . My mother used to say , ' a fool never learns". Hum.......
  13. Hello, I am Abigail! I am glad to have peaked your interest! Here is a bit about myself.... My company is best suited for those that are respectful and gracious . I accept all races, abilities/disabilities, genders. My Stats speak for themselves. At 5'7 with long legs, a C cup bosom and a curvy figure, there is much of my statuesque, silky smooth curves to explore. Blue eyes, blonde hair and the fairest of skin. I am looking forward to hearing from you! Screening is mandatory ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fanpage: MoreAbigail.com Website: AbigailAutumn.com Email: [email protected] Phone: 6137025660
  14. I've been seeing her for awhile now whenever I have back or muscle issues. I don't have coverage, so when I need to see a professional RMT, she's my go to. Acupuncture, cupping, and hot stones are also available to fix what ails you. Highly recommended for a professional massage.
  15. Maybe reading too much in this, maybe it's just coincidence but today driving to and from Peterborough, round trip two hours for me didn't see one police car. And the route I take policed by three different OPP detachments plus one city police force. I'm not saying the police are doing what they can to descalate the "fire" Ford started, just it was unusual to not see even one cruiser or one speed trap on this trip to and from Peterborough. Every trip except this one you'd see the police Just an observation nothing more though A Rambling Still...don't speed lol RG
  16. Did you go see her? How was it? Now that I have had my first Covid shot (2 1/2 weeks ago) I am thinking of venturing back into the scene but only with someone I feel safe and comfortable seeing. I was thinking of visiting Lydia for a GFE session. Was curious for some feedback. Thank you.
  17. I should get boxing gloves to defend myself from Beatrix's punches 😹 Beatrix says "Thank You" RG & Beatrix
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