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    I'd probably either 1) Move on, there's many terrific providers to choose from 2) Be direct but don't be creepy. Msg them "I am worried from your tattoo's I might know you in regular life. I don't want to create an awkward situation. Are your initials X.Y. ?" The only variation is that if the tattoos look an awful lot like his wife's tattoos. I'd be like "Rhonda is that you!? Dammit you better still be picking up the kids after school."
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    Not sure I understand the OP's question as well but yes I'm married and my wife is a sex object, meaning if I want sex she objects. So to remedy that I find myself meeting fine Lyla ladies.
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    Was showing a regular a picture of me from 2011 I found in an old computer with brown hair (what was I thinking back then?!) and he said “You have barely aged in 8 years and you have more of a soft elegant beauty now.” Awww...
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    Thank you for sitting on my face. Made my day.
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    I had a long drive this weekend and stumbled upon a podcast featuring an interview with MsManda on Spotify. You can probably find it on any platform where you listen to podcasts. https://www.nighttimepodcast.com/episodes/msmanda Great interview! I would recommend giving it a listen, I think everyone would find it interesting . She has a great , non conformist attitude - intelligent and funny. Ive not seen her before, but I’ll definitely be seeking her out now. 🙂
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    What do you like? I like women period... I would rather not break them down to lips or ass or anything else. The amazing women I have met in the community have been all shapes and sizes, shaved, not shaved whatever.. Women are beautiful and complex and it's the differences between them that makes meeting them so engaging and exciting. I have learned that if a woman sees herself as sexy then that shows during any meeting. Every woman is of course more than the sum of her physical parts and certainly her personality is always a big part of my attraction to her and the success of our meetings. Just my opinion
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    Honestly I think it actually would be more appropriate to PM a provider about the size of their labia or their body hair rather than to post it here, publicly. That's kind of personal and I know myself I would be kind of upset if someone posted my name in something like this ... not picking apart your post and hopefully you don't get offended, I just think saying "Go see ____ , her labia is HUGE!" seems a bit more explicit than the image I'm trying to portray for myself. I myself would prefer to be asked and I think most ladies would probably agree! Just an opinion, I mean no offense by it 😊
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    The sort of, but not really bad news first. Got a call from my brother, he saw my mother's health care team (including doctor) about her condition (she has Stage 7 Alzheimers) Gist of it is the doctor wants the family's OK (my brother and me) to stop all medication (except any pain meds) My brother asked me, we both are in agreement, stop meds. The person died a long time ago, just the body is still weakly alive. So they are weaning her off her meds and we are actually hopeful she passes away soon to finally rest in peace. They thought she'd pass away two years ago. I thought cancer was the worst disease, I was wrong, Alzheimers is by far worse than cancer. I actually hope she passes away soon, to RIP, just no quality of life anymore. But still hard to be one of the two people who has to give approval to the doctor to cease medication. On a brighter note in the mail got a envelope from the Pension Centre, my pension goes up because of indexing 2.2% and I'm going to get a (slightly) larger (and noticeable) pension cheque every month, and first cheque comes in next Tuesday That's been my Friday RG
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    Miss Alexxx is on the prowl and is looking for new hobbiests. She loves dinner, netflix and all that comes from behind closed doors. Make your dreams come true, and a pretty lady breathless. Rates are provided in her profile. She cant wait to hear from you. Let's show her the real men of Summerside.
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    I do not want to see your junk unless you are with me. A pic will not change my offerings be it donations or restrictions.
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    MsManda is 5' 6" ask her not to wear heels Lexy Grace is 5' 2" Savannahsol is 5' 5" Miss Justice is 5' 2" Geeky Girl who 5' 1" Good luck
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    She's legit. She doesn't work often, so I've only met her once. But she's cute, very sweet, and I enjoyed myself. I'd repeat if our schedules lined up.
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    My theory...if they don't want to join, they don't want to participate either. Lots of people lurk. Their choice. However, I dispise posting anonymously. Too many other sites allow this and turn a site into a hateful forum. Another issue are those that are banned previously can view and go on other sites to report back. So, my preference is limiting their options to view posts. It previously kept the trolls away. Now they are able to view without joining.
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    First I tried looking up rules and couldn't find any regarding "Guests" But in searching I noticed a lot of threads where "Guests" are sending welcoming posts to members who just joined CERB/Lyla 🤔 Sorry that seems odd to me Just a couple quick thoughts maybe limit access "Guest" access to Lyla (meaning if you read it as a guest you're only allowed to read a couple pages and thats it. Next time the guest tries to access Lyla a message something like "you've exceeded your limit of time on Lyla, please join as a full member and join our community" or words to that effect) Two "Guests" don't post at all, not untill they become members. Three not all of this is "Guests". Maybe there are a lot of Lyla members who've taken to lurking, don't know what to do to bring them back, just a I guess more observation than anything Four For those on Twitter promote this site, maybe it'll help don't know. I know in my future recommendations I'll make mention of the lady and her reco is on Lyla and then add the @LylaForums Twitter address. In the meantime on Twitter I every couple of weeks do a "Shout Out Saturday (or Sunday) Tweet and include Lyla in that. Don't know if it even does any good but I am giving it a shot Anyhow a few thoughts, maybe worth something, maybe not don't know A 2 cent rambling RG
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    I don't care who he was. Starting an encounter with intimidation and implied threats from a 'muscled guy' is not my idea of a good time. I'm out! 😉 Thanks for the heads up onepond!
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    Yes , once in awhile I run a paper ad. I have gotten awesome people that don't have a computer . They are happy with a description and I have never had a problem ever. :)
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    Who are these men?! ! I think I have only seen one or two of these in my time from complete strangers. Unless it is accepted or initiated, dicks will be dicks...literally! Big dicks won’t pay the rent or mortgage either darlings.
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    Sounds a lot like what my ex-wife would say except she said "fatter and uglier" instead of "longer and bigger".
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    I second that! I’ve seen some good talent in my time but it comes with chemistry and listening to the woman. Expecting just the waterfalls to magically appear like a circus act are in for a rude awakening. It doesn’t work that way. Those who have taken the time to learn how to do it could teach courses on the subject. Hehe. I would always cringe when I would see a thread appear looking for that sort of thing and names popping up including mine. It was as though a person could just call that person and instant waterworks .It happens with some people and sometimes it doesn’t. This is a case of YMMV..at least for me.
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    Reputable providers are rarely the source of problems. I once booked with someone I seen regularly. As it was her time of the month, she suggested a bodyslide session instead of FS and things were great. Renegotiating the rate is not essential if a provider can provide an alternative service. It's not that hard to work around it, but when dealing with ladies who care little about repeat business you often get bad surprises.
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    I can attest that Kylie Jane & Stephanie’s duos are FULLY interactive. If you’re looking for that wobbly knees experience with enough mental images to keep you totally distracted for a week, I highly recommend these two lovely ladies.
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    You can contact me directly on lyla.
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    For those not familiar with the tea analogy: Here is a cute Youtube video explaining: