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    I am feeling the need to have a refresher for those that have visited an incall before and to those that are new. I have had a few people recently not respect the safety and privacy when it comes to my incall location both as I am traveling and here at home. I am hoping to put this out publicly to help everyone can maintain discretion and safety for all parties involved. Personal, Professional, Private Incall Every provider has their own way that makes them feel safe and be able to provide the best situation for all parties involved. These are items that reflect my preferences. Communication is key. Follow how the provider wants to be communicated with, i.e. text, phone call, email, ect. Follow every direction they give you to a T. We do our research and give you the best way to maintain privacy and discretion for you and the provider. After the booking has been confirmed; not before, an address or location near to the incall will be given to allow you to make your way close by. A rough neighbourhood, or intersection of the location may be given before hand to judge timing on arrival (given this is a short notice appointment). Communicate that you have arrived. The next step if there is one, will be the location and parking instructions if any are needed. DO NOT approach the building till you are communicated to do so. They may need a moment to finish getting ready, or finish setting up a request. If you have been to the location many times before, DO NOT, approach the building until communicated to do so. If you are early, let them know but do not expect to come in till your expected time. The best way to enter the building details will be given; A buzz code, apartment number, door to knock on, ect. I like to add in how to go to elevators and where to go off of them to make it seem more like you know where you are going. If you happen to get into the building without buzzing, please let the provider know. Please knock softly in a large building. The provider is normally waiting on the other side of the door, keeping an eye out for you. We don't want to alert the neighbours to the coming of you or us. Please fully come into the place to allow the provider to close the door. Depending how we dress to greet clients or requests asked for, we may not be able to greet you normally. Save all the good stuff for when the doors are closed. DO NOT EVER EVER EVER! show up unannounced at a providers door. Schedule your time with your provider always. If you have a reoccurring date with them, always confirm before hand. Evening before or morning of date is best. We all have lives outside of this and wish to maintain discretion for everyone. Do not speak to any building staff or management. Do not communicate why you are there with anyone. Maintain the high honour of the awkward elevator silence at all times, okay maybe conversations of the weather is okay. ABOVE ALL remember; safety, privacy and discretion is important for all. Most of us do our very best to be able to maintain that for everyone. Please do your part so we can all continue enjoying the fun we get to have. Hotel, AirBnB, commercial space Much to the same as above but a few differences. Follow how the provider wants to be communicated with, i.e. text, phone call, email, ect. Follow every direction they give you to a T. We do our research and give you the best way to maintain privacy and discretion for you and the provider. If the provider is using a hotel. DO NOT ask which hotel. For safety of both parties. We don't broadcast which hotel we are staying in. We will give near by intersection or location to be able to arrive 5 to 10 mins to location. Once the appointment is confirmed, the hotel I am at will be given, along with parking instructions if needed. Communicate when you've arrive. Depending on the hotel, I would highly suggest staying outside until given the okay to come in. I have been to a few that you would get lost in the lobby they are so big and busy. Those are okay to wait inside. Stay away from the front desk. DO NOT speak with anyone at the front desk or other staff members of the hotel. As we like to refer to it; You are a ghost to the building. You are there but not known to be there. Communication will be given to elevators and room number when the provider is ready for you. Please knock softly. Depending on the housekeeping location, some providers may have the door ajar for you. This will be noted in communication. Please fully come into the space to allow the provider to close the door. Depending how we dress to greet clients or requests asked for, we may not be able to greet you normally. Save all the good stuff for when the doors are closed. Do not lock the door. The key card and Do not disturb sign is enough. This is safety for both parties. Please be as clean as possible. This isn't our space, we may not be able to use hundreds of towels or change of sheets as needed. There maybe special exit instructions for smaller hotel locations. This may be given in person or with the parking instructions. ABOVE ALL remember; safety, privacy and discretion is important for all. Most of us do our very best to be able to maintain that for everyone. I personally reverse this for outcalls and maintain communication as much as possible with my ETA, when I have arrived and when I am on my way up. Communication gives everyone peace of mind and allows us to feel safe. Providers; if there is anything you would personally like to add to this please do. Clients; if there is anything you like to add or have a question about please share. If you prefer to PM, you are welcome to. Please excuse any spelling and grammar errors. I hope this helps everyone. Stephanie ❤️
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    Hello All! My name is Emma Barrows and I want to introduce myself as a new SP in the Halifax area. I’m very excited to be starting this new journey in 2020. I am a fun loving, down to earth woman in my late 20’s. Multi passionate and just straight up passionate. Witty, sensual, and intelligent, I have a personality that can get along with just about anyone. You’re just as likely to find me all dressed up in my finest for a fancy dinner as you are to find me at the library, a rock show or in hiking boots walking my dog. I love many things in life, but what I enjoy the most is seeing the smile on someone’s face when I know that I’ve made their day a little bit brighter. I’m looking forward to building a reputation in Halifax as a trusted, caring, and sensual companion for respectful gentlemen. Please follow me on my new twitter account to stay updated with my schedule, the website I’m working on, and my day to day life! @emma_barrows
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    Katherine and Sophia . Hands down for real lady love while never forgetting our male lover. Reconnecting with the beauty Sophia in Mid January . Mark your calendars for an unscripted adventure with two of the best around .
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    Sometimes I take super cute selfies and put them on the internet. Follow me on Instagram! @miss.sarah.alexandria Please no DMs for service. SFW only.
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    To all the intimate friends (aka ‘service providers’) who provided love and affection on Christmas eve, Christmas and New Year eve – a special thanks. These days, in particular, can be loneliest for many, and even a little time with you can bring immeasurable joy. So, much gratitude to you all.
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    I wouldnt reccomend voicing these to her, as obsession can lead to closed doors very quickly. Us providers are paid for our time and time only and most of us know this is just a job. Unfortunately, creating unrealistic boundaries in your head can lead to misery and miscommunication. I would suggest not planning a visit for awhile until you can deal with these thoughts. If she ever sees this, it could make her feel very vulnerable and send big red flags. Thanks for listening.
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    I'd say discuss it prior with the client. As someone who has a lot of ridiculous allergies, I appreciate the heads up.
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    All depends on how much and the purpose behind it. Light perfume is perfectly acceptable. But if only used as an alternative to cleanliness and hide hygiene problems, it tends to make matters worst. I don't have allergy problems, but do get strong headaches from heavy perfumes. When someone smells like a cheap motel room or rental car, it's normally my cue to walk out.
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    Schedule for Jan 11th - 16th Sat 11th: 9am - 10pm Sun 12th: 9am - 6pm Mon 13th: 9am - 8pm Tue 14th: 9am - 8pm Wed 15th: 9am - 8pm Thu 16th: 9am - 8pm ___ Donations and Services: $180 / 30 minutes. $260 / 1 hour. $350 / 90 minutes. $500 / 2 hours* *Kink sessions must be a minimum of 2 hours - the first 30/45 minutes will be to discuss our scene, create a safe word and set our boundaries. No exceptions. If you need more information on what other types of services I offer, please text me. I will answer all questions. (All donations are for my time only. Anything we do is discussed and agreed upon as consenting adults. YMMV. SSC.) ___ Contact info and texting etiquette: Any questions unanswered, feel free to contact me and I can address anything you may need. To book a session, please text 902-903-6095 as messages on Lyla get missed often - those who text come first. 😉 Please include a name, age, length of session desired, and a brief description about yourself. I will get back to you asap. I prefer 24 hour notice, but may allow same day visit with THREE hours notice (if availability is open). ___ Please do not text or call after Midnight, unless given specific permission. Any person who disrespects this, will be blacklisted. ___
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    Ok, so I wasn't going to respond to this because I didn't want to start an argument or prolong a negative discussion.. But here we go. My statement was not derogatory in nature. Absolutely nothing wrong with a "50 year old figure" . By looking at my username it could be inferred (correctly) that I'm probably within that age range myself. Most of my peers are in that age range. I know many people in my age range that are very athletic, who take very good care of their health, who train for elite sports, and both male and female (and anyone somewhere in between those) can look very differently no matter how well they take care of themselves. That is not the point. The point if this thread was to determine the veracity of the person who posted the LL ad. To determine if this possible newcomer is who they say they are in the past array of people who post on LL. My point was that with very little information to go on (2 photos that show a portion of a probably female presenting person), along with an age, that in my opinion, with my best experience of spending hours a day with people from various walks of life in that age range, that possibly due to their figure and their hands (and perhaps it's an excellent skin care routine coupled with no manual labour in 50 years) that perhaps this was not an actual photo of the person. There has been a marked increase of negative discussions on this forum mostly due to someone being offended by either an innocent statement, or in many cases a really derogatory statement. Personally I think that a positive based discussion forum needs to be open while being positive for everyone's safety and well being. Isn't one of the main points of this forum to be able to recommend providers (and to a smaller degree - have providers see how potential clients interact?) And to have a place to talk about the legitimacy of newer providers? Over the past few months I've been feeling like I need to really limit what I post or say in fear of offending someone and starting some sort of runaway thread that just breeds anger. I don't want that. But at the same time if I can give an opinion without fear of being "called out" then maybe someone is able to make a decision. Hopefully in the future we can all take a step back and maybe reach out to someone privately if we are offended by something they post to find out the intent. Otherwise we run the risk of people being too afraid of providing any sort of info. Have a nice evening everyone
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    While i don't advertise these services I have more than dabbled in this area for over 10 years . What is you secret ? I can and will deliver every fantasy a man can only wonder about . Mild to wild , all your choice . I will take you to the edge and push just to or on that line .maybe more . Your boundaries and will be respected at all times. Safe words are always used . Wouldn't you like to relinquish control for an hour or two.? Your fantasy as long as its safe will be granted with respect and discretion. Katherine does not judge. Trust me with your fondest or taboo secrets. You are safe with me.
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    I feel like if you book in advance people are more likely to be able to accommodate late night appts, I don't typically stay up late but if I knew in advance I could plan around it. It's the same with early mornings, I love to do them but let me know the night before so I can be up and ready 🙂
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    There are only a few days left of the year, or rather, decade! And its a perfect time to indulge in those desires you've been pondering for so long 😛 I'm the perfect mix of sinful and sweet; known for making respectful men (and couples) weak.. In the best of ways 😈 Passionate about pleasing my guests; whether you're into something sensual, are feeling a little kinky, or just want to unwind in lovely company, allow me to curate the perfect experience for you! Available with a flexible schedule this holiday season to end your decade with the most decadent bang 😛 Prebooked Duos available with Savannah Sol and Serafina Sol! ❤️ Pm or visit http://Www.msmanda.com to fulfil your desires xox
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    Hello everyone, I'm curious to know how you feel about perfume? With concerns of allergies and possible reactions, should the subject be addressed before meeting? Or do you feel it may not be appropriate to bring this up? A light spritz of fragrance may be intoxicating to some, but overwhelming to others. I'm cautious of my use of fragrance, due to these concerns. I now save it for more special occasions. Although, the smell of a favorite fragrance always brings back fond memories. Do you feel like something is missing without it? I appreciate any feedback on this subject. E
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    Ive had such a wonderful and restful holiday , hope you all did as well. Im available everyday this week from 9am at my central Ottawa location. Please text or email me for info and to set something up. Lets get this new year started !! 6132196386 [email protected]
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    I’ve seen her. She looks just like the pics and she did say she was from Ontario. anyways, she’s really fun and knows how to twerk.
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    Happy New Year To The Lyla Community! 😘 I'm Going To Bring The New Year In France! I Love It Here! "Bonne annee" Katie xoxo's 💋
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    Hello everyone. Warmest wishes for a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year. Lots of love, Erin
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    It happens to alllll of us! No shows and time wasters its very frustrating but unfortunately it happens.... *I will not book with text apps(will always check the number) *No blocked calls *NEVER will i give my exact address until i know you are in my area *ask for references...that is a plus One thing i have noticed is when they ask alot of questions or tell you they are nervous 8/10 times they will NOT show Good luck and stay safe
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    A couple of those image have hits from an Amber at Alpha Care Massage in Ontario. Possible she moved here but far more likely stolen photos. I would use caution. https://alphacare.ca/profile/Amber/538
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    Hey Guys 🙂 My name is Jenn. I will be in Saint John January 6th & 7th. I take very good care of myself as a woman should. Come see for yourself 😉 I am a highly reviewed, confident and intriguing companion. Genuine, down to earth, non-judgmental and honest. Check out my reviews on Lyla. I offer sensual and passionate rendezvous. Time with me will always leave you satisfied and coming back for more. Limited availability! Pre-booking is highly recommended! If you have any other questions feel free to text or call me 🙂 506-229-9467 Look forward to hearing from you
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    I really don't want to see this board disappear and this is why I try to post on it as much as possible. What is being appreciated is when members recognize the posting that I(as a member) put on the forums, clubs and discussions and also the recommendations that I post. Will the oldest job in the world ever come to an end...I highly doubt it, maybe not while I'm still alive. So how will other hobbiest( not really the word I want to use) find out about all the great ladies offering this? As mentioned before Twitter is great even if I don't use it(because I'm married and don't want to get caught), but this is also dying right now. And I will agree, we have lost some awesome posters, I could name them but that will not bring them back. I see many of you on here almost everyday and some do post a little and some do post a lot, and I appreciate all the post and pictures and comments so keep doing that and lets cross our fingers that more will come and join the group.
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    You’ve heard of me, you’ve read about me and you might have even dreamed of me. Nothing has quite prepared you for the reality of meeting me face to face. I open the door and it hits you all at once; like the exhilarating feeling of a cold shower but combined with the warmth and wonder that comes while watching day melt into night during a beautiful ocean sunset. Truly breathtaking. You come in, still nervous but more sure of your choice now. It’s like I’ve been expecting you all day and maybe I have. It is a welcome of a friend who hasn’t seen you in a long time. My warmth surrounds you. My delicate smell of vanilla and citrus, my enchanting voice asking you how your day is going and my smile intoxicate you. Nothing about me screams discomfort, or shyness. You’re even surprised that I exude such confidence at such a young age. You take a second to look at me, really look at me. I am pouring you a glass of water while wearing the most exquisite lingerie. You can tell I’m an athlete. My legs and arms are toned and muscular, while my soft skin and beautiful curves belie that I am completely feminine. A paradox you yearn to explore. I sit down next to you and it begins: a new friendship, a beautiful connection, a love story. Hey there good-looking, my name is Rose Delacourt; but you may simply call me Rose. I am 24 by the calendar, but possessing worldly wisdom far beyond my years. I may be young in age, but I sure know how to entertain a gentleman such as yourself. I am driven, confident and sexy as hell! When I'm not loving, you'll find me lifting heavy weights, drinking a good coffee, or planning my next business move. I never sit still; unless I'm sitting on your lap that is. ..but even then See you soon? Upcoming schedule (I host in an upscale hotel, downtown) Monday January 27th: 7pm to 10pm Tuesday January 28th: 11:30am to 10pm Wednesday January 29th: 10am to 2pm My rates are: 1h - 300$ 1.5h - 450$ 2h - 600$ 3h - 850$ * Special dinner-date (4h) - 900$ For outcalls, add 40$. My website is : http://rosedelacourt.ch My twitter is : https://twitter.com/rose_delacourt My email is : [email protected] Ready to book your dream-date? Send me a love note with the following: - A little about you, the more the merrier! - Date, time as well as duration. - My place or yours? Wanna put an extra big smile on my face? Find my Wishlist here