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    Not sure if this is allowed, but, if it is, enjoy!
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    Head to my website to see all my new photos, like this one from Luxuria Studios. Up to date photos can always be found there or on my twitter @FaithMoniquee
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    Hi @louistreize! As Greenteal mentioned, I do have a no-review policy. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have regarding a potential date, and there's a fair amount of information that can be found on my website. In terms of my no-review policy, if you're wondering what that's about, I just posted a blog entry about it which you can read here.
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    Yeah I'm not sure where you read that either BAO. Regardless of whether tip is discussed or not the expectation of the provider is that you're going to compensate her. Even when I get no extra I still tip something in an attempt to generate a report with the provider for possible next time. Some groups of women will share your info with others in their support group. Some of these places have two to four sites and all the girls are in a group WeChat discussing everything that goes on. I had a regular for a long time, a favorite, she always knew when I was somewhere else with in her group. She'd text me while I was on the table. Like clockwork. Wouldn't hear from her in days and the moment I was on someone else's table 'bing bong'. Shit. I went to a new place recently, they knew my name, or at least the one I use. They addressed me in the text response. I hadn't even given them my name.
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    I don't quite see what good could come from this thread. If justified, a warning should be posted in the appropriate forum: https://www.lyla.ch/forum/155-nova-scotia-warnings-to-report-bait-and-switch-scams-amp-dangerous-encounters-not-for-negative/ I understand the frustration, but this is not a productive way of expressing it.
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    For the babes not following me on Fet... here's a bts from a wonderful event over the weekend. So thankful for helping hands in my life. Ps, this is my own choice, I wasnt hurt by force, I consented to the actions. I'm a kink bottom for certain people. Just sharing some of my life with you guys. ♡
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    My dear Fredericton loves, is this outfit you wish to see? Have more to offer!
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    I am back!!! Come and check out my sexy tan lines I will be returning Monday-Wednesday next week. Prebooking is always recommended Sasha-May.weebly.com [email protected] Text 613*876*1415 Kisses 💋
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    You two are seeing the wrong ladies...
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    Not All Sp's Want to Rush the Sessions, Not All Sp's, Kicks You Out.. Before Your Scheduled Time.. Just Sayin xoxo's 😘
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    Found an oldie going through some photos. ♡ enjoy.
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    Im going to be spending the next 6 or 7 weeks learning fire play! So excited.
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    Downtown today. 💋
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    She did same to me had a hour at 830 half hour in told me i had to leave because next person was coming just at 900... and complained i didnt take time to shower there. I didnt want to publicly rip her thinking maybe it was one time thing but seems to be her normal.
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    I've only encountered a couple that were in a hurry. I just note it and don't repeat. Part of the experience is feeling comfortable enough to take your time and enjoy the session. Most are very relaxed and into providing a great experience. Even if you "finish" and just want to relax, most are into that as well.
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    Just so you all are aware the escort formally known as "Bambi", "Pocahotass", has decided to change her name yet again!!! This time she chose Harley!!! THIS IS NOT ME, don't be confused my lovely gentlemen. Her services and style are nothing like you would receive from me. Be safe out there :) xoxo https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/fredericton_c_m_take_a_ride_with_harleymake_me_squirt_duos_with_heaven-5600787
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    I am going to be away for a few days My next visit to Ottawa will be September 30th - October 2nd ( I will be taking prebookings til the evening of Sept 18th and not again til Sept 26th) Sasha-May.weebly.com [email protected] Text 613*876*1415 Kisses 💋