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    Another weekend another interview with a delightful member of the Lyla community! This time we are talking to @Berlin Moss after being nominated to be interviewed by @vegeta85. We're talking about her general experience in the agency, including her experience working for an agency and as an Independent escort. Q: Hey Berlin! Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed. You were recommended by @vegeta85 and I’m excited to get to know a bit more about you. So, tell me about your career so far. When and how did you get into this line of work? A: I actually started in sex work as a camgirl as soon as I turned 18. I had been living on my own and was finishing post secondary so needed the extra money to live on. I did that on and off for a few years and eventually I moved in with roommates, which made having a cam schedule a bit difficult. In my experience the earnings were inconsistent and moving to full service sex work seemed like a feasible transition from there. I did a little bit of reading on what this side of the industry was like and decided I’d join an agency in Niagara Falls. I wasn’t in a position to spend a ton of time learning about the different agencies, and I had no idea what to even look for, so I just applied to the first ones that came up in a google search for my area. I was hired by a new agency and stayed there for about 3 years before going fully independent in Hamilton/Niagara. After some time independent though, I decided that I wanted to establish myself in Toronto. I worked with an agency there for a short time, but soon after moved to another that better suited the direction I wanted to go in professionally. The most current one is structured as a hybrid between indy and agency where we book our own calls, as well as see agency clientele. I continue to work with them when I am touring Toronto, but am fully independent when I work everywhere else. Q: You’ve worked as an Independent escort but also for an agency. Can you tell me a little more about your experience with both? A: My experience with agencies has really been all over the map. I’ve had some amazing experiences with very supportive admin teams and then some others that were on the very opposite end of that spectrum, with everything in between. As for independent work, I am constantly learning new things and I really enjoy all that goes into it. There is definitely a ton more that you’re not used to doing if you’re typically in an agency environment. Naturally, there’s a lot more admin type work that’s involved - scheduling and booking, advertising, screening, website management, photos, etc. Q: Have you got a preference out of the two? A: Both have served different purposes at different times in my career and there are pros and cons to both. As far as preference, throughout the years that has been more dependent on what best suits my personal situation at the time. I love the sense of community and camaraderie in an agency setting. I also love the independent side because I feel like I get to connect more with my clients and I have more control over the business side. Of course you’re also doing all the work when you’re indy, which does equal a higher payout. (But worth mentioning you assume more risk financially as well) Q: If someone was new to escorting, would you recommend agency/going Indy? A: In my opinion, this really boils down to an individual’s situation and where they are looking to go with sex work. Generally speaking, if there are reputable and ethically run agencies available to that person, I’d say an agency is a great stepping stone to learn the basics when you’re brand new. Once you have the physical aspects down, you can always branch off and do independent work from there. Depending on circumstances though, it can also be beneficial to work independently and have a mentor figure to show you the ropes and answer questions as you go along. I know a few people who have done indy work entirely on their own from the beginning and that has worked for them as well! There’s no single right way to go about it, it’s mostly about what suits someone best. Q: If someone wants to work on the agency side, can you give us some tips on finding a good one? A: Some initial things I look for are a polished website and an established, reputable presence online in the community where they are. I look at their rates in contrast to the general rates for that specific area. Do they have a diverse group of people working with them? Where/how do they advertise? Once you’re in an interview you can more accurately gauge what the policies are, and if they align with the kind of work environment you’re looking for. I will say point blank that if an owner or staff member ever wants you to do an “audition” to “prove your skills” - don’t walk, run. Away. I’ve been with agencies in the past that fine workers for missed shifts and other various things that inconvenience them. If you’re not comfortable with that, it’s best to ask upfront what their procedures are during the interview. Security and screening methods is another great question to ask to make sure your safety is absolutely paramount - always of course, but especially where there is a demand for outcalls. I would recommend taking the time and writing down questions to ask, as there is often an overwhelming amount of information being given in an interview and you definitely want to get a good idea of their stance on all of the things that are most important to you. Q: What’s the hardest thing about being Independent? A: I mentioned before that you assume all of the financial risk when it comes to independent work. So if you book a hotel and you have a bunch of cancellations after you arrive, you’re ultimately on the hook for that. There are steps some can take of course to mitigate loss, but we all experience cancellations and time wasters and they can definitely add stress to the job. Q: I can see from your Twitter that you get to travel with your work, which is awesome! What places has this career taken you and where else is on the list? A: Yes! I’ve worked all over southern Ontario, Ottawa, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, and British Columbia. I’m hoping to do Newfoundland soon and once covid is over, another BC visit. Q: Can it get quite lonely? If so, how do you combat loneliness? A: It does get lonely. By nature I’m about as introverted as it gets, so it doesn’t bother me a whole lot. I have a wonderful support network to lean on. When there isn’t a pandemic, heading to Toronto to see other industry friends usually gets rid of the lonely feels as well. Q: What are the biggest struggles for you personally in this industry? A: Outside stigma and the way sex workers are viewed as a whole by society. There are a lot of hurdles we have to jump through in every day life because of people’s harmful perspectives and moral bias against our job. Some days it can be really disheartening, because sex workers are truly some of the most selfless and empathetic people I know. Q: To end on a positive note, what’s your favourite thing about what you do? A: I can’t decide between two so I’ll put them both! Firstly, I love the freedom this work grants me. It’s so different from vanilla jobs I’ve held in the past and it allows for me to have more time to pursue interests and hobbies outside of work. I also love the opportunity to meet new people that I might otherwise not have the chance to. I really thrive in one on one (or two on one *wink*) environments, so I really feel like I’m able to form stronger connections in that sense.
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    I'm happy to announce another interview with members of our fantastic community! So far we have interviewed three Companions, so I thought it was time to get to know one of our lovely Lyla Clients. Who better to ask than long term member and roaming Gentleman @roamingguy❤️ This interview is about his experience within this industry, including why he first started seeing escorts in the first place. Q: Hey RG! Thanks so much for agreeing to be part of our interviews. You’re the first Client we’ve interviewed, so I hope you’re as excited as I am! So, tell me, when did you first hire an escort? A: Thank You Lydia thinking of me as someone to interview especially in light of who you've already interviewed. It is a shocker (in a good way) and exciting. It is also very flattering and humbling too. Something I'd never have expected in all my years on CERB/Lyla or any board for that matter. As for the first question, I booked my very first escort in July 2010. She was a escort out of Kingston Ontario Q: Was it anything like what you expected? A: It was bad so bad I was glad when she left LOL and no that's not what I expected. If I went into details I'd be kicked off Lyla for breaking the "If you can't say something nice..." rule LOL. Let's just say I booked her off Craig's List need I go further. But I was just a naïve wet behind the ears newbie back then LOL. Q: Well I'm glad you've had better experiences since then. 😛 Does the experience differ from country to country much? If so, how? A: Well not country to country LOL, I've only seen companions in Canada 🙂 Even city to city it's pretty much the same, at least in my experience. I've seen companions in Toronto, Mississauga, Kingston, Ottawa, Gatineau etc etc etc...yes I'm a touring client LOL. And I've had good experiences, great experiences and bad (fortunately very very very few) experiences in different cities. The experience differs based on the two (OK sometimes three 🙂) people on the date, and that for me is more chemistry/connection than anything else. Q: How often do you book a session with a Provider? A: Back in my working days (I'm retired now) I saw companions once a month. Now although Covid 19 has had an impact on this 😞 on average once every three to four months. It may vary if I want a special date. For example my last date was a ménage a trois with two special ladies. While it is one date, budget wise it is two dates LOL. But one with long lasting fond memories. Sorry I have wonderful memories of most of the dates I've had since embarking on this lifestyle back in 2010. Right now as we speak, I have three dates booked (seventeen hours total waiting) and I've paid for them. in full. I'm just waiting for when I can get together with them. I'm excited about seeing all three ladies, two I've met before and one is a lady I've only "met" online...well on Twitter. But the business transaction has been taken care of, something I do most of the time (when available) with the companions I see. As an added benefit in these times it provides the ladies some money while bookings are down. Q: What is it that you like most about seeing escorts? A: Short answer, companionship. Long answer, where else can an average (OK sub average LOL) looking guy meet beautiful women some who could be models and besides being beautiful they are down to earth, intelligent and for the time you've booked them, they are focused on you. And as soon as I pick myself up off the floor LOL we can start our date. Companions besides being professional, are very special people who know how to make their clients feel special. In my experience they have brought a brightness and happiness to my life and all companions deserve a Big Thank You for what they do for us clients. So to all companions Thank You. You may not realize it but you are appreciated. Q: I echo your sentiments there - I'm constantly in awe of Companions, how hard they work, how much they help people and their strong minded outlook on life! I saw that you purchased a few online sessions during the pandemic, can you tell me what that was like? Did it exceed expectations? A: I wasn't sure what to expect to be honest. But purchasing online sessions that were made just "for me" (no not out of some digital catalogue) it was enjoyable and made me feel special. One from a lady I have yet to meet in person, the other one from a lady I've had a few dates with. The online sessions exceeded expectations, and with the one lady, I got to "virtually" meet her...making me look forward even more to meeting her in person. So yes it exceeded expectations for me. Q: Do you tend to have one or two Companions you see, or do you like variety? A: Right now there are two ladies I see and I'm going to be meeting a third lady too, someone I've never met in person before. I would label them as semi regulars. Q: What is it that initially draws you to a Provider? Are there certain things you look out for? A: Short answer chemistry/connection. Long answer I read a companion's posts, Tweets etc. If I think we'd "click" I look at her website and amongst other things find out her requirements to book a date with her. If after reading her website I still want to meet her I'll make a mental note and contact her when I'm ready to book a date. Q: Do any of your family/friends know about this part of your life? Is it something that you feel comfortable discussing? A: Only one, Beatrix LOL (my cat) Seriously no one in my civilian life knows about this side of my life. If there weren't judgements and the law differed I might be more open...don't know. But even if more open that would have to be balanced with being discrete. Right now it's easier to keep this lifestyle separate from my civilian life. Q: I love how much support and encouragement you give to Providers on Lyla, you’re so appreciated! Unfortunately we see a lot of rookie errors, such as Clients not giving a polite greeting before discussing booking an appointment. We need more RGs in the world! SO, what advice would you give to other Clients looking to book an escort? A: More RGs in the world, wow that's a head swelling ego boost thank you. But I'm sure there's one or two (or more) people that say one RG is one RG too many LOL 🙂 As for advice-pointers to give there is so much. But just off the top of my head a few pointers: First. When contacting a companion write a polite email (or text or whatever her preferred method of contact is) stating you'd like to meet her for a date. Include in that first email screening info she requires, where you found her ad/profile how long a date and when you write the email, no details, you're just asking a lady out on a date. Second. When providing screening/verification info be an open book. If not prepared to give the companion all the information she requires don't even contact her. Her safety and security trump your privacy. As a sidebar, in ten years I have never had a companion give out my privacy information. In fact a tip...if you're an open book with a companion in screening the companion will appreciate it and you've gone a long way to making a Great First Impression with her! Third. Simple One. Respect her boundaries Fourth. No negotiating her rate. Only she alone knows her value. Pay her what her rate is. You might want to include a tip and gift in there as well. But don't nickel and dime her. Fifth. For guys concerned about their privacy, sending a deposit etc etc etc remember you initiated contact with the companion so you could be alone intimately with her. She didn't contact you. But she has requirements which you can read in her website if you want a date. Follow her policies, be the client she wants to meet that's what will lead to a mutually beneficial date. And if not prepared to follow her rules for a date, don't contact her. These are just a few pointers off the top of my head. But you know where there is a wealth of information???...This board called Lyla. Specifically https://www.lyla.ch/forum/157-new-to-this-things-you-should-know/ It's a good spot to get started if you want to pick up information if you're new to seeing companions. Besides this forum clients to be, well anyone in this lifestyle could pose respectful questions and there are members here who would be happy to answer those questions. A Rambling...OK Ramblings 🙂 RG
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    Our last interview was with the wonderful @Daysha Love on being a WOC in the industry. Thanks Daysha for providing such valuable insight! This time we are interviewing tatted goddess, and all round beautiful soul @SarahAlexxx. Sarah Alexxx is a Pansexual Provider and she is sharing some insight into being in this industry as an LGBTQ+ person. 🏳️‍🌈 Q: Hey Sarah Alexxx! Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed for this. You’re one of our most active users on Lyla and I feel like I know you so well already! So, tell me. How did you get into this line of work? A: Tbh, as I tell most people... I don't remember a time when I wasn't sexually idolized. I grew up with the worst view on sex and let it control a lot of my life. I used sex as a means of therapy (some may say addiction) for previous mishaps in my life. Because of this, sex work became something I could easily do. I already knew how to control my body, actions, words and situations. Why not add payment? I moved to PEI after separating from my husband and looked into Sugaring. I had a few full time SDs over the 2 years I was there, but only at the end became a FS SW. I moved to Halifax full time March 19th 2019 to continue my SW and start reaching my goals. Its been a lovely experience and I have always felt welcome within the industry's community. Q: This interview in particular is about being an LGBTQ+ Companion. Can you tell me about your coming out story? A: Lol, it came to me in a dream. No joke. Around the age of 10 or 11, I had a dream of this smokin' hot babe sitting on the back of a toilet with her bare feet on either edge of the seat. She had on a fishnet body suit with the crotch ripped open. I knew immediately when I woke up. I had "secret" girlfriends over the next few years following, but nothing ever worth mentioning to anyone. 2008 I met my first crush. We met at a dance I hosted and we knew right away. Entering freshman year, surprise surprise... she was my tour guide. I liked her enough to tell my Dad. Story goes... my parents are I are driving into our local city to do some shopping. I say to Dad, "can I tell her?" Mom goes "tell me what?" ... "Sarah thinks she's gay." "DAD! I'm not gay, I'm pan! I like everyone!" Mom has no real reaction... she just goes, "okay, I guess now that means no sleep overs ever." Q: When it comes to work, I’m assuming the majority of your Clients are male? Do you get many female Clients? A: Yes. Mostly male. The odd cross dressers who identify as a female during their time. But I actually don't see women as clients (who actually wants to use a dental dam) because of the pressure to give oral or receive it. There's a lack of protection in my brain. I don't even have interactive duos with my coworkers. Q: Do you get many Clients who are couples? If so, what’s the dynamic of that? Are the women normally curious/experimenting? A: I have many offers. But I always say no. Not something I offer. Q: I’m bisexual myself so I’m really intrigued to see what you think about this one… I see a lot of Providers listing themselves as bisexual, do you think they often feel pressured to put that to appeal to men? A: I didn't put it as a means of marketing. I just prefer to be completely transparent with my clients. They know I have a full time, female partner. So I couldn't pull off straight even if I tried. Q: Do you feel like your sexual orientation gets overly sexualised? A: Personally, no. But I do find that men tend to assume my girlfriend is up for grabs too. Which, I do find very rude and disrespectful. Q: What issues do LGBTQ+ Providers face that straight Providers may not? A: I'm never one to label or categorize, so I can't say that any problems I personally have, are any different than the next cishet folk. But, I do know that most of the clients range in age and that can sometimes add to anxiety. The older generation didn't grow up with all the labels and pressure of being politically correct, so they tend to just be ignorant and close minded. Q: What LGBTQ+ people/charities do you recommend following/listening to? A:I'm not up to speed on all that stuff, as I've never been a huge active member in the community, other than just locally. Q: What advice would you give to LGBTQ+ sex workers/someone thinking of becoming a sex worker? A: Do your research. Know your body and your limits. Don't be scared to say something. Stick up for yourself. Be forgiving. But never ever ever feel alone, someone is always there for you to reach out to. Stay open minded, stay positive, and spread the love! Never set your standards lower than your heels. 😉 Thank you for shedding some light on your experiences, Sarah Alexxx. You're amazing ❤️
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    Danielle is a lovely person to talk to for sure. i would be interested in seeing Greenteal interviewed. He strikes me as being the Simon Cowell of Lyla with people either appreciating his insights or disliking his criticisms. And yes definitely Berlin Moss!
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    ❤️Schedule for Sept 21st to 26th❤️ Text: 902 930 1796 Email: [email protected] Twitter: @Charlotte1Quinn Monday: Hosting 12:30-10 Tuesday: OFF Wednesday: OFF Thursday: Outcall available 3-10pm Friday: Hosting 1-10pm Saturday: OFF Sunday: OFF Pre booking encouraged with my limited times available Contact me via text or email as calls are not my preferred way Priority booking given to regular or previously seen clients
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    You are lucky, there are some fantastic folks in Nova Scotia! @SarahAlexxx @KylieJane @charlottequinn123 [email protected] are sure to put you at your ease. Suggest reading their ads / pages thoroughly.
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    Hey Babes! I just wanted to give a quick little update. I haven't been replying to texts because I no longer have an active phone number for work. All bookings will be via email, or Lyla from now on. For those who thought we had beef, or I was ignoring you... I'm not. I've had family issues and needed to be away from distractions. Thanks for being understanding! ♡ Let's get together soon. xo - SA.
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    Hello Lyla! This is my first time posting on here. I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with you, and am glad to have received such high praise on here already! I am an all natural gorgeous redhead with yummy curves a great butt and full chest. I am petite, told my eyes & smile are my best features and enjoy a GFE session. I am visiting Moncton this Thursday 4PM - 12AM and Friday 12PM - 12AM. I see few select gents, those who are respectful and I feel I will have a good genuine time with. To secure a booking I require screening and a deposit. Please make my visit to Moncton one to remember ❤️ text at: (506) 238-9020 email: [email protected] http://twitter.com/cassiesteelecan
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    ^ whats your favorite part of Lyla? ^ how does being a part of the community better your life? ^ what do you feel is the toughest part of your job? ^ have you ever considered buying or selling services? ^ what made you choose this community? ^ if you could change one thing about SW, what would it be?
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    I've had a thought. Could do one on toxic review board culture. I see a lot of people talking about that and I think it would be a great opportunity for us to talk about how *not* to be misogynistic when reviewing/recommending Providers. Thoughts? Any takers? 😛
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    I would love to see a segment on money and finances from both a provider and clients. Saving tips, how banking works and what to watch out for, money management and anything else we could think of. Maybe a laws interview. How they different between provinces across Canada? Where is a license required and why? These might be a multi segment of interviews. I think the insight would be great for everyone.
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    Thank you for sharing your experiences! Love these awesome interviews 💝
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    I’d love to see a hobbyist interviewed 👀
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    Hi I’m Megan! The blonde bombshell you’ve been waiting for! Looking for a fun time or some sensual comfort? I am here to please and provide an unforgettable experience They say blondes have more fun ... and I’m no exception!! ✨Stats: ✨Height: 4’11” ✨Weight: 120 lbs ✨Bust: 36B ✅Safe Play ONLY ✅Reviews online ✅Good Hygiene is a MUST 🚫 No private callers or app numbers Follow me on Twitter for daily updates and more @therealmeganxxx Halifax September 12 ONLY Pre-booking Recommended!! 613-863-9429
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    For some reason can't post under the reco section even tho I have been a member for years ...... I have to write this as Cassie is a gem who sees select few suitors and deserves a glowing review. After a small hiccup / misunderstanding during our first attempt to meet, I finally had the chance to in Saint John , communication with Cassie is very professional and extremely easy. We struck a good rapport via text/twitter and this carried over to our visit. When she opened the door I was in awe, couldn't take my eyes off her, there is this something she has that keeps your attention. Our conversation was fun, she recalled everything we chatted about in text, which showed me she enjoys meeting people and takes an interest in them. As for play time I will keep that between us but she was everything I expected and more. Treat her with respect, she is real, sweet and a truly nice person who I look forward to spending more time getting to know.
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    Imagine spamming on a thread like this that's trying to raise awareness and do some good 🙄 Account has been banned.
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    Ahh these are all brilliant! Right leave these with me, we have an interview coming up with the gorgeous and incredibly intelligent @Kitten this Sunday but the Sunday after you can hear all about me... 😛 Lucky you! 😂
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    What is your biggest goal and ambition for Lyla? What was the change and motivation to bring Lyla back to life? Running a website and a team behind Lyla, how is it funded?
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    Another Sunday which means another interview with a member of our community! This time it's a tough subject but one that is very important. Unfortunately a lot of Providers in this industry have to deal with being outed. The reason behind someone doing this is never one I'll be able to understand, but @StephanieMystique has kindly taken time to talk about her experience hoping it'll help others who find themselves in a similar situation. ❤️ Q: Hey Stephanie! Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed, you’re a big name in the community so it’s a real pleasure to get to know you a bit better. So tell me, how long have you been doing this for? A: Oh my! You are making me blush. Thank you. I have been in the industry for a little over 3 years now. I started dabbling in it before I moved to the east coast. After I lost my 4th job in as many months since moving to Halifax, never mind a whole lot of other things that happened, I needed to do something. I wasn't ready to tuck my tail and go home. I reached out to a friend of the industry that took me under their wing to teach me the basics and asked how to get going. Being somewhere new, no idea of where to post as BP just went down. I started a few ads on CL as dirtyblondestephanie. If anyone, especially female, has posted on there, we know how fast those ads get flagged and removed. There was a fellow Lyla member (I still haven't seen as a client but has helped out a few times. I think of him as a guardian angel), that pointed me in this direction of Lyla and things slowly took off from there. There has been trial and error, a lot of learning in the process but those first few clients I enjoyed company with serious were amazing. I swear, they helped me way more than I could ever help them. If you are one of them I just want to say thank you! Q: I know that you’ve had a bit of a tough time recently, can you tell me a bit about it? A: Where to start? I have a big heart and always love to build people up and help them succeed in their dreams, goals and ambitions. This business is a lot of work for an individual with a lot of different hats to wear, that we are not all good at, or just plain suck at. Some of my background is sales with an amazing MLM company, which a lot of the tools I learned there I use every day. I started a little advertising and marketing company to hopefully help a few fellow companions out. I put a few ads out and that's how I met the Provider that outed me. We met for a mutual interview and signed a independent contract to have me work for her to help with marketing, advertising and bookings. Covid was starting to make major headlines at the time but we still have a successful first day and celebrated the win. I fell sick a couple of days before the lock down, fearing it was Covid I had given her the keys to the space she was using and the phone to use for booking. My fault completely and lesson learned but I am not someone to hold some else back from a goal because I need to tap out for a moment. Two days later NS declared the state of emergency and shut everything down. I messaged her to let her know she can no longer work in the space or use the phone due to this but as an Independent contractor she can still choose to work but it has no connection to the company. Sadly she took advantage and continue to work and live in the space. I am finally clear of being sick, thankfully not Covid. I come back to collect the keys and phone and she flips a switch on me. She outed me, told them what I do for a living, to the building she was staying in management team. Which is how I presume she got my personal information, I haven't been able to prove it to take the company to court. The apartment was seized that night and I had 24 hours to move out. We are in day 9 or 10 of the shut down. The next morning, while I am moving, my phone starts going off and I have alerts from fellow providers and clients that I am being publicly outed with my full legal name and full face photo. I went to my twitter following to get it removed as quickly as possible. That was the start of the death threats, harassment and huge costs of dealing with the fall out of her. Q: Being outed must be an awful experience. I take it your civvy friends and family didn’t know about your profession? A: It's been tough but also freeing. I had actually spoken to my dad and mom separately in the fall. My fear was one of my dad's friends telling him what I do rather than coming from me, especially as that conversation would've been over the phone. So I took him out for coffee on my visit home and told him. His biggest concern was my safety but overall was supportive. My mom was more like, everything makes sense now. As my cover story didn't line up well enough for my travel schedule. Again she was supportive and her biggest concern was safety. Other than that, no one prior to this event knew what I did. It's been freeing as I can let my family know my schedule a bit more as I typically write the trip off by working in Toronto. I still have a red zone, of where I won't work and a couple of area codes I won't entertain in the slightest. Since the outing, she sent messages to anyone on Facebook that has a public profile with my last name. That is when my brother sent me a screenshot of the message sent to my sister-in-law, who just got home with a new baby. The message is in the warning post I made. I was devastated. As I wasn't sure of her views on this. I decided to be open and told my brother what I did and about the situation. He just asked what I was going to do about the situation as the claims made are pretty big ones. As I told him, lawyers and police are involved and it's a work in progress. The other big impact it's having is in my dog walking business. Thankfully, it's not large enough to have much damage but as I am pushing the marketing and advertising the posts made on the dirty are being alerted to me monthly. Thankfully, I have a good friend that is a fellow SW, camming, that stepped up to fight some of the comments she was making on the page. I had to keep blocking the accounts as she had multiple profiles. Q: I'm so sorry you went through this. Your parents sound like amazing and supportive people. What were your initial feelings when it happened? A: Hurt, broken, frustrated, devastated, angry, lost. The claims she was making were pretty steep. i.e saying I was forcing her to work, that I had someone underage and force them to be together and with me, that I was a drug dealer and did drugs every weekend with them. I had sex with a dog and she has video evidence of all of it. Once the move was complete and I had called the police. I finally broke down and cried myself to sleep that night. I put out word I was looking for a lawyer the next day. I haven't had to deal with anything like this and needed professional help. I have been saying a lot lately, as much as we sang, "sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt me", words hurt, they effing hurt a lot and even more as we are in the digital age. Q: Did you experience negativity from people? Or did you get much support through it? A: For the most part, I was met with nothing but positivity throughout the community both here and on twitter. I thankfully have a supportive family and friends. The police sadly weren't as helpful as we hope they are. It took a lot of follow up and being annoying to get charges laid and more charges following the first ones not being followed. You were super awesome in helping too, Lydia! As soon as the negative posts were being made you have them removed and deleted. It somehow deleted a whole thread of recommendations that we can't find but maybe that will reappear one day again. Plus you were able to deal with the countless other accounts being created, some trying to be me, or make negative remarks. You couldn't have picked a better time to put life back into Lyla. Q: It's the least I could do! I'm just glad it's stopped on here, at least. I’ve had quite a few people message me on here saying they’ve been outed and need to either delete their account or change their name. It’s really sad. How often do you think stuff like this happens? A: It's terrible, especially depending where you are in your business and your location. I thought about it as well. As the outpouring of love, support and strength from the community came in, I knew I would be okay to ride out the storm. It happens more often, especially in large cities like Toronto, and Montreal where the people, and boards are going to believe the negativity before anything else. Even if you have 100 amazing reviews. We have an incredible community here in Halifax. The companions are here to help each other succeed, the clients for the most part are respectful and take care of us as we take care of them. We have the east coast mentally here. Q: What do you think people’s motives are for outing someone? A: For my situation, hurt people, hurt people. Someone that feels that if they can't have it, they need to bring others down with them. Q: You are always such a delight to talk to and so positive. How did you remain level headed with all of this going on? A: Thank you! That means a ton. I am sure some of my clients may feel the dark cloud weighing down on me lately. I still try to be the best I can be when we are together. My clients have helped me through it in so many ways. You can't let the negativity win. I am thankful for the lockdown of covid, even as much as it sucked, it allowed me to breath and be able to handle dealing with this. I was able to break down often, dust myself off and continue to move forward. I was able to reach out to fellow companions and put together screening measures, which I didn't have in place beforehand, to keep everyone safe. I took advice from a couple of the best I know for their screening measures. I was always good for using my 'filters' and still use them but I needed more to make sure she wasn't filling my schedule with fake bookings, or reporting my location to hotels or other places or worse. She brought back some of my favourite photos me, from my first year as dirtyblondestephanie, before I grew into Stephanie Mystique. How can that not be something to smile about? It's the things that I love about this business that has kept me here. The freedom and flexibility I have with my life. The choices I get to make because of it and above all my clients. Some really came to the plate when I needed them most. They know it and I make sure they know it and how thankfully I am to have them. Letting me know what's going on, alerting me to posts, helping me with security, and sending funds to help me get through. Q: I wonder if there wasn’t such a stigma around sex work if people would be outed less/more comfortable sharing their identity. Do you think that has much to do with it? A: I would love to think so. I love to believe in the world Katie see's from Horton Hears a Who. "...everyone's a pony and they eat rainbows and poop butterflies." lol It just makes me smile when I picture it. In that world, we'd be free to travel around the world without worry of deportation or refuse of entry. We'd be free to seek any kind of help we need, medical, security, police, marketing, accounting, and more. Without worry of it hurting future employment, medical exams, our personal safety, ect. I think I still would withhold my face from photos, in case there is ever a situation that should arise that I need to deny it. Q: What advice would you give to someone trying to protect their identity? A: As a SW, hold back your face, any key features and watermark all your photos in spots where it can't be cropped out. Have a completely separate phone and sim card, separate emails, separate social media accounts. Create your work as a whole separate person. Use a different browser on your laptop than your normal browsing. It's not just you that has that information, it's google, apple, and any information that you put onto the internet. I always view any information I send to someone or online, it's public knowledge. It's why I am not comfortable doing or sending photos, cam shows, videos to others. Yes, it's illegal for them to share or post it but to prove it for the courts that they did it, is a whole different thing to do. For a client - DO YOUR RESEARCH! Do your research. For deposits your full name shows up for deposits, typically. For screening, if you've done your research and don't plan to hurt the SW, then you have nothing to worry about. There is a great thread for all of this but I will do a quick overview for what I look for. I am big for looking for more than one place of advertising. There are many platforms available and many are free. Do they have twitter, is there a website? Has it been edited recently? Do they have local board presences? If they are super new, read between the lines. Is the ad completely filled out name, price, age, bust size? Do they have any signs of possibly being trafficked, or using (avail 24/7, party friendly, no blacks, ect.)? Can you have a quick conversation about the day. A simple, "Hi, How are you?" will tell you volumes of a person on the other end. Please stop asking for services especially on a first meet, most of us have it listed somewhere. I hate to see you getting busted as one of those John's the next sting operation does. Delete emails, texts and cookies and history. Clean your hard drive seasonally as stuff deleted, is typically still stored on the hard drive. Q: That's some great advice, thank you! What advice would you give to someone who has been outed? A: Breathe. It's okay to cry, be angry, upset, hurt and any other feeling you are feeling. Sadly a lot of this is going to be reactive measures and there isn't going to be much you can do. I would lock down all your personal social media as tight as you can get it. Check them often, as every time there is an update, it gets reset. Delete your LinkedIn profile as there is no private setting to it. Which is where my face photo was found. 😞 Alert the police if there is any threat of harm or intended harm. Even if they do nothing, there is a file started and they can build on it if the person intends you harm. If there is serious harm or threat call 911. I don't care who we are, what we do, your life is more important than maintaining discretion. Don't be afraid to make a scene, if it's one hotel or a chain you are not welcomed back to or evicted from an apartment, your life is more important. Then just deal with the damage as it happens. I find being honest will go a long way. Hopefully you have been good with your money as you may need a large amount of time off or work a lot less just to get through your emotions, possibly statements, and other damage you may need to deal with. Q: Thanks so much for your time, Steph. Is there anything else you’d like to add? A: It's okay to ask for help and support. I wouldn't have been able to get the posts down or be alerted to websites that I had no idea that existed without the help of the community. I know my personal information is now out there intertwined with my work information. I still ask for discretion, respect and privacy to my personal life and information. Information on the internet is forever, I just hope enough information gets piled on top to bury it. I will be dealing with the fall out of this for years to come. I haven't found out if it'll affect my travel yet or future employment opportunities. Thankfully for now, I work for myself and am able to be the interviewer. Thank you so much for letting me share this. It's been a tough 6 plus months going through this. I hope it may help someone else going through it too. Thank you for building Lyla into something that we are so happy to support and help it grow. I owe the success of my business to Lyla and the community here that has supported me since day one.
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    Thanks again Lydia for a great interview, and @StephanieMystique for sharing your experience. It takes work / courage to talk about the difficulties you faced, and I expect it is a cautionary tale for clients and SPs alike to be careful. As much as those in the community draw support, intimacy, resources, and freedom from the community, there are always those that judge, and those that use. Your advice about research is an important one for SPs and clients alike, and again appreciate @lydiahardwood and the lyla team for helping provide a safe place to help "connect the positive." I'm almost hesitant to ask the group out there... any clients out there want to share a story about being outed? -cbs
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    As a wheelchair user, finding accommodations and traveling to said accommodations (especially during a pandemic).
  23. 6 points
    Love this article by Mistress Matisse on appropriate terminology when talking about sex work - http://www.swop-seattle.org/2015/02/09/sex-work-style-guide-writing-accurately-ethically-about-sex-work/ Are there any terms that you find inappropriate in this industry? I know that hobbiest has mixed opinions, but would be interested to hear if there are others?
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    Same day bookings accepted but to avoid disappointment, email [email protected] to prebook! Include your name and a brief introduction, along with your preferred date and time. (Please note I will not be accepting bookings shorter than one hour in duration) Well-reviewed and highly sought after- I provide a sensual and passionate GFE. Experience charming personality, soft curves and exemplary service. Availability Thursday, September 17: 11am - 6pm Quick Stats Height: 5’5” Hair: Blonde Eyes: Greyish Green Bust: Natural 36D Tattoos/Piercings: Many/No Piercings Non-Drinker/Drug-Free (Not party friendly) Availability: Incalls/Outcalls Clients of all genders and disabled clients welcomed. Available for couples and social dates. For more pictures, follow my Twitter! @missberlinmoss Rates 300/hr 450/90 min 600/2 hr
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    Thanks @lydiahardwood and @Berlin Moss for another great interview! It is so cool that we have folks willing to share a bit of themselves. This interview and the series are the kinds of things that help us meet the people in this community, which makes it more of a community!
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    Thanks boo! As CBS said, I'm pretty known for taking in first timers. I love breaking the ice! Let me know if I can be of help. But yes, please read through girls ads before messaging, as there might be info you need. 🙂 Always do your research first.
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    I'm gonna jump in and nominate @Phaedrus for his valuable comments, wit and genuine care for the wellbeing of the community 🙂
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    Another possibility is @charlottequinn123. She, in addition to being warm and caring person, has some really interesting experience, and a carefully considered world view. She would be a great interview.
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    Ask and you shall receive I did not realize a hobbyist interview was just done !!! Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks RG. This was really interesting, and I'm glad there are a mix of companions and clients in the interviews. This is a great board (thanks @lydiahardwood) and I appreciate the fact that you can get a glance of the real people. That's not something one can often see, and I'm not thinking of a board I've run across that does it this well. Thanks ! -cbs
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    I would like to nominate Kylie Jane, @EliteKylie, . Not only does she have physical beauty but I find her to be sensitive, attentive to your needs, empathetic, with undeniable sexuality. If you meet her once it is certain you will be back. Definitely leaves a great impression. She has my vote!
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    How about the view from Durga’s Dungeon? I’m sure @Janebondage would have some insights as both a client and provider. Or maybe as domanatrix vs sub vs GFE?
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    I would love to see @Berlin Moss interviewed.
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    I would like to nominate @SexxxyRebecca She has always been a positive contributer to this community and a great person.
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    WoW !! How can I have missed nominating someone for the Month of August? I have many people that I would like to nominate and many have already been so I will add to the list the very sexy Sasha May, once you see her you will fall in love with her beauty, sensuality and kindness among many more positive adjective that I could add.
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    Good Morning Gents! I met Alyssa Faye yesterday for the first time and I must say I was very happy I did. She is a beautiful mature young lady who hosts in a safe and well kept apartment building in a good area of town. Her communication was excellent and she was accommodating to say the least. I wont go into details about rates or provided services, but rest assured I will be booking with her again in the future! She is a member of lyla.ch as well. Reach out, say Hi and book some time gents you will wish you had long ago! Yours, ~HS
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    @MsManda and I had chatted over twitter about doing an interview somewhat together as client and SP. It was some time ago, she may not remember. But I would be up for that.
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    Could any providers provide input on this? Since covid-19 has increased a trust factor meeting clients, I respect the screening process to have become more in-depth. While I have been on this site a bit, I know I still have yet to build a reputation and references with SPs. (Looking forward to meeting @Katherine of Halifax and @MsManda someday soon, as I view them as very respected providers) How many visits would you say it takes before you consider arranging shorter sessions to "release some tension" 😉 I am not the type to look for a random 15 min session with any stranger. I do value and respect women much more than this. Not exactly always the case for short sessions as I enjoy the phsycial companionship and sensual touch of a lovely SP, sometimes just need to satisfy the urge with a pair of willing talented lips and tongue. I know I'm not alone with this lol
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    For me it's a YMMV. As everyone else said hygiene is huge and shower is mandatory for me. I can definitely make that shower worthwhile too. 😘 I like the the idea of, if it feels good, let's explore it.
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    Hey guys. Update for you - we have turned pre moderation back on for new users as we were seeing a rise in spam and posts that weren't in line with our values. As always, thank you for speaking up on this and helping keep our community awesome. ❤️
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    I'm not sure if thread like this has been done before or if this is the right section but I am just curious as to how everyone is doing. We are dealing with unprecidented things in our world. Not just our little private escort/client world on this site but in general throughout the human landscape of our planet. My hope is all of you are managing to cope with the stress and uncertainty that this bizarre year has brought us and I do hope you are finding things to do to take your mind off it all. I realize that I have never met almost all of you in person and can't say I truly know you but I honestly feel a bond of online friendship to you all and care about everyone's well being. So I am reaching out to wish you all the best and hope some of you can share stories of how you have been able to cope. As for myself, I have been in a position where I have had to deal with literally dozens of people daily throughout this crisis. Before this all started last year, I retired from my trade and moved out of the oil patch to somewhat wind down a little. I went to work for Home Depot so I could work in a controlled environment and be able to help pass on some of my knowledge and experience while getting to meet new people. Needless to say, the retail DIY business has boomed due to the pandemic. People have a lot of time on their hands and are doing projects to fill the void and probably as a way to take their minds off things. More power to them I say but my thoughts of slowing down a little in my 60's has been pretty much shot to hell. I find myself putting more miles on than I ever did and the stress level gets very high at times. However, I am in a place of somewhat quiet calm mentally. I have found myself delving into projects at home, experimenting with my culinary arts, still enjoying some moments with companions when possible and not really thinking heavily on all the problems out there. Fortunately, my physical health is not a concern as I am in very good shape for a man my age and my energy level is quite high. I am fortunate in that regard and realize that some folks aren't so lucky. I will continue to concentrate my efforts on staying positive and upbeat as best as possible. And I will continue to show respect and kindness to others and make an effort to be an example to others on how to treat people right. Regardless of gender, race, orientation or anything else, we are all human beings in this together and the more we can do to reach out to others and lend a hand or even just a kind word of encouragement, the better chance we have of making the world a better place. So again, I wish you all well and hope you find ways to remain positive and healthy. I am also more than willing to help anyone as much as I can with any questions regarding health or mental self awareness or how to fix little things around the house. At least as best as I am able. Cheers to you all out there.
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    Just throwing myself out there as well I am very patient and good at making you feel relaxed and comfortable Give me a shout if interested Happy hunting😊😘 Feel free to follow me on Twitter to get a feel of my personality and get a little more personal ExoticTouchd
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    I'm posting from Ottawa so no direct personal information to offer but I can recommend going to the NS recommendation section for good information. I can recommend you review the local ads posted by Lyla members - you'll get a great indication of you is a good fit for you from reviewing the lady's posts and participation here.
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    I would like to nominate Jane Bondage, Jane is one amazing woman, she is very easy to talk to and a fabulous hostess,
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    @melaniee May I suggest putting this in the online schedule or local schedule board as oppose to spamming threads all over the place. Not cool.
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    In private, I'm a passionate lover, with a healthy appetite for pleasure. I can be described as sweet, compassionate, easy-going and understanding. I love to dress up in a variety of outfits, both in and out of the bedroom; so do look forward to seeing my wardrobe of lingerie! Or would you prefer jeans and a T-shirt, workout clothes, a sundress perhaps? I enjoy a variety of encounters including and not limited to a relaxed GFE, a more intense soft dom experience and I also like dreaming up different roleplay scenarios with you. I can accomodate a variety of fetishes and consider myself to be very open-minded in that sense! I l always strive for nothing less of an amazing time and genuinely want to get to know you better. I'm clean, smoke free and disease free and expect you to be both clean and disease free as well. I will not see people who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. I may enjoy a beverage with an established client, but I'm not party friendly! I will be hosting at a location in Dartmouth, I really look forward to seeing you!! 😁 TEXT TO BOOK: 9029120351 - No blocked #'s or apps E-MAIL: [email protected] WEBSITE: melanierose.escortbook.com EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: onlyfans.com/NSmelanierose TWITTER: twitter.com/NSmelanierose
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    @lydiahardwood @sarah thank you so much for this post! I love inclusion and diversity in our community! It’s fantastic! I’m excited to read the next one 😍
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