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    Happy day of rest! I hope you enjoy reading our latest interview with @RayRenpelle, whose name you may know as he's been active here on Lyla for some years. This is a topic I've wanted to cover for some time, and I'm grateful that Ray took the time to provide us with these honest and thoughtful answers. Ray, you're truly a ray of sunshine! Please comment and let me know your thoughts. Q: Hey there, Ray! Thanks for spending some time answering some questions for our lovely community here at Lyla. First of all - tell me about yourself. A: I am a retired healthcare worker. I was married twice. First marriage ended in divorce after 28 years. My second marriage ended with the death of my wife to cancer three years ago. So I am now a widower. Q: Thanks! So when did you start seeing Companions? A: I started seeing Companions two and half years ago, six months after my wife's death. It was difficult at first as in all my years of marriage I had remained faithful, good or bad, and it is true. But I needed someone in my life. Companions seemed like the best choice for me . Q: That's lovely to hear. ❤️ I see you’re very active on Twitter - it’s great to see Clients supporting Companions. How long did it take you to get that involved in the industry? A: My first two attempts were failures. The first ghosted me, the second double booked me and I showed up second. When confronted she called me names and accused me of lying. So I took a step back for a couple of weeks then I did what little research I knew how then and just before Christmas 2 1/2 years ago I reached out to this companion who was on holiday then. We set a date for further contact then I booked a visit with her. It went so well that I booked another visit for her following work day. I never looked back. Through her I was introduced to others. I also got more involved by joining Lyla and Twitter and increasing my knowledge of Sex workers and different facets of the industry Q: From the brief chats I’ve had with you, I can tell you’re a pretty open book. So tell me, does anyone in your personal life know that you see Companions? A:. I am not hiding it nor am I broadcasting it but yes, one of my daughters knows, the other suspects and my sister also knows. Both are favorable to it as they realize that I need someone since I am now alone. Q: Have many men (or women, for that matter) ever admitted to seeing Companions to you? A: I think the stigma around sex workers is still very strong and not too many people are willing to admit that they are seeing a Companion. I find there is no shame in admitting that we need someone in our life who can remain neutral but able to help in many ways. Q: Do you think a lot more people see Companions than the average person might think? A:. Oh I am sure. When we look at the number of Companions just in my area of Atlantic Canada and they all seem to be busy in the measure that they are willing to be. There are way more clients around us than we know. Could be a next door neighbour but it is still a secret for reasons of their own. Q: What are the main reasons you think people are hesitant to admit to seeing Companions? A: There are many. The law, worried that someone they know might see them, ending up in a potentially dangerous situation. Afraid the spouse may find out. So many reasons!!! Q: From my experience, when men do admit to hiring escorts it’s always brushed off as a “I was in Amsterdam” or “I was in Thailand” kinda thing. Like they make it part of their tourist experience. Have you experienced this? Do you think that some people find it more “acceptable” if it’s part of a vacation experience? A:. Of course it is. You know the famous saying: " What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" . It is similar. To be honest, I really was in Germany as part of notary deployment. I was still a virgin and a nice sex worker took care of that in short time. One hour donation and I was out in ten minutes, haha! But I was now " a man"! Q: Haha, love that! I want to talk a bit about “toxic masculinity” here. So as an example, harassing a woman on the street, cat calling, making them uncomfortable; this is almost a normalised experience for lots of women. People don’t think much of it when it happens. But if a man were to admit paying for Companionship… it is somehow perceived as more taboo? Thoughts? A:. I think it is seen as being a lesser man if you have to pay for companionship. People may feel that you can't get a companion otherwise so you have to pay for it. People just don't understand that there is much more to it and the benefits one derives from being with a companion far outweighs any taboo. I personally know how I benefited from regular visits. Q: And I'm so glad you have benefited from it! I’ve seen some shaming of men who appreciate and care for women too, including using Only Fans to pay for content. Do you think many men admit to using Only Fans and why do you think there is stigma around paying for porn? A: I am not too familiar with Only Fans. I know that it is possibly a good way to get to know a Companion. But porn has been around for a long time and I don't think there are too many who can say they have not been involved ever. Q: It’s interesting how having a one night stand, watching free porn, having lots of sex is celebrated in some circles yet as soon as money is involved it’s a different story… what are your thoughts? A:. Those who think they are doing all those things for free are very naive. The costs involved in such a night can sometimes surpass the cost of spending one hour with a Companion. At least with a Companion you know from the beginning how much and your phone will not be ringing the next day. Money is involved in both situations! Q: That is such a valid point! I guess there are other things that a lot of men aren’t open about; using sex toys, anal play and mental health spring to mind. Why do you think this is? A:. Maybe men are afraid to admit that they may have a "weakness" and are afraid or embarrassed to say that they mental or physical help. Whether it be through conversation or the use of toys or stepping out of what may be view by many as the norm may be something needed for them but they might see it as a weakness. Let's not forget that each one of us (men) feel we are better lover than the other therefore do not need those things. Q: Can you think of any ways that we can break down that stigma, and make paying sex workers more normalised? A:. Something I said for years even when I was not connected with sex workers. The first thing is decriminalize sex work. The second would be in my opinion to leave that poor guy(John) alone. If he is not causing a scene but simply seeing a Companion for valid reasons of his own why does the law have to make such a big deal of it. It should be viewed much as going for a doctor's appointment or a visit with a therapist which in many ways it is. Q: One thing I’d like to say is that I know there’s judgement towards men who pay sex workers but Lyla is a classic example of how many of these men care and respect women - especially ones who are quite heavily involved in it (RTing schedules, participating in boards like this one). Have you had many discussions with other men who are involved in this industry and what have your experiences been like? A:. I have not had the opportunity to meet or have much dialogue with other men . The sad part of it is that in my beginning I was met with a fair amount of negativity from other clients. I was too reachable and I started getting some nasty messages from others and even a couple of sex workers. I was ready to quit and would have if it had not been for the Companions I knew and encouraged me to continue and showed me how to be less reachable. It has since stopped and as I become better know both on Lyla and Twitter, the interaction has been better and very positive. Q: Thanks so much for your time on a pretty delicate subject. You rock! Anything else to add? A: Yes! I want to add that I am thankful to site like Lyla where I was able to find much information about SWs , about proper etiquette regarding this industry, what makes a good client that a Companion will not hesitate to say yes to he he ask for another booking. I have learned a lot about the personality of Companions, clients. It has dispelled many misconceptions I had about sex work and Companions. I have learned to avoid certain review boards who allow too much negativity and descriptive material. It serves no good and is misleading. Twitter has also been a good source of info. I want to thank you for the hard work you put into this and for even considering me for this in spite of my short time of experience. Through venue like this I can continue to learn. I also want to add that the last 2.5 years have been great. I enjoy the Companions I know and every minutes with them. Thank you for taking the time to read me!
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    I would like to add one more thing. Another person who knows of my activity is my family doctor. She actually recommended that seek out a well reviewed and recommended Companion as opposed to picking up a random girl at some social event. She was so right. I can say that I feel totally safe and comfortable with the Companions I know. And in 2.5years I never got so much as the common cold from this activity. And the support and encouragement I got from them during all the woes of last year or so( house sale, car accident, lung cancer) is more than a random girl would have provided. Specially my regular Companion who has been like a tower of strength for me. Can't go wrong with good Companionship.
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    Just commenting on the name change. I’ve had several name changes due to stalkers & being black mailed because people I knew found out I “worked” probably figured I would pay them to keep it confidential … so it’s not entirely true changing your name because of having a “bad reputation” So for various reasons people change there name for multiple reasons.
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    Exciting news! I'll be returning August 23. Thank you to everyone for your patience and support while I have been taking care of family matters. On my return there will be a few changes. Stay tuned for more announcements . Looking forward to reconnecting xo
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    2hour GFE Deal & Multi Hour Deals ╚»★ . ★★.★★.★★.★★.★★ . ★«╝ Imagine, you're finally here, you made it.. I answer the door I'm more then what you anticipated... you're greeted with a welcoming smile, a big hug like I haven't seen you in years. I take your hand, we emerge in the room.. all you see is a luminous light in the bedroom. In that bedroom we will unlock every hidden fantasy that your heart desires... Pain, Sweat & Tear's have never been HOTTER.. ╚»★ . ★★.★★.★★.★★.★★ . ★«╝ Physical Description: Height: 5’1 | Weight: 110lbs | Cup Size: 34 A Cup ╚»★ . ★★.★★.★★.★★.★★ . ★«╝ For Booking Inquires: Contact: 9027043503, prefer text. NO Private Numbers /Or Text Apps. ➣ When booking an appointment leave a brief message of getting to know you. **(Please let me know what you’re looking for, length of time, etc...)** Example: Hello my name is ____, I’m __ years old, I’m looking to spend __ time with you. Im looking for ____ services. Please be aware I do screenings on all new clients. Serious Inquiries Only
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    Hey! I’m Daysha Love proud new owner of SweetButSavage Boutique! Shop multiple styles of the hottest exotic dance wear and lingerie! Hand jewelled custom garments, lip gloss, waist beads and matching anklets/bracelets, purses/money bags , and so much more! NYLON SET , CUSTOM HAND BEADED ANKLETS/BRACELETS & WAIST BEADS ALL AVAILABLE FOR PRE ORDER We are an all inclusive affordable LGBTQ+ / SW friendly boutique! Part of profits from every sale will also go toward a LGBTQ+/SW charity! Look forward to seeing more? check us out on Instagram @ SBSBOUTIQUECA to shop our latest styles and see our newest collections! Thank you! * website not yet available/ Currently only shipping to Canada!
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    There's definitely a certain type of client who wants to be the first of the day. I think they're the ones that think this means the SPs are "fresh" or something, and who seem to be unaware that this is achieved by means of the modern wonders of soap and mouthwash rather than just sleeping and have it happen by magic.
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    Second shot complete! Still not a robot 😔
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    Titty Tuesday from the countryside 😋 Allie Zeon Top 1.2% of all creators worldwide. Join https://www.onlyfans.com/allie_zeon for naughty, refreshing, unedited, unscripted contents
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    Add me to the list! Fully vaccinated and waiting on my super powers now… 😉💕
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    Usually SPs will fit you in when the time aligns for both of you. If someone asks me to be a specific # in line... I dont see that person. That's an unrealistic expectation on some SPs.
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    TOFTT as they say lol. By team I mean the world 😜 Just recieved my second vaccine this week, Easy peasey, 🍋 squeezy!
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    ❤️July 26th-30th❤️ Mon 26th: Hosting 12-10pm Tues 27th: Hosting 12-10pm AUGUST : Tuesdays and Fridays ONLY Pre booking encouraged with my limited times available 🥰🥂 Contact via text or Email Priority booking given to regular or previously seen clients **I do not work on Wednesdays and Saturdays or Sundays ** Outside of the above I do have limited out calls available at this time, ask for details 💕 My hosting hours fill up fast and pre booking is essential! To contact me the following two options are available Text on 1 (902) 930 1796 Email: [email protected] I post regularly to my Twitter it’s honestly the best place to follow for up to date info and pics! You can find me @Charlotte1Quinn My website is not live and won’t be back for a while … Here’s a little recap of my rates, note no half hour appointments ☺️ (Rates are being reviewed on September 1st 2021) In call/hosting: 1 hour $260 Subsequent hours $200 Out calls :$300 Subsequent hours $200 Travel to out of area calls $50p/h (at my discretion) ask for details I don’t sell pics or videos Overnights with trusted established clients to be discussed Duo partners available... Ask me for the juicy details!! 🔥 About me.... I am an all natural, bubbly, 5’6” energetic brunette! Sexy and insatiable I offer a very natural GFE and am incredibly easy to get along with! I have been in this line of work for over 6.5 years and love it more than ever, I have a fantastic reputation, I am low volume and as such pre booking with me is essential to avoid disappointment or long wait times I can make a good day great, an expert at putting a smile on your face and leaving you feeling breathless and enchanted, most definitely looking to come back again and again ... I am your guilty pleasure, your little secret addiction and your perfect drug... Take a look at my adverts on leolist and massage republic to get an idea of what I offer ...
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    Hi, since my earlier post, I've gotten a lot of requests in PMs for a listing of extras and costs. I haven't responded to those because a) if I understand the rules here correctly, it could get me asked to leave, and b) I don't know if what's offered and rates are the same for everyone. What I can say is that with multiple visits, my experience is still of the quality that @Kindbutsexy and @Pokemon describe. As far as rates, none of my visits has cost more total than the basic prices of the other 4-5 providers who have advertised massage as their speciality in the last 6-8 months. I can understand that some want a certain ethnicity or youth and are willing to pay more for providers offering those, but for me, reliable, professional, fun, sensual and skillful are the priority and she checks those boxes. I would suggest that if you are curious, go see her. The worst case scenario is you pay a reasonable amount for a good quality relaxation massage and spend an hour with a nice person who will treat you well.
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    @MsManda, @SarahAlexxx, @Cheeky.char would all be great ladies to ask and help build your confidence with. I hope you find what you are looking for. ❤️
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    ➡️ 2hour GFE Deal ⬅️ & Multi Hour Deals ╚»★ . ★★.★★.★★.★★.★★ . ★«╝ Imagine, you're finally here, you made it.. I answer the door I'm more then what you anticipated... you're greeted with a welcoming smile, a big hug like I haven't seen you in years. I take your hand, we emerge in the room.. all you see is a luminous light in the bedroom. In that bedroom we will unlock every hidden fantasy that your heart desires... Pain, Sweat & Tear's have never been HOTTER.. ╚»★ . ★★.★★.★★.★★.★★ . ★«╝ Physical Description: Height: 5’1 | Weight: 110lbs | Cup Size: 34 A Cup ╚»★ . ★★.★★.★★.★★.★★ . ★«╝ For Booking Inquires: Contact: 9027043503, prefer text. NO Private Numbers /Or Text Apps. ➣ When booking an appointment leave a brief message of getting to know you. **(Please let me know what you’re looking for, length of time, etc...)** Example: Hello my name is ____, I’m __ years old, I’m looking to spend __ time with you. Im looking for ____ services. I do have some requirements before meeting. You can do one of the following. • A reference from a legitimate provider (On Lyla) • A picture of your ID with your name & age visible (everything else can be blacked out) • Etransfer deposit. Serious Inquiries Only
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    Thanks @RayRenpelle for this honest & reflective interview (traits that are rare in general nowadays 😞) As regards the subject, I would love to tell everyone regarding the wonderful woman who is my companion. But then there are serious legal consequences the moment the issue of monetary transactions come to light. The illegal status of paid companionship SUCKS 😡 I hope some day we have FULLY LEGAL companion work. Thanks
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    Really enjoyed reading this one! Thank you Ray, and I’m so glad you moved past those first two bad experiences to find companions to enjoy time with!
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    Got my second dose last week, my mobile signal has been at 5G since Saturday and every time I walk by the fridge my shoulder where I got the shot is magnetically attracted to it.
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    I believe the poster was asking info on a specific person. Why must you constantly hijack all the threads and post about your services? You're not the only one on this site
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    My alarm clock (aka Beatrix) woke me up too early this morning (just after 4am). Now I'm dragging my a$$ around. I need my sleep...I hate it when I'm shortchanged on sleep. Of course guess who's napping away 😹 A tired rambling RG
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    Not interested. The Olympics is just a dick measuring contest between nations. The countries that throw the most money at their Olympic teams are usually the ones that win the most medals. The medal count is not an indication of the general health and physical fitness of the nation.
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    Time once again for the sundress for summer !
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    Possibly in the wrong thread but could not find any thread that was "This is cool or cold" LOL
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    I am now fully vaccinated!!! As of last Tuesday ! Xo
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    Thanks Ray. Great interview! It was great to hear your story. The more folks feel comfortable talking about their experience, the fewer myths can persist. This series continues to bring us together in understanding.
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    Tonight I am having Khinkali! It is a traditional Georgian dish. Has anyone tried?
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    Hey folks This past year and a half has been rough on all of us, all the fear, uncertainty and doubt really plays tricks on our heads and impacts our mental wellbeing. I know personally that I've had a number of weeks where I felt isolated, depressed, and had trouble functioning throughout the days. I've posted about this here a month or so ago, as have others. That feeling can really compound by not having someone you can talk to about how you're feeling. Before all this pandemic stuff happened, about 5 years ago, I went through a very terrible time. I won't go into details as to what triggered it, but I spent about 3 - 4 months where I was suicidal every minute of every day. I had my way out planned, I had the means to end it. And every day I managed to not do it. I was mostly alone. But I did have people checking on me daily. Making sure I had someone to talk to. It took a lot of hard work to pull myself out of that. At the time I didn't think my life was worth living. I didn't think it would ever be worth living again. But as I look back now - 5 years later and after a milestone birthday, I realize that I'm doing better than I ever had been doing before in my life. Life is good. I know who the people in my life are that both care about me and that I care about. Conversely I know who not to worry about any longer. So why am I going into all of this now? I know people are still struggling out there. People need that person to talk to. Probably some people who frequent this forum. If this is you, if you are struggling at all, please contact me. I WILL listen to you. I WILL be here for you. I've been where you are. I know the value of having someone. Well that's it for me. I'm here, ready to listen.
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    Hey lovers Not here for a long time but definitely a good one! Last full day in Moncton(Dieppe) and would love to see you Thursday available until midnight Friday 10am-2pm Saint John Friday 7pm until midnight Saturday 10am until midnight Fredericton Sunday noon until midnight Monday 10am until midnight Tuesday 10am until midnight Independent and Highly recommended I love to please and be pleased The perfect choice for those mature professional gentlemen 25+ seeking Fun and Excitement 40+ Cacausian tan skin Standing 5'7 Curvaceous All natural C38 Shaved Long black hair with hazel eyes and kissable lips Soft skin with a soft touch and sweet to taste Fetish/Kink friendly SAFE DATES ALWAYS I am providing In service in a private non smoking location Outcalls to surrounding hotels on the hour ONLY *a deposit is required to secure my time on all outcalls and if I feel the need to secure my time* (902)2*9*2*6*8*9*3 No blocked calls or text apps VID_20210702_200614~3.mp4
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    So are you gonna change your profile to "ramblingguy"? , stiĺl would ge RG....
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