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    Ten years ago today I joined cerb, and I can't let the occasion pass without saying thank you to my friends in this community: the wonderful women I've met, the mates I've shared a beer or a story with, the people I've been in touch with about shared interests, the social groups, and those who left the 6000 posts that were once on my page, before the change occurred. A whole history of fun and excitement. I'm grateful to you all. Great memories, and more to come! Thank you!!
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    Hey Everyone, Some very good points have been made in this thread so although the offering of "Providing the MA's information" behind the scenes to circumvent our policies would normally constitute removing this thread I'm going to leave it up. For others to discuss the topic as I believe it is relevant to the industry and useful. @Gentleman4U Please do not provide anyone the name of the provider in question via Private Message, this would go against our policies, your thread is staying up for it's valuable information and constructive discussions but providing this information would be seen as "Negative" and is against our policies.
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    Kitten is finally feeling better! Appologies if I had made anyone feel ignored or unwanted. Keep your hands washed and yourselves hydrated because there is some insane virus' out there this season! Work still has my days tied up but I wanted to come give my followers a little something for being so amazing and patient with me ❀️ I'll post another album shortly...
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    It would be great if people could explain *why* it's not easy to navigate, or what would make it easier. And also say whether this is using a phone or a more traditional browser. At the moment it's clear there's a problem, but not at all clear what the problem is... which will make it *very* hard to fix.
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    Get out of the cold snowy weather, and into my warm embrace. Hosting today with Lady Sophia and Katherine of Halifax. Enjoy an oversized Soaker tub, heated towels and relax and rejuvenate. For those that have not met me, I am a sexy woman, with the skills and enthusiasm to make our time together exactly what you crave. With the rare opportunity to enjoy the company of 3 beautiful women, what are you waiting for? Tomorrow, Miss Annie Pearl will be making her debut, so let me know if you would like to enjoy a 4 handed massage with 2 redheads. Feel free to view our website at https://www.ladysophiaclassic.com for a complete listing of our packages.
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    This is so old ; boring and worn out. However I / other ladies hear . β€œ What can I get for $80 ?” My bra and panties cost much more , gee my hair costs $300. Um , my mortgage $1500 a month. The last cat I bought was $ 1000 plus. I can’t buy lunch for me and my girlfriend for $80 and you wish to be intimate with me for those same pennies . Yes that makes me say WTF....
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    Geez guys, this is cannabis, not heroin. "Peer pressure...", this is not high school either. Cannabis consumers are not crack dealers trying to get you hooked on their stuff. Although it would be unprofessional from a provider to light it up during a booking (unless it was pre-agreed between the two of you) you have absolutely no right to ask them (or anyone for that matter) the reason why. That's NONE of your business, and such a personal question is pushing the boundaries, on top of being grossly patronizing. This is a session, not an intervention. Would you be just as intrusive and judgmental if a provider poured herself a glass of wine in your company? How would feel if your provider would start questioning your drinking habit? The majority of stoners self medicate due to anxiety issues, ones that have absolutely nothing to the with their date.
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    Ok here's some complaints about the site (these might also be complaints about the old site too). Don't get me wrong it's a free resource and I intend to continue using it. But someone asked for specific complaints so these are mine The reputation points are messed up and meaningless. There's no way to correlate how the points are generated especially for migrated users. The reviews section needs to be organized like the old one was, I can't find reviews easily anymore Why doesn't it remember the forum I was last in when I login The activity streams are confusing and I can't seem to set one up for just the forums I'm interested in Members signature banners have naughty pictures in them so often I don't dare take a peek from work which reduces my participation The advertisements area needs to be organized like a classifieds site not a user forum. It's the wrong tool for the job. The search defaults to the whole site not the forum I'm in I find mobile use frustrating and avoid it Why can't I edit old posts after someone else posts. This isn't a legal document it's a user forum, just let me edit old posts The rules state No posting nude photos or photos depicting sexual acts. Yes this site is adult but we do not allow porn How come nudes are all over the place in banners? Jessica Rain above is an example (sorry Jessica you are just one among many). This gets back to having to watch over my shoulder anytime I'm on the site. Can't use from work at all no matter how I resize the window The rules also state no advertising in general discussion forums but some of the providers banners are huge and all ad. Just posting a simple 1 line reply puts a massive ad smack in the middle of a discussion forum When I get a message under mobile it's near impossible to click and view it. I am totally unsure how to view it. Gave up on mobile in fact. See the image below. Why isn't each forum on a separate line with a bullet point. The bold lets me know there's unread content but why is "massage" tucked over to the right of "escort discussion" instead of on it's own line Why is the giant link to "Escorts-Canada" below every section of forums. If it's a paid promotion thing its being done wrong because Ontario only has the link clicked 400 times vs 1400 for Nova Scotia because the Ontario section pushes it so out of sight with all the areas it has.
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    Very interesting... If I could do that I would never pay for sex πŸ™‚
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    Fantastic day! Were cleaning, redecorating and getting crafty! Awaiting our loves to visit us later today!
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    I'm sending big hugs to a member that wants to quit this site but I think she deserves a big hug and that she should stay. I give this virtual hug to Meg O'Ryan and hopefully it could be a real one soon.
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    Well, the Fax has a really good lunch buffet
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    I’m trying desperately to sleep . It was an almost sleepless night in Halifax. Grr , I hate these nights and they happen to often . Maybe the luxury of snuggling with Sophia and Meaghan all last week has made me reach my weekly quota. But gee I’m tired , better night tonight I hope. But the fun I had all week is a VERY fair trade for one nights sleep !!
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    REPOSTING FROM 2015 By Meaghan McLeod, February 23, 2015 in New Brunswick Escorts - Schedules & announcements A Barbie Doll I never understood why my sisters played with them. You couldn't bend their arms or their legs. It was impossible putting on or taking off their clothes. In real life she would be 5'9", 110 pounds, 39 16 33 with a size 3 shoe. Personally I prefer my measurements of 5'2", 160 lbs, 42DDD 38 44 with a size 8 shoe. A perfect combination of maturity, busty and curvy. I would never aspire to be... A desperate housewife. With botox, implants and heavy makeup, their changes have actually detracted from their real beauty. It seems all they do is hang around with others they don't even like. I'd rather show my natural beauty. No cosmetic surgery, fake nails or fake attitude. I am who I am. I'd rather spend the day at the lake with a cooler and true friends then spend a day at a country club where everyone is fake and false. That's who I am. If you'd like to spend some quality time with a natural real women who truly enjoys herself, feel free to let me know. I look forward to seeing you. 506.588.6885 Following
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    I'll be returning to Ottawa Monday-Thursday next week. Prebooking is highly recommended to guarantee our time together. Website Sasha-May.weebly.com Twitter @SashaMayox Text 613*876*1415 Kisses πŸ’‹
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    Well said That guy sounds like F**KING LOSER let him go stick with his 70 dollar car ride date. Most of us reputable SPs wouldn't waste our time with him. Yes agree he probably just trolling. I guess every wants some sort of attention some more desperate than others.
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    Tiffany, Erica, Alex, Jasmine, Sol, Alexi, Velinda, Sinoway, Tasha, Kylie, Harmony, Gabrielle, Amelia, Trinity, Gia, Alina plus 4-5 others whose names I know not.
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    Forget all scientific ways to discredit them. This ends the argument once and for allπŸ˜‚ RG
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    Haven't seen her, but had an appointment set up with her and had to cancel more than once due to work. Which I feel terrible about, if you're wondering. What I can say is that I've seen a face photo, and she's a very pretty woman, and the location she gave prior to me having to cancel is a very nice neighborhood. Other than that, I cannot say much else aside from if I see her soon, I'll let you folks know whats up, but she looks super.
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    sorry, but writing out the entire conversation would simply have confirmed that it is an escort/client relationship. One should never text details like this, & if you have to, make sure entire history is deleted lol. hearing only one side of a conversation can be explained away but a text saying he missed his bj appt on tuesday, not so much
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    Getting my pocahontas hair in my coat zipper .. Getting my raiponce hair in the seat belt in the car.. Getting my hair stuck in my fuckfriend's armpit when I sleep.. Getting my glasses stuck in my hair.. When a client touch my hair with his hands full of oil.. Cleaning my shower drain for an obvious reason.. Going to the air stylist and ask to cut 2cm to realize that she cut 15cm.. Mental preparation to dry my hair , finally drying my hair and they look fc%?ing awesome to realize that it is raining outside.. The moment when you are in the shower and you realize you have no more conditioner but you have 26 full bottles of shampoo.. I go blind when it is windy.. Spitting on my hair when I brush my teeth .. Trying to eat or drink something in my car with the windows down.. Almost dying from my hair strangling me in the middle of the night.. Not being able to hide it was from you when someone find a hair in his food.. I could go on and on and on ............. I still love my long hair 😜 ... Girls are girls ...
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    While I agree zippers are very sexy they do have a negative side lol
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    This title is misleading because this is NOT the way most wives end up on the phone with you. This guy needs to be blacklisted by you. He sounds way over the top, completely disrespectful to you and his wife. Most times, if a wife is contacting it is via investigation. I don't put a number on my site or my ad, partly for this reason. Discretion. I don't show my face too for the same reason. When you are actively involved privately in people's lives, you have to discrete. Can't show my face publicly as an escort if I do dinner dates with clients all around town. So no phone number on my site or ads means no googling that number for wives. Anyway, I don't answer phones calls to those who have my number. Only text unless we arrange a phone call. So if a wife contacts me, it would be by email most likely. To which I would ignore. If it was by text, I would probably ignore to because I feel I would tell right away even if she didn't come out and say anything. I would then email him and him and let him know his phone is compromised. My job and loyalty are to my client. Not their wife. This is not a sisterhood. This is business.