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    In light of whats happening to the biggest advertising site... Yet again! I want to urge people to remember to use alternative methods of advertising. Ladies, dont put all your eggs in one basket, and guys, utilize other sites too! I am found on aprox 5 other advertising sites, YET I NEVER HEAR WHERE YOU SEE MY AD:( Its important when we ask " where did you see my ad" to actually TELL US! So that we know whats working or not. VIP Favours, Nightaway Escorts In Canada Massage Republic Twitter Help us help you:)
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    I fell in love with this photo the other day and I wanted to share it with you guys! 12 more days until my birthday! I'm so excited to do a rainbow sparkle cake smash shoot, eeeeek!
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    Keep an eye out on my Twitter (@FaithMoniquee) and my website (www.faithmonique.is) for the release of the rest of my new professional photos β™₯️ πŸ“Έ by Luxuria Studios
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    I had the chance to meet with Alex today (as she indicated above). She's real, her pics are real, and she's definitely super chill in person. I had a great time just hanging and chatting with her. If you're on the fence I'd recommend at least tossing her a message. I'm definitely going to see her again. She also left me this on my phone for everyone.
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    Spring is here and Kitten is feeling frisky! Will be in Kingston again May 2nd and hope to hit the east coast again in the next few months! Get in touch for my availability. (613) 801-3453 [email protected]
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    Booking for: Tuesday April 16th - Friday April 19th. Incall, homebase. Appointment necessary.
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    I just wanted to drop a note and say goodbye. I’m leaving to another city and will be building a new life there , I expect to come back from time to time. Thanks for a wonderful 8 years Ottawa, this city gave me so much and really allowed me to blossom into the strong, smart and capable woman I am today. Thanks to all the wonderful memories and the spiritual growth. Take care!
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    An article I found today on psychologytoday.com I thought others may find it interesting as well :) Raquel
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    Is there a big push to only see local girls? I thought variety was the spice of life?????
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    I know there are many wonderful SPs in the area that can and would love to spend time with you. A quality SP can sense your insecurities and she will set you at ease, make you feel wanted and confident, treat you with respect and most of all give you an amazing experience. A quality SP, no matter what the size, color, race or looks of a client, should never make it seem like spending time with you a chore. Your experience should be such that it seemed like time just flew by you enjoyed it so much. Personally I have dedicated "heavier" clients that I really look forward to seeing when they come to me, they are respectful, nice, and a pleasure to be with. I don't consider "attractiveness" about looks and size, it's about respect on both sides, interaction and connection. But saying that, respect and how clients are treated goes both ways. So what SP you are with show her respect and be courteous and I'm sure she will show you the same no matter your size and shape. Also this is a great site to find that SP that works for you, alot of quality ladies here and have great reviews. All the best, Kylie Jane
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    Looking sexy is never an indication of being sexy. That's what is so difficult about being in this hobby. The photos look great but means nothing if the attitude and the ability to connect sucks (no pun intended).
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    There's no wave of change here. This board has always been a positive environment, there have always been other boards where you can trash providers if you like, and people have always complained about not being able to do it here. Of course, if you're looking at negative reviews, you'll need to figure out the difference between the ones where someone genuinely had a bad experience through no fault of his own, and the ones where someone had a bad experience because he deserved to (e.g. by pushing a provider's boundaries), and the ones where someone's pissed off because he wanted services that the provider doesn't provide/didn't get a discount, and the ones where someone else in the business is trying to destroy a rival's business. Exactly how to tell the difference between all of those is left as an exercise for the reader.
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    This Is So Darn Cute, Smile πŸ˜ƒ
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    Everyone needs Hugs 😘
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    50 until 2a.m. Late day renovating and would love to show off results. Temporary g.friend and more, make you feel like the king you are. Tonight's guarantee is bound to put a smile on both lips ....
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    Hi Papi! πŸ˜‡πŸ’œπŸ˜‡ I am in a nice hotel central Fredericton - leaving for Ottawa tomorrow! In case you're just tuning in - it's me (Christina4u) and I'm back with my amateur porn name - Ashley Angel! http://www.ashleyangel.ca Here are my current rates: 120hh 200hr 300-90min 350-2 hours πŸ™‚ πŸ’• *Duo partner may require extra donation when available* I deleted EVERYTHING when I quit escorting/porn last autumn but I am in the process of making my new SP website and I have re-opened my old pornhub (help my get my views back lol). http://www.ashleyangel.ca 902.229.4252 Schedule for Monday April 1 onwards: Monday April 1 Day/Night til about 10pm in Fredericton (usually I’m available later than that!) Tuesday April 2: Travelling / unavailable Wednesday April 3: Ottawa and Gatineau QC I offer GF experience and/or amateur PS experience. I don't mind filming and the only thing I ever ask extra donation for is travel - not service. Aside from the traditional date I also enjoy ladies only, couples, duos and parties! Despite what you may find in one of my videos, bare FS is not an option - safety is first! I can list more in PM since we're not allowed to here! πŸ™‚(And you know I am a good girl for daddy LOL) πŸ‘ΌπŸ’•πŸ’œ I am 5'9, long platinum blonde hair, 34DD (implants but VERY natural feeling as I used to be a full C), very small waist, large hips. I like to work out, tan and keep my nails groomed. I always doll up (hair/makeup/outfits) though discretion is important to me so for outcalls I will show up wearing something a classy good girl should wear (professional or casual). I can change after I arrive as you wish! xoxo πŸ’•πŸ’œ Please contact me via PM, email [email protected] or cell (text is easiest) 902.229.4252 If I do not respond right away I am not ignoring you - promise!! LOL Sometimes my messages get mistaken for spam on my phone and my email!! Feel free to text/email as much as you want in between replies, it doesn't bother me πŸ’• xoxo
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    Take care Luxe and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours! I remember when I first met you and all the great things I’ve seen you accomplish during your time here in Ottawa. I hope my predictions will ring true for you because you are a smart woman who perseveres through it all. If you ever wish to chat sometime, you have my number. Xoxo
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    Dealing with Asian providers (other than a few well established) is tricky with those generic ads, borderline racist names and stock pictures. On top of the confusion and deception, there's always the specter of human trafficking when dealing with young women under management with little to no knowledge of the English language. Unless she has her own webpage and a solid reputation, I simply avoid.
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    I think its getting a lot more common now Tico. Especially younger ladies. Everyone has a preference. I notice a lot bushy bushes in the showers of the gym these days. I think this a trend now and you may just get lots of hair if you look around. I was recently highly compensated to grow it out as a one time favor. I really hate hair down there but that is just me. It came off an hour after my gentleman visited. Interestingly I never shaved or waxed until my first bodybuilding show in 1998. My trainer said no hair sticking out of my bottoms. I just loved it immediately and never went back. Maybe I can get some numbers for you at the gym, there are some hotties at my yoga studio as well. Never give up.
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    It was more of a message to a few members who don't quite get the concept. But thanks for the input.
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    Omg.... Too Funny! I Love it... πŸ˜‚.... And.... .. I'm Sorry, To Break The News... "I Won The Steak Knives"... Hahaha.. Now I Need to Work on the "Paderno Pot & Pan Set"... 😜
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    Hey guys, I give a nice deep massage. I also am a level 2 reiki. i can truly melt your worries away
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