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    I personally know Alyssa & I can 100% say in confidence she doesn’t scam people. Side note: I find it very interesting how so many providers that have been in this industry for awhile now are all of a sudden getting bad reviews/bad comments from new users… Who knows maybe some girls have gone “down hill” or perhaps it’s fellow SP’s… 🤷🏻‍♀️ I would also like to clarify deposits… As so many people have an issue with them… from my personal experience I’ve been sent to numerous locations for it to be a fake call… and when you’re traveling by cab it gets expensive, $30-$50 just to get there and then back.. I don’t really think people truly understand how many people will be stalkers, time wasters, room collectors, pimps, etc .. IMO and from the years I have “worked” I only can say positive things about people who do send a deposit, as it’s very low risk that something will go wrong, I feel safe as I know there real name incase, heaven forbid something happens. I really had to add the deposit thing as so many people see it from one point of view and think it’s an automatic scam..
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    I read a lot of reviews on several SPs, not that I will ever see them all as I limit my activities, and those three words keep coming, "treat her well" ! Is there any other way to treat a lady that you are about to have a nice visit with however long or short it may be? I would like to know what the other options are! Yes, treat her well, bring her some flowers, a treat for her sweet tooth, healthy snacks, something. Show appreciation! Leave her a tip but not an insulting one, something meaningful. As for me, treating her well is the only option!
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    Trust me, SPs are grateful for those like yourself with this mindset @RayRenpelle 💕 treating us “well” and with respect should be a must that goes without saying.
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    💕💕💕Upscale Playmate Located In Downtown Halifax💕💕💕 Call Or Text Me For Inquiries Regarding Bookings (902)802-2535 😘 Hello Everyone🥰 My Name Is Bea, I Offer A Variety Of Erotic Services! I’m Extremely Skilled And Sensual, My Goal Is To Make You Feel As Comfortable As Possible😊! Very Open Minded To Many Fetish’s And Fantasies Don’t Be Shy To Ask Me About Yours💕 I Also Offer A Wide Range Of Online Services, Including Onlyfans! Looking Forward To Meeting You💕💕💕
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    Just some boobies for you😋
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    Well hello there! I’m Berlin Moss. On the surface - a petite blonde with sparkling green eyes and soft velvet skin. Beyond my looks, I’m an empathetic and passionate young woman with a genuine kindness and spellbinding warmth. You could most accurately describe me as bubbly, sweet and affectionate… there may or may not be some sarcastic wit thrown in to balance it all out though ;). I am an enthusiastic lover and possess the open-mindedness a non-judgmental attitude towards delights and pleasures of all kinds. I've been told that despite my beauty, I'm both down-to-earth and highly approachable. I'd be happy to explore the fantasies you’ve always dreamed about! My services are best described as a passionate GFE with the playful twist you’d find in a friend with benefits. Each meeting with me is a uniquely intimate and personal experience. FREDERICTON JANUARY 9th 3:30pm - 7:30pm January 10th 10am - 3:30pm MONCTON Outcalls only available upon request with at least 24 hours notice. Outcall fee waived for locations within 30 mins distance from Moncton. Incalls available for bookings of 3 hrs or longer. Please Note: I will be on HIATUS from January 20th until the spring! RATES: 350/hr 520/90 min 700/2 hrs Additional hours: $350 Bookings can be made through my website booking form at BerlinMoss.com (Return clientele please send an email with your preferred date and time!) Follow along on twitter for more photos and be the first to know of schedule updates! @missberlinmoss Please note that I do not accept bookings via Lyla or Twitter DM!
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    When I signed up for “Lyla/Cerb” in 2011 the rules were the same for reco section as now (with the adjustment of non descriptive words regarding services being incorporated) But it seems now all the “rules and requirements” are out of the window. I thought recommendation sections are strictly for that, hence us having several sections (schedules, discussion section, warning threads, etc.) but now I see new members with zero post history not just posting recos for people, but they’re also abusing the recommendation section by asking questions/inquiring under women’s recommendations & saying general things that aren’t appropriate for a recommendation thread. Is it just me? Where are the moderators and these active SPs who are also moderating? Why is all the foolery being allowed to slip through the “rules” Just my morning ramble 😘 again ☕️
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    Thank goodness for folks like you — because let me tell you, not every “client” comes with intent to “treat her well” what comes so effortlessly for you & seems to be a no brainer, isn’t always displayed by everyone. And of course all men/women/humans don’t think alike or carry the same values/morals. So as the lady above said — thank goodness for those with “this mindset” but it’s not as common as you’re expecting 😘 👏🏼 👏🏼 • Treat me well, I’ll treat you better • • Treat me poorly, I’ll deal with you accordingly • ☮️ 💜
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    I had the pleasure of meeting this young women at her incall recently. I wont discuss what happened between us but what I can say is the following. Her pictures don't do her justice and she has a great personality. The process to book was very easy with all questions answered as well as information on services provied in a clear fashion and she responded quickly. Once I arrived she put me at ease very quickly and she was very attentive. Her incall is very clean and easy to find. The only issue with the incall is there is no parking at the location but there is many places to park near by. My time (60 minutes) never felt rushed and I was completely satisfied. In conclusion I would definitely recommend seeing her. PS. Also I would like to thank all those that reviewed her already. Your reviews and recommendations help me to decide to see her.
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    I had phone difficulties & wasn’t able to contact this individual until today, I apologized and offered a refund/rebook, we have rescheduled and everything is sorted! XX Alyssa
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    Well, wish I could have the 3 minutes I just spent reading this back...
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    Interesting thread. I have been around for a while, acutally a long long while, and I am happy to say that I have met so many great ladies over the years that it would not be fair to list names because it is certain I would unfairly leave someone out. However, they know who they are and how much I appeciate them. Having said that, I am safe to say without offending anyone that Emily Rushton and Emma Alexandra are two ladies that I have known the longest and oh how wonderful they each are 🙂. So, to all the traveling ladies I have met, and to the local ladies I have met, to the ones I met some time ago, to the one I met most recently (you know who you are 😉) and to those I still hope to meet some day - THANK YOU!!
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    Happy January Halifax 🥂 Let’s start the year off right and spend some time together! My schedule for Jan is as follows. Pre-booking is highly recommended as I rarely have last minute availability. Monday 16th 12pm-6pm Wednesday 18th 6pm-8pm Thursday 19th 10am-8pm Monday 23rd 10am-6pm Wednesday 25th 10am-8pm Saturday 28th 10am-8pm Monday 30th 12pm-6pm Tuesday 31st 10am-6pm Email ([email protected]) or text to book *phone number only given after screening *Deposits required for multi hour bookings Rates: 1 Hour $350 90 Mins $480 2 Hours $600 3 Hours $850 4 Hours $1100 *Outcalls, duos, couples, and fetishes available at an additional rate. Please inquire. 💕 Find me on Twitter @MissEmmaBarrows
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    *Cheeky Charlie enters the chat*
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    Ava Marie is endowed with God's pillows. I thought I was an ass-man my entire life, but she actually converted me instantly. Absolutely gorgeous girl and a total sweetheart, too! Hope this helps ya 🤗!
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    @Exotic Touch Danielle Reminded of a Seinfeld episode They're real! and they're Spectacular!😜
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    Sweetie is very attractive looking, and has a great personality to go along with her good looks. If you're into petite girls with small perky boobs, and a toned, tight body, she checks all the boxes for that. She has good hygiene, and smells nice also. Her photos really don't do her justice. She is incredibly sweet to deal with. Her communication via text to set up our session was very good, and it was very clear that she wanted to make sure I had a great time. She asked the right questions to make sure she knew what I'm into, and delivered in a way that I'm not used to, especially for a first time meeting. She stays in a nice hotel, and I felt safe the whole time. She does stay with a duo partner, so make sure if you want a duo you let her know, or if you don't want one, let her know that also. There was a thread on here portraying her in a negative light, that's since been removed. I really think the cause of that issue was a simple miscommunication, which shouldn't have been posted on Lyla in the first place. After reading that I had been skeptical, but she made me feel very at ease in her communication before hand, and I was very comfortable about going to see her. I always get nervous meeting someone new, but she put me at ease quickly. I could tell she was going to give me an amazing time, and she absolutely did not disappoint. When I first saw her ad I thought for sure it's too good to be true, but it's not, she's real and great! Treat her right fellas, and hopefully she'll stick around for a while. 🙂
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    🥰I’ve booked a hotel room, downtown halifax, until the 14th, please come visit me🥰 902-448-1762🥰 my hours are 6am-6pm, last call being around 5-515pm. i offer a variety of services. i am extremely open minded, willing to do many kinks, fantasies, rollplays, domination, pegging, mistress domination, and many other things, as long as they are within my boundaries and restrictions! Don’t ever be afraid to ask! I’ll never judge, just let you know what i’m comfortable with! discounted sessions available, as well as quick-rates, multi-hour deals, and specials, if you’re looking for a deal, or you can’t afford my regular rates! I also offer a wide variety of online services if you prefer to get to know me first before meeting in person Looking forward to hearing from you💋💋💋
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    hello everyone😘 happy wednesday! I will be available for bookings starting today to the 14th at an upscale hotel located in downtown halifax! call or text me for serious inquiries regarding appointments💕 (902)802-2535
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    Hello GentlemenI am Ms Brooklyn Styles, a youthful looking, respectful and discreet, mature, and sensual Woman.A Master in the art of pleasure and seduction and a temptress, with a calm and warming presence. I am here to ignite your energy and desires, offering stimulating massage and delightful natural high's. It excites me to provide you with a genuine, un-rushed encounter and I am always open to help you pursue your next adventure.I am a very open minded, kind hearted, Fetish Friendly Woman from NB, with reviews. I have a friend available to enjoy a rendezvous too. Please book by text, for your desired play date, in advance so you will not be disappointed. I take pride in offering an amazing experience from the beginning to the end of Our time together. Let me know what kind of excitement you are seeking, and I will arrange a session to accommodate your request. Thank you for your consideration, Ms Styles 506-588-0397
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    Common sense. If it feels wrong just leave any good SP will not make you uneasy. Don’t arrive drunk and don’t text 100 times. If the price is too much for you lower your expectations. Lots of various price points everywhere. I can’t afford legendary encounters regularly but it does make it glorious when I can. Also I find Jim Beam almost as good as Jack if you follow 😀
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    Natural or fake Small or big Boobs are beautiful and I do hope you find a pair to enjoy 😊
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    @AVA MARIE has a pretty awesome natural bust, if I do say so myself 😈
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    I feel people women/men should do whatever makes them feel good about themselves Wether it be hair dyes/clothes/cosmetic surgery/dating younger or older people whatever the case may be how you feel about yourself as a whole is what matters most Some age gracefully while others are not ready to and that's ok People spend way too much time being judgemental It's says more about their character than it does about that person
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    I am not young… I am 20 years old and have ID to prove ❤️
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    This is so shocking but I guess I should not be shocked…Sad actually😢 I feel like “treat her well” should be over and above the baseline respect … not to bring behaviour up to a minimum bar. In my mind the “treat her well” is suited for the beautiful and professional women that treat clients with high degrees of respect as well. Some providers are legitimate and won’t steal but are very transactional. I have had the insane fortune and been very lucky to feel genuine connections with a few providers during my time seeing ladies. To name some in no particular order… Sarah Alexx Sexi Lexi Ivona Fox East Coast Kimmie Tallia Exotic Touch Danielle Kylie Jane Ms. Melody Angel Amber Phoenix Melanie Mys Wow I have been luckier than I should be… 😂. Bottom line treat everyone with respect… but I have found that going out of your way to be kind, nice, clean, respectful and polite goes a very long way with the most professional providers … which is who you should be seeing anyway. I did not mean for this to become an ad for the Halifax all-stars above but if it is so be it… ML..
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    Wouldn't surprise me if some of these recos being posted are from random fake accounts...can't tell who is real and who isn't on here anymore Definitely isn't how it use to be hense why I just post my ads and leave it at that now
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    The real kick is - all recommendations are “hidden” until “reviewed & approved” by someone “in charge” on Lyla 🤔 🤔 🧐 🤨 A lot of “should be” statements can be said in regards to the rules - but where’s the follow through 🤷🏻‍♀️ We shouldn’t have to accept the problem just because it’s been permitted & tolerated for so long.
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    Is it just me or is the industry drying up a bit? There used to be a lot of legitimate providers advertising and now there are a small handful that are legitimate. Even on the most common sites 80-90% of the ads are obviously fake. Is it possibly because of sites like Onlyfans? It’s kind of depressing a bit. I miss being able to meet new providers and getting to know them a bit. It feels almost like a ghost town.
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    the high cost to travel isn't helping things....airlines with reduced flights & their rip-off ticket pricing, price of rooms & meals etc....there are quite a few sp's I use to see, have disappeared over the last year....
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    IMG_1898.MOV Hello Admirers! It’s a genuine pleasure to have you here! I’m the beautifully irresistible Ava Marie! A unique and well respected, fetish friendly professional in my field, I cater to quite an array of clientele. From a meeting of the minds to the more intimate and sensual of encounters.. Or, maybe the more sexually adventurous…😈 Let’s cuddle, be playful, and get to know one another over this beautiful holiday season! Let me pamper you and give you the love you’ve been lusting for… Make sure to slip me a booking request & show me some love 💌 From sweet & sultry to full blown naughty, come experience ME!😈 Offering K I N K always! •Pre-booking is essential• Www.AvaMarie.ca [email protected] 😘🥂 SQUIRT QUEEN GREEK GODDESS *🔥HOT & STEAMY DUOS🔥* *pending Availability* 🤍Visit my website or email to book! 😘 www.AvaMarie.ca [email protected] Subscribe or follow My Sexy Fan Sites! 🔥 https://twitter.com/avamariehalifax https://onlyfans.com/itsavamarie123
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    Hey everyone. Just wondering if there's any women in the Moncton and New Brunswick area who offer foot worship? Ideally someone who genuinely enjoys getting their feet worshipped too. Thanks for the help. Have a good day!
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    I find this whole thread pretty funny considering all three of the people commenting on it are accounts who haven’t commented on literally any other content on this site and two of them were recently made just to post these comments. isn’t that ironic. The only time I keep someone’s deposit is if they show up more then 15 mins late, try to reschedule extremely last minute (both of these reasons are because 1. I have you booked for a certain time because I have a schedule and I’m not letting one person ruin all my appointments I have after because they have no consideration for my time 2. If you decide not to show up to your appointment last minute that COSTS me money because then I don’t have time to book someone else and I don’t even live at my Incall location so I potentially drive there for literally no reason.) the only other reason I would stop answering a client would be if they were being vulgar, disrespectful or giving me the run around. I value my time and I value my clients who treat me like an actual human being. Sorry if me having boundaries and requesting deposits inconveniences any of you enough to try and slander my name.
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    ❤️January 2023!❤️ My next available dates Friday 20th: 1-9pm Tuesday 24th: 1-9pm Thursday 26th: 1-9pm Friday 27th: 1-9pm No same day appointments Pre booking only due to my limited times available 🥰🥂 Contact via text or Email www.mscharlottequinn1.ca Screening required for new clients (picture ID) ***Deposits may be required for multi hour bookings **I do not work on Wednesdays and Saturdays or Sundays ** To contact me the following two options are available Text on 1 (902) 930 1796 Email: [email protected] Website: www.mscharlottequinn1.ca **Rates changed October 1st** Here’s a little recap of my rates, note no half hour appointments ☺️ Rates effective October 1st Hosting/in call 1 hour $300 90 mins: $450 2 hours: $550 3 hours: $800 4 hours: $1100 Out calls :$350 Subsequent hours $250 Duo/couple rates are slightly higher Travel to out of area calls $50p/h (at my discretion) ask for details I don’t sell or send pictures or videos Overnights with trusted established clients to be discussed I post regularly to my Twitter it’s honestly the best place to follow for up to date info and pics! You can find me @Charlotte1Quinn Duo partners available... Ask me for the juicy details!! 🔥 About me.... I am an all natural, bubbly, 5’6” energetic brunette! Sexy and insatiable I offer a very natural GFE and am incredibly easy to get along with! I have been in this line of work for over 7 years and love it more than ever, I have a fantastic reputation, I am low volume and as such pre booking with me is essential to avoid disappointment or long wait times I can make a good day great, an expert at putting a smile on your face and leaving you feeling breathless and enchanted, most definitely looking to come back again and again ... I am your guilty pleasure, your little secret addiction and your perfect drug... Take a look at my adverts on leolist and massage republic to get an idea of what I offer ... When reaching out be sure to introduce yourself and let me know what it is you are looking for… I am a very accommodating woman… never hurts to ask 😉🥰
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    She’s 100% real and legit. She’s very nice. Has a clean place. I think she’s older than 20 though. Had a great time, nonetheless!
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    I met Sweetie today, and I can confirm her photos are legit, and don't do her justice at all. She's even better in person. Her communication beforehand was great, and her service was incredible. She's super nice and super hot, with a perfect body.
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    She is a Sweetheart and knows what she is doing. I can tell you from experience that if you book time with Baby Paradise you will not be disappointment.
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    if the SP you choose is discrete and professional, and you’re respectful during your encounter then there shouldn’t be any worries about police getting involved. the SP’s who I know personally and have worked with are simply just looking to provide clean, safe, professional and discrete services to our beloved clients💕
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    Wow… Those are one perfect pair of breasts Cheeky Charlie. Thank you for sharing:)
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    I met her again couple of days back after a long break of almost a year. I should say she has really matured as a provider. A better organized room, sexy piercings, better communication and most importantly a very confident person. I booked only a 15 mins session but she treated me good and did not rush. I am sure she is going to be Freddy's own sweetheart considering her age and years of service remaining (if she wished to continue)
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    I will be back and visiting Feb 18-25 Hali 18-20 Truro 20-21 Moncton 21-22 Bathurst 22-24 Hali 24-25(leaving early am so room for ONE early am apt or an overnight the 24)
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    Hello Admirers!🥰 Make sure to slip me a booking request ! 💌 From sweet & sultry to full blown naughty, come experience alll of me!😈 •KINK ALWAYS AVAILABLE• •CUSTOM VIDEOS •Texting/Sexting GREEK GODDESS 🍑 SQUIRT QUEEN ☔️ A V A M A R I E . C A •Pre-booking is essential• •Multi- hours take precedence• AvaMarie.ca 💌 [email protected] 🤍Make sure to check out my other platforms: https://onlyfans.com/itsavamarie123 https://twitter.com/avamariehalifax https://instagram.com/123itsavamarie
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    Also the restaurant episode where Elaine gets the wrong idea about why all the waitresses are stacked 🤣
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    Mm you would know wouldn't you babe 😋😘
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    @Exotic Touch Danielle
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