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    Id like to nominate @NotchJohnson he's been extremely active and supportive, senior member of lyla from waaay back and never skipped out like people like I did lol Gents like Notch never lots faith and kept this site going. He;s always willing to help out or answer questions for new comers/hobbyists, contributes and starts countless threads that keep this place fun, funny and interesting in the general and fun section and keeps it relevant viah the reco section. I can think of few as deserving as Notch. Notch gets my top notch.. seal of approval lol or whatever it is he says hahaha Sorry, I tried.
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    Good morning, Canada! It's Sunday, so it's time to get to know another member of the Lyla community. This topic was a request by another valued member of the community and I'm pleased that @Daddysgirltasha was able to answer a few questions for us. Please like, comment and let me know your thoughts! ❤️ Q: Hey Tasha. Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by us on this topic - it’s great to get to know you better and find out some insight on this somewhat controversial topic! Let’s start with a bit about you. What services do you offer and how did you get into this? A: I’ve always been very open about my sexuality, I’m always full of energy and love being naked. At the time, I had just moved out on my own & it wasn’t easy. A friend of mine suggested “escorting” so that's how it started! Q: How old are you now? A: I’m 22 years old. Q: So let’s talk about your work name; Daddy’s Girl Tasha. Tell me about that and why you chose it. A: I chose my name, “Daddysgirltasha” because for I am a complete daddy’s girl. I love being spoiled & I'm slightly submissive. Q: I see a lot of people in “civvy” life not understanding/being comfortable with the term “Daddy” in the bedroom. What would you say to those people? A: I would say: don’t be mad your dads number is saved in my phone as “Zaddy”. Q: Haha, brilliant. So what is your typical Client like? Do they tend to be of a certain age? A: Honestly, it very much ranges. Being young myself, I find I do attract younger men, but in most cases my clients are middle aged or older. My oldest (regular) is almost 80! Q: Intersting! Are you attracted to older men? A: I definitely find myself more attracted to someone older. The oldest man I’ve dated in my personal life was about 40. Q: Do you find that conversation flows easily with people who aren’t your own age? Is it ever awkward? A: I find it really just depends on the person. I’m usually pretty good with keeping a conversation going, no matter the subject. Q: Have you got any fears/anxieties about seeing older Clients? For example, are you worried you’ll see an old teacher/family friend? A: No I haven’t had any worries, I think that anxiousness comes more with the younger men. Q: So we’ve established that as long as it’s between two consenting adults age doesn’t really matter. But have there ever been times where you’ve been made uncomfortable by an older Client? A: Yes, I think we’ve all at least once & it’s usually a request involving some creepy (taking it too far) roleplay. Q: Are there any special requests that make you uncomfortable? A: I love roleplay, it can be quite fun ! Long as it’s just a fantasy. Q: What would you say to a Client who wants to see a younger Provider but is nervous because of the stigma attached to it? A: I would say go for it! Just be sure to pick the correct Provider. Be sure she’s experienced with seeing older gentlemen, that way it will be more enjoyable for the both of you! Q: You’re clearly a young woman with a good head on her shoulders, but I imagine some women your age may be a bit more naive, especially if they’re new to the industry. What advice would you give them? A: My advice would be: only do what’s comfortable with you, enjoy what you do and only do it for you! If you’re in it for the long haul - build up your regulars! Lyla is a great way to stay in the loop & keep up to date with everything in the community 😊
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    @Stefania... I'd been following this beautiful lady on Twitter for some time before approaching her for an interview. She is straight talking, sassy and not to mention beautiful, so obviously she caught my eye and I am delighted that she is sharing her thoughts on a very important topic. So, let's begin... Q: Hey Stefania! Thanks for being our next interviewee. It’s lovely to get the chance to speak to you. So as you know I reached out to you to cover this topic as I’m particularly impressed by how you use your voice for good in this industry. So tell me, how long have you been doing sex work? A: Thank you! I appreciate you doing this. 🙂 I've been working 3 years and counting now! Q: What got you into this career? A: I knew a few people already in the industry, from cam girls, strippers, and escorts. There was a period of about a year I was going back and forth between deciding to work or not, before finally biting the bullet and just doing it. I haven't looked back since. Q: What is your favourite thing about what you do? A: The freedom I get from it. I've been able to pursue other opportunities in my life due to this job. I've gone back to school and not have money be a barrier, travel more freely, and build a life that I've only ever dreamt of. Q: Empowerment means different things to different people. What does empowerment mean to you? A: Empowerment to me means having the courage and strength to be true to ourselves, have unwavering boundaries and stand for what is right. Something super important to have in this industry. Q: Have you always been a confident and empowered person? Or is it something you’ve built over time? A: God, no. No one taught me what it meant to be have boundaries growing up. I learned all I did through the school of life. I was very meek and docile back in my younger years. I used to go along with the flow and play second fiddle to other people, too scared to rock the boat. It wasn't a happy way of living. Q: Feminism is the belief that women should be able to choose what they want to do with their bodies, even if it’s not a choice you’d make for yourself. Which is apparently something that SWERFs forget! Have you had many dealings with “feminists” putting your choices down? What kind of things do they say? A: I'm still very "in the closet" about my job, so I haven't had unfortunate dealings of SWERFs directly trying to tear me down. The only people who know I'm a SWer are a handful of friends and the SW community. I've seen SWERF posts and views online though, and it infuriates me. There is a difference between consensual and non-consensual sex work. Q: How do you respond to people who tell you that sex work isn’t empowering or is supporting the patriarchy? A: Who is anyone else to determine what is and isn't empowering to another woman? I feel very empowered by sex work, and my life has only gotten better because of it. People who've known me before I started SW frequently comment that they are impressed at the speed I am growing and accelerating in life. These are people who do not even know my job! If that's not empowering, then I don't know what is. Q: I personally think that self confidence is a very attractive thing, but I also see people saying stuff like “she loves herself too much”, “she takes too many selfies”. Interestingly I see a lot of this narrative coming from women. Why do you think that is? A: Women love to tear other women down. If anything is supporting the patriarchy, it is this deep-seated belief that women are direct threats to each other. You even see it very closeup in this industry by the amount of bullying sex workers experience, more often than not by other sex workers. I feel as women, we should start embracing that success is not a zero sum game. One woman doing well, living a good life, or feeling good about herself does not take away from another's. And on the flip token, tearing another woman down for the way she lives does not make us any smarter, prettier, richer or more successful. Q: So true! I'm glad that here on Lyla women uplift each other as opposed to tear each other down. More of this, please! I’ve seen you share your thoughts on toxicity within this industry, specifically on review boards and the toxic culture that often comes with it. Can you talk to me a bit more about this and how you deal with it? A: Review boards have handed way too much power to the johns. They're used as a tool of coercion, intimidation and blackmail by the worst johns in this business. You have some horrible men running around threatening to ruin a girl's business for whatever slight they imagine in their heads. Review boards frequently put the interests of the johns over the provider's, so you've got a lot of girls doing things they don't want to do because they are scared of being harmed by the boards. The boards encourage this and do nothing to stop it! They breed a toxic "men's club" of rampant misogyny and harassment. As for dealing with it, I personally chose to just not play at all. I no longer support boards that do not support the workers, and no longer see johns that are active on them. I do not care if I do not see anyone in that subset of the industry, I do not miss them or their money and only feel liberated being free from that form of coercion. I am constantly encouraging other girls to do the same and find other ways to work that do not involve catering to toxic review board clients. Q: I think you are really brave for using your platform to speak about this and call people out. It’s promoting important conversation that is so needed. Do you find it hard to be an advocate in this way or would you say it’s just part of who you are? A: At this point, it's just part of who I am. I know many others back up my views and believe in the same things I do, feeling the frustrations I feel, so it's important to give way to other people who might be too scared of speaking up. Q: What tips would you give to someone who isn’t feeling empowered? A: If there's no fear, there can be no courage. You have to believe first and foremost what you have to say is relevant and important enough to be said, and also understand that just because no one else has said it, it doesn't mean other people aren't thinking the same. My motto is: "Be the whistleblower." Be the first one to bring to light a form of injustice or wrongdoing. When you speak up, you give courage to others watching in the shadows to follow suit. Even if at first it's absolutely terrifying to stand up alone, you have to believe that your voice is powerful and important enough to drive others into standing up with you. Soon, you won't be standing alone. Q: Thank you so much for your time, it’s been great! Have you got anything else you’d like to say? A: Thanks for having me! This is very important - no matter what the bad johns make up or go around spouting to anyone who might listen, the one who holds the final power is the workers. We don't need to put up with bullying at the hands of bad johns or continue to sacrifice our safety. It is our bodies and our rules, and if the men want to play, they need to abide by our rules. There are many ways of being successful in this business, many which do not include catering to the interests of dangerous and bad men. Keep your chin up! xo
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    I'm happy to say that the wonderful @clearbluesky15 is our winner for October! 🤗 I nominated him for being kind, giving recommendations and generally being a great addition to the board. I must be a good judge of character because our judges agreed! 😉 So who will win member of the month for November? Please get your nominations in and remember you have until 30th to nominate. PS, can you believe this is our penultimate one for the year?! Oh 2020, you've been... interesting.
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    Some clients: "please save your unsavory stories of abuse and trauma to the proper auditory." Same clients: "so who was the worst client, or weirdest request that you ever had?"
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    aww thanks dear. With or without being nominated, I’m here to support our community 🙏
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    Another Sunday, another interview! This time it's a topic that we all need to talk about more; toxic review board culture. Thank you to @clearbluesky15 for sharing his thoughts on the matter. Q: Helloooo CBS! It’s lovely to talk to you, I think this is a great topic to get your thoughts on. So first of all, tell me about yourself and your journey in this industry so far. A: Hey Lydia, thanks so much for having me. I’ve enjoyed this series of interviews quite a bit, and so was excited to have the opportunity to participate. My journey may not be as courageous as some of the others here… I have been lucky. I’ve met interesting people, learned a lot, and gained experience and satisfaction in ways that I can’t imagine without some of the folks here, and am more amazed every day about the contrast with the way the industry is pictured with what we have here. Q: I’ve already had the pleasure of speaking to you a fair bit so I know how much of a gentleman you are, which makes you great to speak on this topic. Tell me, what would you define as toxic review board culture? A: That’s a hard question, I suppose I can start with the words: culture, toxicity, and boards/forums like this… so suppose it would be a place where the norms of a forum (of any sort really) condone or worse encourage people to speak past each other, or apply labels that mischaracterize them as individuals… when that happens it hurts, and people react to hurt, often badly. I would think such an environment would poison a genuine meeting of the minds, and break down the sense of community. Q: The biggest problem with review board culture for me tends to be the reviews themselves. Reviewing human beings is an extremely personal thing which is why we only allow positive recommendations and nothing explicit. Can you give some advice on how to write a recommendation/review that doesn’t play into toxicity? A: Well if we use the definition above, it would have to be something genuine, individual, and personal. I’m not sure that a collection of acts is that… “particular activities” happen between two folks, and they have a broader context… that might not happen in another context or even be helpful in another context. For example, if, during a visit someone did *the thing* that was perfect for the other person at that moment… but not right for the one reading the review… an otherwise glowing review could turn off other potential clients… I think the only thing a person can truly own is how they feel and felt about the time together. To be clear, I’m not saying I write the perfect reviews either, just something I’m thinking about and working on. Q: How long and detailed do you think reviews/recommendations should be? A: I suspect we're talking about "acronyms" lists when we say "detail." I don’t feel “the acronyms” are helpful to get a sense of the person a client might see, and can be harmful, hurtful, or maybe even cause legal issues. I realize there are some clients that view value solely by “act x”… if that is really all you want… there are SPs that advertise like that… that’s your best bet… and you don’t need a review to tell you that you’ll always get “xyz”… if the SP leads with that in their ad… otherwise the rule is YMMV, and I’m thankful for that. Where I find a positive review can be both long and helpful is where a client describes how the session felt to them (they own their feelings) in genuine, personal, and universal terms. Q: @Greenteal mentioned fake reviews being part of toxic review board culture - doing them for favours or Providers making fake accounts to write their own. We don’t see that much here, thankfully, but what are your thoughts on inauthenticity and the dangers it brings? A: I’d agree that something that isn’t true isn’t genuine. If its not genuine, people understandably react, starting a cycle that doesn’t help anyone. If I had to speculate, I’d say that the one adding falsehoods to the dialog isn’t motivated by contribution to the community, but rather hoping to trade on the good will and work of others to get their way. Keeping folks like that in the community would harm it, and make members more suspicious of other legitimate content, which would be unfortunate. Q: Do you think that Lyla is different to other boards and if so, how? A: I do, I’d joined other ones, and it took me a while to realise that I wasn’t really all that interested in acronyms… and that takes a little time to figure out what you really want… a lot of clients (and I suspect SPs) grew up ashamed of their desires or desirability… and when one is ashamed, AND doesn’t know what they want (so likely don’t get it)… its harder to connect to others… and maybe that why some lash out. I think its hard to get past isolation and preconceptions until you start to hear true and deep stores, either in person or in a forum and start forming connections. Am I excusing bad behaviour? Not at all. I think I understand it though. We all start with preconceptions of those different from us… gender or a lot of other things. Stories are one of the best ways to bridge that. Stories like these interviews. Learning about the experiences of providers and clients, of different race gender, orientation… those break down barriers. In the end we’re all human, and stories bring us together… whether around a campfire, or on here :). Lyla has those stories, supportive people, and when needed rules that expel folks that can’t get past themselves. Q: What do you think are the most important things we can do as a community and a board to keep toxicity at bay? A: Communities have norms. Its okay that folks that intentionally antagonise are expelled. Communities have been doing that for centuries. Second, stories. If I can be permitted something slightly off topic, I’d like to encourage you all to watch the first story here… Amber Ruffin is a successful comedienne, a world traveller, and a television star… IE: not a criminal… if you want, watch the others… watch the first though: Q: I know a few Providers are hesitant to try Lyla based on their experiences with other boards. What would you say to those people? A: I wish I could say to a provider that they won’t run across bad behaviour here. Is it fair? Never… I find it upsetting when I see people I know, that bring such joy to me and other clients being treated poorly… precisely because they bring such joy to people, and are willing to devote themselves to it as a vocation… very frustrating… however, a site with rules, moderators, and stories like this one, will see the least of it, and there is enough support here for both sides, that in my view, they will find they will meet other providers, with great business ideas, support, and I suspect, one where advertisements have a better chance to be read by reliable and respectful clients, given what I read… I may be wrong on that last point though, so welcome Providers to correct me 😊 Q: Do you think some people can unintentionally display a toxic attitude? And if so, can you think of any examples? A: Sure, as humans, I invite each person reading this to think of times we have behaved thoughtlessly. I suspect that each of the people reading this have their own example. People do that all the time. There’s a really great book: https://www.amazon.com/Emotional-Intelligence-2-0-Travis-Bradberry/dp/0974320625 One of the skills it teaches is recognising your own feelings, one is recognising other’s feelings, and the last is channelling your feelings (and the needs that drive them) productively. For some folks, this is easier, some of us, and I count myself among them, have to keep working on it. Q: What do you think we can do to fight against toxicity in this industry? A: Again, a hard question. When treated unfairly, one does want to fight. I grew up with a very conservative religious background, and had attitudes that I’ve grown past. We all start with the belief system we're given. I was lucky to meet folks that I respected, and were very different from me… They taught me, told me their stories and helped me. So I think the "fight" is really a discussion of education where windows of receptivity present themselves. I'm glad I never felt labeled or attacked for some of the views I've since grown past... and for that I’m grateful. That emotional work that others did for my benefit exhibited trust and an investment in me, and again, for that I am thankful. Q: Thanks again for your time. Is there anything else you would like to add? A: Hey Lydia, again, just thanks to you for including mine in your collection of stories. I hope they some day make it into a book or article… this series contains a perspective that is unique… I can’t think of another place I would run across this kind of sharing. Take care, much love, and have a great evening.
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    This week's interview is with the glamorous and intelligent @Allie Zeon. This time we are talking about managing your personal life as a worker in this industry. As always, please take your time to have a read through and help us reach more people by sharing on social media. ❤️ Q: Hi Allie. Thanks for agreeing to be our next interviewee! It’s great to be able to get to know you better. Can you tell me about yourself, what type of sex work have you done and when did you start? A: My name is Allie Zeon (obviously is not my real name). I am a business woman, a trader and an investor. I never dream of becoming an escort, but fate somehow leads me this way. I had a broken relationship with a long time partner whom i thought i would share my life with simply because i was not pretty and young enough for him any longer. It broke my heart, but i recovered quickly and started opening myself to suitors by joining dating sites shortly afterwards. What a nice surprise!! It's such deliberating to be able to choose, excuse my language, and got screwed by plenty of handsome, attractive men daily after being monogamous for so long. Sex and more sex daily...and that's it. It's getting old after awhile. I wanted more than just sex. I wanted romance, a companion. Unfortunately, nobody took me seriously. Silly me, getting screwed for free by these strangers. Don't you think i should just be an escort then? I still have the sex and i get paid on top of it. Voila! Allie Zeon was born, end of December 2017, few days before Christmas in Toronto...and almost nobody paid attention because i blurred my face. I had only 1 guy that week. I mentioned GFE on my ad, but nobody really paid attention. But i have a better idea... Q: I see you use your face in your photos (and a beautiful face it is, by the way). So you haven't always done so? A: Blurred face was not working well for me. Too many girls....younger, very attractive with more competitive rates. I knew i had to do something besides GFE. How about offering a full body massage to start with? Showing face and more revealing pose? One of my clients was a photographer. I called and asked him to take some photos of me. He agreed. My set of photos with face shown appeared online beginning of January 2018. Business was definitely better with my face shown. Shortly afterwards, I started having reviews...and people reacted with positive and negative comments. I made a mistake by replying to negative comments, defending myself. I should have not done that, I realized there are always haters in this competitive industry. It's better to stay calm and ignore those haters. Q: Absolutely - those people are not worth the energy. Do people in your personal life know what you do for work? A: Some do know, some don't. At this point, I don't care. I am fully independent, free spirited and financially comfortable. At this point of my life, I don't really care too much of what people think of me any longer. I just want to be happy and live a fulfilling life. I have a funny story to share: I went to my lawyer few days ago to sign some documents for my new property that i just bought. To my surprise, he seems to know that I am an escort (and what a gentleman, he is still respectful). How did i find out that he knows? I showed him the pics of my property that i just bought. He replied " oh....i saw them somewhere". I was giggling. The only "somewhere" of those pics are on my twitter lol. He must have seen them there. I did not comment, but I am glad he was ok with it. Q: So are people generally quite supportive? A: Unfortunately, most people are not ok with it though. Some of my neighbors stop saying hi or pretending not to see me, even though I was merely few feet away. I had a hard time to find someone to agree to work for me. And the list goes on. But as I stated earlier, I don't care. If you can't accept me the way I am, you are not worth my attention. Even though I am an escort, I have so many things to offer and to be proud of. But I don't like to brag. So i just move on and find somebody who like and appreciate me. Q: Have you ever experienced someone not being so supportive of your work? A: Daily. To the point I want to move somewhere that I don't have any neighbors around me so i don't have to see their sour face. Q: Have you made any new relationships since working in the industry? A: Yes. I am very grateful for them. I have a few clients who have become friends. 3 have become pretty close and we do keep in touch almost daily by phones or casual visits. Q: You know how people say that chefs end up hate cooking at home because it just becomes a job to them… is that similar for you with intimacy? A: Yes and no lol. In personal life, I am lazy in bed. I like to be pampered. I like my partner spoils and pampers me in bed, starting from massaging me or even making me tea in bed. I am just laying relax and they will do all those works, from head to toe. As Allie, I have to work harder lol. Q: Haha, I get your point! Is there anything you do to make sure this doesn’t happen? A: I'm always vocal of what i want in sex. I think that is the key. And I genuinely like sex, intimacy and romance. So far, my bed is always warm because I truly enjoy being with men. Not necessary for penetrative sex all the time, because yes, i get sore too from time to time. But I genuinely like to cuddle with my partner in bed. kiss and being kissed. And if my partner wants to pamper me in bed with massage. He is always welcome for sure! Q: What are some areas of your personal life that have been impacted by your work, if any? A: All areas pretty much. It's not easy btw. However, I believe if we truly believe in ourselves and proud and appreciate ourselves, we will get this through. I want to fight the stigma of escorts being a drug addict, thief, uneducated, unreliable, dumb and so on. We are just like other people who happen to choose sex work as our profession either full time or part time (like myself). We do still have our moral values and standards. We don't go outside naked. We dress just like normal people outside our profession. Some of us have dedicated our life to support our family, our children, our parents, or simply helping our spouse to pay bills. Some of us have saved enough money and go back to school, buying properties and so on. And the list of admirable things goes on. Simply put, nothing wrong being an escort and people have to accept and stop discredit us. Q: Has sex work benefited your personal life in any way? A: I was financially comfortable even before doing this, but I was a little sad and lonely. Mid life crisis. I was no longer sure about my sex appeal either. Sex work has given me the confidence that, even though i am older than most girls, some clients still like and adore me, and prefer to see me rather than those gorgeous chicks. Btw, I just read a tweet about a young BBW escort in her early 20s successfully bought a great apartment, paid in cash for herself. Bravo! She has saved some money from escorting, partly for her education, for her family and most importantly for her own future. We have some similarities here. Like me, we are both not exactly the typical "beautiful women". Although i can't label myself as "BBW" but I am definitely not "fresh, young, cute, petite and innocent" but hey...we both can prove to the world that we are just doing fine here. Q: Love that! What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with the impact of sex work on their personal life? A: "Listen to your heart and you will understand your true destiny and not to be embarrassed about it. Instead, flaunt it! You will be the happiest that way." Q: Thanks so much for your time. Have you got anything else you would like to add? A: Escorting is a profession just like any other professions. We are not criminals and we don't have to be embarrassed about it. On the contrary, we save so many marriages, and we have given some happiness and warm to those who need it. Without us, there are more divorces' cases and suicidal cases. We are a hero in our way! So chin up and let's start saving, be proud of ourselves and hopefully all of us can have a better future.
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    When I first started out, I would lower my rates in the Winter months and raise them for tourist season. Since Covid hit, I'm not interested in the rotating door anymore and I expect full donation from everyone. Its a rough time, but this lifestyle isn't for everyone. It's a luxury experience, that requires us to put our health and safety on the line. IMO, unless the SP decides to be nice and offer one to you personally, don't bring it up. Our life is priced at a dollar no one will ever afford.
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    I think we all should be taking a break from this. I know ladies have bills to pay but so do so many other who have been forced to close. While I have heard a few people on different forums talk about personal choice for me it is is also about the risk to and drain on our heealth care systema and the health care workers. If you get Covid it's not just about your personal health. It's about our overwhelmed hospitals and overworked/exhausted health care workers as well. We all have a civic responsibility to do everything we can to flatten the curve. And if that includes stopping this activity for a while so be it.
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    We all need a safe place to feel comfortable and able to share our personal experiences wether it be good or bad Not all of us have someone to talk to who can relate or understand what we go through from day to day in this industry You do always have that option to not read or engage in the conversation I have met alot of great gentlemen i feel comfortable opening up to and they also feel comfortable sharing their feelings/experiences with me and I am thankful for that
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    Hey GT, Thanks for your input - always appreciated. I see what you're saying and Lyla will always strive to be a positive place for discussion. It's great that Clients are able to seek Companionship as a way to escape reality as you say; I love that Providers are able to offer that to people. That being said, Providers themselves do not always have the luxury of escapism. I think for many people talking about experiences that may be viewed as "negative" it's seeking comradery - something that can be quite hard to come by for sex workers in "vanilla" life. Places such as Lyla may be one of the only places where they find others going through a situation similar to themselves. Of course I would never encourage anyone to share anything they don't feel comfortable talking about publicly. But if they do, I would not want to censor it because it makes some feel uncomfortable or like it's too much. If it's not something you want to read about then I guess just don't read it. On the flip side, I think we need to make sure that any of these threads do not get out of hand and just become a place for toxic negativity. I haven't seen that yet, I don't think, but if anyone thinks there's any content promoting a bad atmosphere then I'd encourage you, as always, to report it. Also I'd welcome others' thoughts on this - this is your board and I want to make sure you all feel comfortable giving feedback. Particularly the questions in the interviews about how they got into this line of work - I've included that question in most of them so far because it just seemed like a good opener. But if people think this was a bad choice I'd like to know. 🙂
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    I'd like to nominate @Allie Zeon for her positivity, hard work and the fact that so many people have such nice things to say about her (seriously, have you seen this woman's recommendations?!). ❤️ https://www.lyla.ch/topic/174857-allie-zeon-•-mixed/?tab=comments#comment-644187
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    I was a lady bug.🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞 It was last minute and cute.🥰
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    the way this year has been i kind of have to do this
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    Back when I was dating my now wife, her and her son were invited for a sleep over at my house for the weekend. I had a spare bedroom for the kid and her and I slept in the same bed. We got up early for a little fun and my wife being very vocal in the bedroom was moaning and at the grand finally she let go a big "Aaahhh" where her son screamed "Mom, are you alright" and she just said "It's Ok, mom just had a bad dream" And he said "I had a bad dream too". Second story. My son, yes the same boy that had a sleepover at my house, now has kids of his own. My granddaughter's bedroom is right beside her parents bedroom and one night while we were babysitting she went to bed and started to shake the headboard on her bed, hard enough to get our attention. When we entered the bedroom and asked her what was going on she said that mommy and daddy do that often at night before going to sleep and it helps them fall asleep better so she wanted to try it. That was a funny story to tell our son and daughter in law what was going on in their bedroom. Lol. We are pretty open about sex in our family.
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    I had company staying over & had sacrificed my room for my guests while my boyfriend & I slept in my child’s room who was away for the weekend. On Sunday our friends were leaving and had made jokes about our sex life. We didn’t understand where the jokes were coming from until we soon realized it must have been due to the kinky fun we were having up in my kids room which had the baby monitor on & connected to our bedroom 😬😳
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    Just want to mention that a provider can say NO to a session for any reason, at any time... if you continue to ask for a session after being told no, you are harassing her and WILL be reported. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.
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    I don't think there are many people on this board who don't know the name @NotchJohnson 🙌 Whether he's posting recommendations, the best bums on lyla, freakin hot fripple photos, sexy women in hats or just generally being a gentleman - I'm sure everyone agrees he's an amazing member of our community! That's why I'm so excited to share our latest interview with the man himself, on how he's explored his sexuality as a Client. Enjoy and remember to like and comment! 😘 Q: Hey Notch! Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. It’s quite a personal topic, so I appreciate your sharing your thoughts. Tell me about your journey as a Client so far? A: I'm honored that you asked me my opinion on some subject as you did for other members, males and females so thank you Lydia. Being a good client has taken me over years and when I first started I was not aware of Cerb/Lyla and things were different after that. Once I joined this community I really started to enjoy this lifestyle. I found so many great ladies that helped me through my journey. At first I was seeing on average 3-4 ladies a year and it's only been about 4 years now that I see more ladies or practice with a few that I got to admire. Q: So when you first started seeing SWers, what was your motive behind it? Were you looking to experiment? A: Back then I had been/still am married to a wonderful woman. Before that we had a amazing sex/personal life and one day the sex part just slowed right down all while I was in my prime (still am BTW). It was tough because I would try to hide to pleasure myself and if/when she would catch me doing it she would get mad. As far as experimenting I would have to say that I had done so much that there was not much left for me to try, except for a few things on my bucket list. Q: Tell me about your first few encounters - were you nervous? Do you still get nervous now? A: The first encounter was in Montreal, she had colored skin, she was young and was going to college/university, we had scheduled a time but moved it by a half hour. Was I nervous... hell yes I was but I figured that if I was going to do it I was going to diversified my experience with women that way. I still get nervous when meeting a new lady... even seeing some that are repeat sometimes... but it's a good nervous (if you understand what I mean?) On a few occasions I have met some ladies that said they were nervous to meet me because I was a long time member on Lyla and posted many recommendations. They just wanted to be up to the bar to satisfy me. Hahaha! Q: Okay Notch, let’s really get to know you then… What kinks are you into? A: LOL!! I did post a thread about that in the general discussion not long ago. As I mentioned I tried so many different things with all my ex-gf's and my wife of course so there was not much for me to try. I still prefer the simple things in life so I'm not sure you would call this a kink but here we go. I'm both a voyeur/exhibitionist, I love seeing a sexy lady get undressed/dressed without her knowing (I have this one super sexy lady that offers me this even though we both know what is going on...we act like we don't). I also like to get caught naked in the shower or in a change room with the curtains lightly open. Q: Have you discovered that you’re into any other kinks? A: I still experiment an awful lot with all the ladies that I see but will never get any of them go above their own limits. So far I enjoy everything that I try but the one that I can't get enough of is squirting. I love it, I want to get soak and wet, I read about it watch videos on how to do it and practice it as much as I can. Some companions that I see have learned how to make me achieve the final goal fast but are only using this when asked to do it. Q: Would you say that you’ve become more confident? A: I personally did not need to see companions to become more confident and I'm being told often that they enjoy a man like me because of that. One thing that helped me was to find out what and how to talk to these ladies. I'm a big talker and really enjoy a good conversation with them. Q: Are there things that you do/discuss with Companions that you feel would be too “taboo” to discuss with other people? A: I'm an open book/mind, I have very little filters when I'm one on one with them or people I know. It is so much easier to talk about fetishes/kinks with these ladies and all members of this community, because I'm not being judged. Isn't that the way to find out what you like and dislike in life? Q: Do you think there is much kink/vanilla shaming? If so, why do you think that is? A: No shame in being "vanilla", I consider myself a bit "vanilla" and I'm okay with that. I'm sure that many think that this guy is into so many different kinks he is so lucky (or not). Just be who you want to be and do what you want to do... plain and simple. Q: Sex positivity is somewhat of a trending topic at the moment, which I think is great! How important do you think it is to explore your sexuality and be confident about what you like/dislike? A: Live and let live or live free or die (the motto for New Hampshire). I didn't try everything available out there but I have tried many of them at least once or twice. I do not regret anything that I did. Explore with everything that may turn you on at least once in your life. Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to explore certain fantasies/fetishes but are nervous? A: Just read the previous comment above. If you like it give it a shot and if not then don't. Don't do something that you have no interest in but again don't bash someone who likes it, just listen to them. Q: We know that you’re a great Client with a lot of respect for Companions. What advice would you give to new Clients seeking out Companionship? A: First if you found Lyla, you are at the right place. Find a well recommended lady on here, send her a PM or text giving her a description of who you are and what you are looking for in companionship from her. These ladies don't bite (unless you asked them to). I guarantee you that she will make it worth your time. Q: Thanks so much for your time. Is there anything else you would like to add? A:So many awesome ladies on this site and so little time to see them all. I have met many of them, became close friends and still see them after many years. Even keep in touch with some that retired from the industry. So many great memories that I will keep to myself for a long time. Also I'm glad that this site got a great lady like yourself Lydia, you are making it fun to be here.
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    I liked this. Personally I appreciate some reality. It helps me tune my own reactions. I also appreciate it when it allows me to form connection and engage in healthier ways. That said I get that there’s a spectrum, and folks have needs that take them to different places on it.
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    Hey Katherine, Pre-approval isn't on for you btw - that's only for new members and recommendation threads 🙂 I agree with you that reality is a part of life which is why we're trying to do realistic interviews showing the raw, human side to the industry. I wouldn't want this board to be always fluffy and positive because that's just not realistic and not necessarily healthy either, I don't think. As for Cristy, I don't know her personally and I'm sure she's a great lady. But she's consistently written negative things about Lyla so I can't imagine she would want to be part of the community again. If that changes I'd welcome her to send me a message on Twitter but until then can we please refrain from discussing her as I don't want this to turn gossipy. Thank you! ❤️
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    First off, I want to say, I am NOT happy giving this recommendation; simply because pointing out how amazing this women is will result in less chance of me booking her lol - but I felt it was at least important to let others know she is 100% legit and 100% adorable. I had the pleasure/luck of being able to book Tasha Thursday night. Communication was very good and professional. She was hosting at a nice condo in the downtown area (easy parking/accessibility). Let me start off by saying Tasha is TINY - only 5 feet tall, but has the body that others have described as a "dancers body" (which makes sense because her main gig is dancing). Proportionality, one of the best bodies I've ever seen. Flawless soft skin and a face/smile that will melt your heart. Her eyes will pull you into a deep, whirling sex trance. Tasha is a bit shy (seems to be her overall personality) and even though she is "not GFE" (as other have described), what she lacks in the GFE department, she makes up for with her attitude, eye contact and overall skills. The lil' innocent moans she makes will shake you to your core. I honestly don't think I could have handled pure GFE with her. It would be stimulation overload. Not much more to say about her, other than do not hesitate at all in going to see her. Missing out on booking her when she is in town is a sad thing and once you see her, you will know why. Thanks again Tasha for an unforgettable evening!! 🙂 🙂 Anyone looking for more in-depth info, feel free to shoot me a P.M.
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    As @Sharpe mentioned we have 2 strong women on this board first is @lydiahardwood and @Stefania but I would like to add all of the other ladies in this industry, they are all strong and powerful. So many thanks to @Stephania for sharing her thoughts and to @lydiahardwood for inviting her to do so. Another great interview. Keep them coming.
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    I went as my true self... Poison Ivy! Twas ok but, I lost a lot of my accessories 😩🤷🏻‍♀️
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    My costume was sold out so I went as a ref. Then a botched lady ?
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    Well I visited Mandy today, what a pleasant surprise. She has a positive personality that makes you relax and enjoy your time with her. She is a spinner with great assets. Gentleman I recommend you pay her a visit. I will be repeating.....
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    I remember that! It was awesome :) It's a real shame all that stuff is on hold these days... it would have been great to see everyone! Up her back? Yup. Right. We believe you :)
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    He's 7 weeks old and I pick him up next weekend.
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    Please take the time to fully read below, as booking requires a specific protocol. ___ Hey! How are you? You can call me Sarah. I'm an extroverted bundle of chaos, with green eyes of fire, brunette hair, a teenie tiny body and an unapologetic mouth. I weigh in at 115lbs and can't reach the top shelf due to my 5'2 stature. All of my assets are completely proportionate and natural. My personality allows me to easily sway to the beat of any drum and relate to almost anyone, in some way. I'm genuine and pride myself on offering the most intimate and realistic experiences. I love conversing and talking about life - I could just stare off listening to you talk about your passions for hours. Humans interest me more than anything else on this planet. I enjoy taking my time. I want to know all your quirks, your hopes, dreams and fears.... every fantasy, every lust, every craving touch. I want to make you feel special, appreciated, and fulfilled. From cuddles and laughs, to toe curling sensations, I will work with you to create our perfect dynamic. I consider myself an Empath. Your pleasure is my happiness. There is no better day, than a day filled with endorphins. Whether it's before work, after that awful 6 hour meeting, or maybe even a quick stop for Lunch, I'll be sure to wash all those worries away. A warm greeting at the door and a simple smile to start us off... the rest is up to you. I don't play games, but I will be your toy. ___ New Comers: If we have never met, but you would still like to meet me, I can be booked via duos with providers of my choice. See below for DUO info. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. ___ Duo Info: I'm so excited to officially announce that Duos are now being offered! I have partnered up with @MsManda @charlottequinn123 @Janebondage & Mistress Annabelle Pain. Rates will be matched to the top provider. Deals/Discounts/Offers are subject to change at any time. My personal restrictions still apply (safe play only). Duos are not available with any other providers at this time. Please be aware that each provider has their own way of screening. ___ Schedule: Mon - Thurs: 6p - 8p Fri: 10a - 8p Sat: 9a - 9p Sun: 9a - 6p Pre-booking is mandatory - 24 hours notice only. Please be aware I have a cat and a full-time (F) partner who share my space. Our alone time will never be interrupted by either and my focus will always be on you. 24 hours notice only. ___ Donations: $260 / 1 hour. $350 / 90 minutes. $500 / 2 hours. + $50/hr for kink/fetish/request. + $50/hr for outcalled duos only. ___ How do I contact you and what info do I need to give? When booking, please include: - YOUR NAME - AGE - LENGTH OF SESSION DESIRED - A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF YOURSELF. I reserve all rights to screen my clients as I see fit. So, please be ready with a reference. ___ What if I don't have a reference or this is my first time seeing a provider? I will need a copy of your photo ID (if you do not have a reference). Full name and age must be visible, all other sensitive info can be blocked out. A social media account attached to your name/phone number. A selfie. Your security, privacy and anonymity is critical to my work. I would never betray you. ___ Social Media/Reviews: Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/users/9805178 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ms_sarahalexxx Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miss.sarah.alexandria/?hl=en Lyla Reviews: https://www.lyla.ch/topic/176638-miss-alexxx-%E2%80%A2-white/?tab=comments#comment-765660 __________ FAQ: Do you offer uncovered services? Nope and I will report you for asking. Do you see couples/females? Nope. Can I book you short notice? You can try, but reading above may help you out. Can I take pictures/videos? Hell no. You have a partner, can she join us? 100% No. No. No. No. If you ask this question, your visitations will be revoked. __________ To book: [email protected] 24 hours notice only! ___ When booking, please don't forget your basic details. I do not reply to strangers, so introduce yourself. Hope to meet you soon. - SA. ♡
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    Moncton Nov. 16 + 17 Saint John Nov. 18 + 19 + 20 hosting incalls & offering outcalls with added fee for transportation. Last dates available in NB for month of November, as always low volume & limited availability. New professional photos coming in December. No text apps please. Cum enjoy your week with me 😍😍😍 text only: (506) 238-9020 email: [email protected] http://twitter.com/cassiesteelecan
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    I know i'm fairly new here but I agree with @NotchJohnson nomination. He is very active in all posts and is always pleasant and supportive of all members here 😄. @roamingguy has been very active and would be a good choice as well. 😉 DD
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    I'm not sure what to think about this but I believe that out industry should receive a lot of support from all levels of government. I personally believe that we should be considered an essential service. We are helping to keep domestic violence down and our streets safer from sexually frustrated individuals, especially during these Covid lockdowns. Most clients are NOT violent or sexually frustrated but I'm sure that there are those that are. We can give them a relief from their frustrations. That can put us SWers in a dangerous situation but if handled properly and safely we can overcome the danger.
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    Thanks for the nominations. But from replies I'm receiving, I'm more likely to be voted best candidate(after Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein and Vladimir Putin) to be shot out of a cannon into an active volcano. LOL
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    Thank you @clearbluesky15 for all your help on this subject, I do hope that many people read your story and can have respect for each other. Thanks to @lydiahardwood for getting these awesome interviews and sharing them with all of us.
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    Love these Sunday morning interviews! Stories are definitely an important way to make connections and encourage understanding. Some great points here CBS. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic. Thank you too Lydia for for creating these opportunities to share and encourage connections though this board. There’s way too much negativity out there. Some positivity is most welcome.
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    Even as a skeleton you looked devilishly sexy!
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    I totally want to try this one 🙂
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    I am delighted to be posting yet another interview with our fabulous community. This time it is with @Deanna Delight on her experience as a cross dresser in the industry. Q: Hey Deanna! Thank you for being part of our interviews with the community. It’s great to get to know you a bit better! So tell me a bit about yourself. A: You're welcome Lydia and thank you for taking the time to send me these questions and conducting this interview with me. My short vacation was great and my face loved the break from the makeup. I was able to spend some time with my bf, friends and family. With my hours of work it's hard to see them all. Q: I’m glad you enjoyed your trip - sounds idyllic! So tell me, when did you first get into crossdressing? Was there anything in particular that prompted you to start doing it? A: I was a teenager of 14 years when I dabbled in crossdressing. A photo of a beautiful lady piqued my interest. She was bound, looking helpless and frightened which intrigued me. I started trying on clothing and venturing out. A gentleman picked me up one day and took me for a ride. He ran his hands over my body and under my short skirt. Then he took me back to where he picked me up and dropped me off. It left me with a strange and wonderful feeling. I dressed and ventured out for a few months then purged. Years later while driving to work I spotted a beautiful gown in the window of a seamstress shop. I eventually went in and bought it and had them custom fit it to me. I had been chatting with a Transvestite group. It was suggested that we go out for dinner and I agreed. One of the girls wanted to do a drag number at the dinner. I practiced a couple songs and did a lipsync number as well. That started me off on my journey. Q: How did you feel about the change at any time? Did it feel completely natural to you? A: The change felt great and natural to me, you see I fell in love with the stage and attention I received. I was invited to perform in a Drag Show in a local club in Edmonton. I was very nervous but did my performance. I received a lot of tips and attention afterward and I was hooked. I was asked to perform at another club, I received a great applause, tips and attention. The Reigning Empress there took me under her wing and taught me about the Drag world. I supported the Drag Queen Court with all my support. I was voted in as a Princess for their next year. We worked hard that year with a lot of performances and attended a lot of Coronation Balls in other cities. We had a successful year of fundraising for non profit organizations. Then I was voted to be the Courts Empress with more fundraisers, shows and Balls. I now have lots of gorgeous Ball Gowns lol. When I first began my Drag Queen transition I was completely straight but within a year I was seduced by a gentleman and fell in love with the feelings I experienced and considered myself to be Bisexual. You see I love women and their form and mannerisms and also LOVE all my playtime with the men. That was the beginning of my journey. Q: That’s interesting that it opened up new, exciting feelings for you! So how do you identify? As a man/woman/TG? Straight/bi/gay? A: In my private life I identify as a man - he/him. In my public life I identify as a Bi CD TV Drag Queen lady - she/her Q: How did you get into escorting? Have you done any other types of sex work? A: I am a journeyman Heavy Equipment Mechanic and was working at a local shop on equipment when the oilfield in Alberta was basically shut down 5 years ago. I was laid off from that job due to a turn down of work. Many people in the province were laid off as well, about 200,000. I looked for a job for 4 1/2 years with no success. I have never done any sex work but enjoyed "dates" with men and thoroughly enjoyed all my playdates with them. All the men completely enjoyed playing with me as well and I had a lot of repeat playdates with many of them. While going through profiles on the site I was on I saw an ad looking to hire for a local chain of Spas in Edmonton. I sent an inquiry about them hiring a CD. Within a few minutes I received a response stating that she would love to have me onboard. I was told how to get a license as a Body Rub Practitioner. I followed all the steps and received my license and was immediately hired and given some permanent shifts at the Spa I am now working at. That was the first job offer I had in 4 1/2 years. I am now an escort at the Spa offering all the same sessions as the ladies I work with. Q: Are you open about what you do for work in your personal life? If so, were people supportive? A: Yes I am completely open about my new profession and have found support with most of my friends and family. My coworkers have been a great source of support and acceptance. I am a firm believer of honesty and have a belief that "you have to remember every lie you ever told". Since my memory isn't what it used to be I try to live by that rule. The truth never changes but lies can contradict themselves lol. Q: I like that attitude! Have you faced much stigma and how have you dealt with it if you have? A: I have lost the friendship of my bff of 36 years since she berated me and deleted our friendship but I have handled that quite well and avoided her for the last 6 months. My other straight friends have been accepting of me. When I became a Drag Queen there were a number of the older Queens that rode me hard since I was "straight" when I started doing that. I just ignored them and associated with the ones that accepted me although it did bring me to tears many nights at home alone trying to get to sleep, i'm all better now though lol. Q: I’m glad you’ve managed to handle it so well. What kind of Clients do you tend to get? A: I tend to get clients that are interested to see what a CD Drag Queen is like. They are few and far between but have thoroughly enjoyed me with all the sessions. They were the lucky ones that "took a walk on the wild side" and they expressed their enjoyment. A few of them have returned to the Spa and requested me as their Service Provider. I don't want to get into the rudeness I experience at the Spa. I realize I am NOT "everyone’s cup of tea" and expect some attitude. I try to dismiss all that and keep a positive attitude. Sometimes it can get frustrating though. Q: I can imagine it is frustrating, there’s no need for nastiness! On a more positive note, what is your favourite thing about your work? A: I LOVE and CARE for all the ladies I work with and also love to pleasure a client and see their satisfaction from playing with me. As a submissive it is my pleasure to bring pleasure to them. That makes me feel fantastic to do that and puts a spring in my walk and attitude every time. Q: Is there anything you struggle with in this job? A: My biggest struggle with this job is enticing the right clientele to come in and request or choose me as their Service Provider. I am a new flavour at the Spa and hopefully I can open up a new niche in the industry. It will take a little time to open this new niche but I am positive it will happen eventually. I am VERY GOOD at what I do but the clients are interested in the REAL ladies. They are used to seeing real ladies and not too sure about the transformation to me. I do a better business with in-calls and outcalls but would like more clients at the Spa. They say they are more comfortable with meeting me outside the Spa, so I tell them about the back door which is more discreet. Hopefully they will take my information and come to the Spa. The owner of the Spa is a wonderful lady. Q: You mentioned that you receive a lot of support from other sex workers, that’s so refreshing to hear! How important do you think camaraderie is in this industry and why? A: Yes the ladies have been a great support group for me. I am one of the girls in their eyes and they have accepted me completely. It is their support that has kept me in good spirits and hopeful of making this work. I have had a couple sessions with the ladies giving them a great massage and being paid for that, since they get the sessions and I don't get very many. I would have done the massages for them without asking to be paid. That is the kind of support I receive plus some tell their clients about me hoping they will tell others and bring interested people in to request me. This has been a very positive experience for me. The owner has been promoting me online as well in hopes of me receiving more clients. Plus many of the girls follow me on Twitter and love and retweet my tweets. Q: Thanks so much for your time, Deanna. Is there anything else you would like to add? A: It has been a pleasure for me to do this interview with you Lydia. Thank you for the opportunity. I wish the best of luck to all that take this same journey. I say "WORK IT GIRLS", you will love it, I know I do. I just wish to thank everyone in my life that supports me and accepts me. Especially John my BF who totally supports me and allows me to do what I do. Kisses to everyone. I wish to include a pic of a beautiful wedding gown that would be reason enough for me to get married to the right man lol.
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    Good eye...mine were distracted..
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    The European wall sockets are a hint those pics were likely stolen from a SB/Arrangement website. Would be cautious.
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    Thank you for your support Waterat and Sharpe. It has been a bit of a tough grind but then, I love to grind. I will never give up, I will never surrender. My clients love every moment they spend with me and experiencing my attentions. I appreciate all the support I receive from my all my friends in the industry including Lyla and all the members here. That support has given me the resolve to continue and bring my sweet flavour to the Edmonton scene. I hope to one day tour and bring my flavour to the rest of the world. I have many experiences to share and hopefully inspire others to embrace their aspirations. Be proud and strong and never fear change everybody. Embracing change can add a whole new sparkle to your life and keep you young and vibrant. It has done wonders for me over the last 20 years.
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    Thank you for sharing your story Deanna. I’m sure going from journeyman to the spa had a fair share of negativity, but I get a very positive vibe from reading this article seeing the support you received from family, friends and industry.
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    This woman is amazing. Very easy to book even on short notice. She knows how to give a massage and uses all of her assets. Photos don't do her justice; extremely fit. Funny as hell too, she has a great laugh. Can't wait to see her again 😍
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