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    any one like a taste
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    That's what happens when you fall for that perfect 10 with a classified ad at a rate lower than everyone else, has "no restrictions", and who doesn't screen. No, she is not a diamond in the rough. "She" is a cop. Cops don't screen and don't ask for a deposit.
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    Hey everyone. I was just wondering if there would be anyone that would be willing to see someone with cancer? I actually finished my first round of treatment two weeks ago and I have another round in a week. Other than my head now being bald and beautiful I am feeling pretty good and was interested in meeting with a service provider from this site, someone reputable and willing to accommodate. Thanks!
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    If only bent metal, I wouldn't get involved. If severe injuries, possible deaths or witnessed a criminal act, would depend on how can help. In cases of road rage would depend on the willingness to get involved in the prosecution. The video can always be posted online(with the others) or sent to crime stoppers organisations. Dashcams are very effective to report insurance fraud, something quite frequent in certain parts of the world. For the rest, it should be handled case by case.
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    Impress her with your towel rack.
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    I agree with both GT and WildTiger (see what I did there? GT is either Giant Tiger or Greenteal. You choose :) ) I'm retired and unlikely to ever purchase a dash cam but if it were a serious incident then giving a statemnt or showing up in court would simply provide me with a diversion and entertainment. I wouldn't want unnecessary demands on my time: especially if it conflicted with a visit with the lovely Jessica Rain!
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    I agree with Greenteal, it is situational dependent. Even though I don't have a dashcam I would stop to lend assistance and if necessary provide a statement to the police.
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    Available for 30 minute or hour massage with fabulous ending πŸ˜‰
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    mmmmmmorning horny guys
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    Alyssa Faye is 110% I do offer duos with her if interested but I can vouch she is real & legit πŸ™‚
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    She sure is 😍 I just followed @Charlotte1Quinn on twitter ❀️
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    Sasha-May.weebly.com Text 613*876*1415 [email protected] KissesπŸ’‹ Sasha May
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    It is the law to stop and report what you seen after an accident other wise you may be prosecuted for not reporting it. Just saying !
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    Lots of hearsay everywhere on this thread.. There is so many holes , for starters I go see kitty regularly, there hasnt been two workers there in months, and jt was only for a couple of weeks there was two.. There is not likely any attention , I would have to see proof... my house with two roomates has way more traffic with all there friends... as far as Elm Park watch group, that area is not the same area, I remember over a year ago on this board said the same people were recording plates etc at 712 which is Elm Park area, too much coincidence there... finally what does any care abouy Kitty having a handful of friends over thoughout the day... come on folks put it in perspective... beside there are many places are they all being photographed... Lets get some proof before we all start running down that rabbit hole
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    To be fair, the FAQ section of her website lists three screening options, only two of which require you to divulge your name and/or ID. It indicates that her preferred method of screening is actually a "Recent reference from a past provider: her name and preferred contact method". Which, presumably, would not require you to divulge your ID. Unless, of course, you have some reason to think that someone wouldn't be willing to give her a reference on your behalf....in which case, yeah, her screening is working. Don't get me wrong, I'm not implying that you're a bad client, maybe you can't provide a recent reference because it's been well over a year since you've indulged yourself with a SP/MA (which would be my case), or maybe some other totally innocent reason,...but it's easy to see how a more challenging screening process in lieu of a simple reference would weed out a lot of the bad element.
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    I am a big fan of sports wear, i.e. sports bras and work out shorts... Didn't see that option but I voted for Latex as I am also a fan of this lol
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    I made contact with AlyssaFaye last night. Very polite and friendly over text. Big plus for me. If I end up meeting her tonight I wi be sure to report back! God I hate TOFTT lol So nervous now lol
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    Connection is Important,to myself anyways.πŸ˜‰.. It's when you both can Converse.. and converse.. At times lose Track of time, when you both can Chat about, just about anything, Being Real at the same time, when you "Both Can Look At Each Other in the Eyes..(during Encounter) .. (Yes, Knowing it's an Encounter), but just enjoying each other's Company.. To Me, That's Real and Just Plain Companionship: Maybe, I'm Weird.. or Different, I don't Know nor Care. 😘.. To me, it's Companionship.. That Both People Need/Enjoy. Anyways... That's only My Opinion... I know.. Play Safe .... Stay Safe xoxo's πŸ’‹
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    I just noticed my title to this thread, which was suppose to read Careful Consideration of your DESCRIPTIONS, reads instead "Careful Consideration of your DECEPTIONS" Well descriptions can definitely be deceptive, which is really the point so I guess it works!!