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    If you've done your research, you know a real provider vrs a fake one.
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    Hey lovers! I hope you are having a sexy start to the week. I'm here to make it even sexier with this interview with @Malika Fantasy. You may already follow her on Twitter, and we hope this interview gives more insight into her stunning personality. 😍 Q: Hey Malika! Thank you for agreeing to answer these questions. So, tell us about yourself and your career in this industry so far. Hi! Thanks for giving me the chance to do an interview 😊 I’m 30 years old and living in Ottawa, a full time student in the Social Sciences sector. I've been in this industry for almost 12 years, I started quite young at 18, however I’ve often had a few small hiatuses here and there for a few months. I’ve mostly work either in Ottawa or Toronto, but I also did travel the world and did what I call ‘wanderfucklust’ but working around the world! I've work in places like Ireland, Scotland, Spain, France, Hong Kong etc. Q: Thank you for shedding some light on that. So, from what I can see on social meida, you’re queer. How do you identify right now? I’m queer, yes. I would probably identify mostly with the label lesbian, as I only pursue romantic relationships with other women and non binary people in my personal life, but my sexual behaviour (aka who I like to have sex with) is bisexual. So purely from a physical point of view, I like both men and women equally. Q: Thank you for clarifying! I saw that you recently hired a Domme! Talk me through the process; how did you find them, how was the booking process? I did, the last week of August in Toronto! It’s not my first time doing it, I was even quite the regular of a Pro-Domme for a few months a few years back to someone in Toronto. I’ve been a kinky person in my personal life for quite a while, and right now I’ve been single for over two years (thanks Covid and a full-time schedule with school) so haven’t had women in my personal life to pursue any type of kink/fetish/BDSM. Hell, not even just old plain vanilla sex. I’ve been following Lady Pim on twitter for a while and I find her absolutely stunning and I have been toying about seeing a pro-domme again for a while. Since I was going to be in Toronto, I said why not, especially since I’ve heard of Lady Pim’s reputation for a few years now. So I made the booking like everyone else via the website and a deposit was sent, and had to wait a few days before seeing her. Q: Is fetish and kink something you are well versed in? What made you want to book this kind of experience? I am. Either as a bottom/submissive or a Top, I wouldn’t call myself a Domme simply cause I don’t get off from having people calling me Mistress or the like. I do however like to give sensations to the person I am playing with. For me, BDSM and being submissive is something incredibly intimate and personal, which is why I do not offer this service as Malika. Never have, never will. I’ve been wanting and needing some release for quite some time and my trip to Toronto was the best opportunity to see someone. Q: Did seeing her make you want to explore the world of kink more? Or offer it more in your work life? Ha! Yes, I forgot how amazing being submissive makes me feel. From just the calmness of being able to give over control for a few hours, since I never allow it in my personal life, to the sensations it provide. I won’t go into all the details of what we did, but mostly some bondage and impact play, tease and denial. I’m looking at going to Toronto again, depending on the Covid situation 😉 Q: Did you get nervous at all? Was it strange reversing the role from Provider to Client? I was definitely really nervous as it was my first time going to an incall and a really well appointed dungeon, compared to having Providers come to my own home, where I know my surroundings better. When she open the door I definitely did blubber about nothing for a few minutes, almost forgetting Covid protocols. It wasn’t that strange as I have been in the situation before with 5 other providers in the past. Q: Have you learnt anything from being in a “Client’s shoes”? The butterflies and the anticipation you feel in your stomach and almost the sensation of unease while I was in the Uber going to the dungeon. That I have forgotten about! But what a delicious feeling. Q: When you got there, what was it like? Did you tell her you are also a Provider? She already knew as we were following each other on Twitter and I’ve had a few exchanges of DM with her the day prior, as my initial conversation and booking was made through the Ritual Chamber and Headmistress Sharazade who does do the correspondence. I booked for three hours to make sure we wouldn’t have to rush. We sat down for a few minutes to get to know each other a little bit and talk about what kinks I would like to do that evening, and what my limits are. Then we started by doing some deep breathing exercises so that I would unbunch all of my muscles and calm my nerves. Q: Did you pick up any tips or inspiration for your own work? Have you ever had female Clients before? Or had Companions contacting you wishing to see you as a Client? No I didn’t pick up anything that would inspired me (that I can think off right now). I've had probably 3 dozens women clients over the year, I’d say half of them alone, other half with their male partners for à ménage à trois. And I've had 4 providers that saw me as a client and after that two Providers and I became duo partners. Q: Seeing as you’re a genuine queer woman, do you offer interactive Duos? If so, how have you found Companions to partner up with? Oh I definitely do offer interactive duos hehe. I’ve probably had a good 350 over the past 11 years. Some were with girlfriends and some with other bisexual providers, that either I’ve met as friends or just through our mutual clients. Not right now, but I have had 3 relationships spanning over the past decade that are or were providers: a retired porn star, another Provider, a Pro Domme who also was a dancer. Q: I think the private SP area on Lyla would be great for finding these kinds of arrangements! Do you think there is much of a market for it? Wouldn't hurt to add! Most of these things are done through Twitter 😉 Q: Thank you so much for your time, Malika. Anything else you would like to add? A: Not that I can think off, thanks for letting me this interview. The only thing I will add as stated above, even if I do enjoy being submissive in the context of me seeing a Pro-Domme, I have not and never will offer this service as Malika Fantasy. They are plenty of amazing providers who do offer pro-sub service out there and you can use Lyla to find them.
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    More reason for you to do your research on the lady of your choice make sure she is reputable and legit before just sending money to anyone
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    Some of you may remember me as a frequent poster in the past, though I have been inactive lately. I am just dropping in to send good wishes to my old friends on the board, and hope that you are doing well. I will be back! Thank you all.
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    yeah......Save your money! LoL I was part of this site for close to a year. $10 to open a message that says hey........and never hear from them again. Sure was not worth the time, or money! Better to save the cash, and put towards an escort with a good reputation. Just my opinion 🙂
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    Not yet!! My website is a work in progress, but you can send me a message here, on Twitter (link in bio), or send an email to [email protected] Emma xx
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    Saint John hasn't been treating providers well when they do visit. Chatting with other providers, clients are no showing, negotiating and just being plain disrespectful. I don't blame them for not going back. I don't want to waste my time with people that no show, or those that refuse to screen and send deposits. I have done as asked (by clients) posting my schedule 2-4 weeks to arriving yet the inquiries from respectful people seem to dwindle every time I post. I do hope this is just a phase and it will get better when covid restrictions ease once again.
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    Let People ask whatever they want, you don’t always have to reply to their questions …. If you have nothing nice to say … just say nothing at all … let it be lol
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    Granted...just give us the time and date. No corruption.
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    Granted, world peace for all on earth. But opps, the chaos went to outer space and the aliens are furious! You've earned the title of "Mars's most wanted" 👽 I wish for an orgy 😲
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    Granted. But you have to spend three rest of your life in Paris Hilton's purse. I wish I could turn invisible
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    STUFFED SALMON 🤤 🎣 😋 Tried something for the second time & loved it just as much (if not MORE) than the first time I made it (practice does make perfect 😉) Shrimp & crab stuffed salmon fillets Sided with lemon roasted potatoes & garlic asparagus 🤤 🤤 #FoodPorn With my fave Pinot Grigio 🥂 One of my new faves DELICIOUS & definitely fun to make Super easy prep for something sooooo enjoyable 😋
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    Hello Lovers! Looking for a sweet escape, in need of a sensual seduction? Standing 5'2 135 lbs 34DD 27 32. Long silky brown hair, mesmerizing green eyes, tanned, toned skin. I'm a brunette bombshell that will leave you breathless and have you coming back for more. The art of seduction is my specialty. Please read my website http://www.melissablaze.com For those who like explore to kink https://melissablaze.com/kink Highly addictive! No Rush/No Regrets Serious inquires only! 100% Independent companionship for your pleasure. Follow me on Twitter @Melissablaze69 I look forward to meeting you! Melissa 506/688/1006 xoxo
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    This is an excellent post and I wanted to respond for a while and finally found enough time away from the books to do so. This reminds me of something that is said too many people who are about to perform on stage "the audience doesn't know what you were up to. As long as you keep moving forward with the entertainment like nothing has gone wrong, no one will be the wiser". Cops need evidence to lay charges. How are they to know this isn't just a friend or relative coming to visit? Unless you're handling cash or services in public there isn't much to worry about. Hearsay isn't binding. For myself if I was in this position I don't think I would hold the client responsible. I would try to understand their discomfort as ultimately they will be the one taking the charge, not I. There will be many other calls and they may even be one of them if shown such compassion. I do think it would be fair to keep any deposit that was offered but I wouldn't feel right about taking more. This is just as much about respecting the client as it is respecting the provider.
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    ❤️OCTOBER 2021 ❤️ 4th: Hosting 1-10pm Tuesday 5th: Hosting 1-10pm Friday 8th: Hosting 1-8pm Pre booking encouraged with my limited times available 🥰🥂 Contact via text or Email Priority booking given to regular or previously seen clients **I do not work on Wednesdays and Saturdays or Sundays ** To contact me the following two options are available Text on 1 (902) 930 1796 Email: [email protected] Website: www.mscharlottequinn1.ca **New rates September 1st 2021** Here’s a little recap of my rates, note no half hour appointments ☺️ In call/hosting: 1 hour $280 Subsequent hours $220 Out calls :$350 Subsequent hours $250 Travel to out of area calls $50p/h (at my discretion) ask for details I don’t sell or send pictures or videos Overnights with trusted established clients to be discussed I post regularly to my Twitter it’s honestly the best place to follow for up to date info and pics! You can find me @Charlotte1Quinn Duo partners available... Ask me for the juicy details!! 🔥 About me.... I am an all natural, bubbly, 5’6” energetic brunette! Sexy and insatiable I offer a very natural GFE and am incredibly easy to get along with! I have been in this line of work for over 7 years and love it more than ever, I have a fantastic reputation, I am low volume and as such pre booking with me is essential to avoid disappointment or long wait times I can make a good day great, an expert at putting a smile on your face and leaving you feeling breathless and enchanted, most definitely looking to come back again and again ... I am your guilty pleasure, your little secret addiction and your perfect drug... Take a look at my adverts on leolist and massage republic to get an idea of what I offer ...
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    In full support of this decision 🙌 It’s always been my thought that if a lady looks like her pics, provides the services she says she does, and is all-around safe to see and legitimate, then the number scales are all completely subjective. One man’s “3 stars” is another man’s “5 stars”, so rating systems don’t provide any real value or insight to clients - imo. That and so many factors on the clients end go without mention in the “subpar” ratings - poor hygiene, impolite mannerisms, disrespecting boundaries, , showing up late, etc, all have an impact the level of service I can provide without compromising my health and safety.
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    Echoing what the other ladies have said, I was visiting Saint John for the past year 2-3 times a month. I haven’t visited much in the past six months as even with deposits I’ve been getting cancelled on consistently. It’s been unfortunate to try to visit and then waste my own time so I haven’t been back but I’m hoping for November & December to get a few visits in!
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    Someone comments a wish; and anyone can comment (just quote it) and corrupt it. I added a photo for an example; another example would be like: I wish I had a million dollars! -Granted but you can only spend it on bananas lol 😅❤️🍌 NOTE: Please try to make it fun and light hearted so try not to use really heavy and meaningful wishes (I know that can be hard and I actually had quite a hard time picking one myself.) I’ll start with: I wish I could control the weather 😅❤️🌻☀️⛈🌈
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    Wine Me Dine Me Baby don't deny Me I Want To Please You Make You Feel Shiny And New Let Me Be You're Girlfriend Let's See How I Bend And When We Part With A Smile Just Keep My Number On Redial What can I say this is one treat you will love to dine with again and again. Classy, Sassy So if you play nice you may even get to play twice. Once is not enough to fully appreciate what this Lady is like, 5' 5" tall with an amazing set of curvy hips that beg to be held on to, very short curly auburn hair that fingers can smooth through , warm inviting eyes and a very, very pretty face, all this with a sparkling personality,nimble talented hands, and the great conversations are even thrown in for free. Roll playing, couples and Fetish. massage, so much more available, TODAY: Bring me a nice sweet Rose get 10 off 120 roses/half hour, 200 roses/hour, 260roses/hour and half, 360 roses/2hours Cerb Members Special Massage Rate: 100 roses/half hour 130 roses/45 min 160 roses/1 hour Jolie XoX 613-513-9294
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    Granted! Your energy is back to when you were 5 but so is your mentality. Your coworkers are all confused as to why you're sitting on top of your desk eating cereal in your underwear despite the important deadline. In the lunch room, a co worker walks in and eagerly turns on the football game. You instantly throw a tantrum forcing him to switch it back to Paw Patrol. Now everyone blames you for why they can't stop singing the theme song 😝 I wish I was on the beach in Jamaica 🏖️😎
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    count me in on that sexy lady 😘
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    granted but your time remote control runs only when toronto wins the stanley cup i wish i was charlize theron’s thong
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    LMFAO. I don't think you realize how game for that I would be. Granted. You can only turn invisible when someone speaks to you.
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    Well you want the best of the best?? Call lexi i know how to treat a man, like the king he is!!well if u want a woman that knows how to show you a good time then I'm ur girl im a sexy blonde, with sparkling green eyes. Beautiful face and the body of goddess❗ Warning this beauty is highly addictive I'll leave you craving for more!! Dail my # before someone else beats you to it ☎(506)471-6957☎ 💯% Satisfaction guaranteed!! ✔Professional & Discreet ✔Un-rushed service ✔Clean and safe. ✔out calls/incalls ✔No appointment necessary
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    Granted, but you do all the hard work and the clone spends time with the ladies. I wish I live long but never get older
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    A few things: Do not mention explicit services on Lyla. This is a massage discussion thread - there should be no mention of "happy endings" or extras. Use your PM if you want to discuss things privately, but insinuating that massage therapists offer extras can be really damaging! Do not mention people on the DND list. More people have been added, please take a look. No negative reviews. I've handed out a few warnings for comments that are pretty much negative reviews. No sharing of addresses and phone numbers. Just provide the booking link. Other information is not for you to share. No mention of old names that therapists use. There's a reason why people change their names. They could've been outed or doing it for security reasons. Please can you take a look at our rules as a refresh. This section has got really bad recently. Thank you!
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    Unfortunately there is a 100% relevancy. If the add suggests a body type of one piticular type. And the add is extremely misleading in that regard. Then THAT is the relevancy. Like it or not. That is a fact. And no amount of you not liking it makes it less true. Period.... full stop. When someone pays for a service. They would expect the add to be accurate and honest. Now with that being said. There is of course some lee way where one is just splitting hairs over something minor. As stated above.... most men love woman of all body shapes and sizes. I know I personally do. But most would expect the adds and visuals to be recent and accurate. But when the add suggests a certain body type. And the reality is of another totally different body type and or size. That is misleading and dishonest. I would assume that is all that they are suggesting.
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    I had that experience a couple of times. When I pulled in the hotel parking there were already 2 and 3 police car in the parking away from the entrance. I texted my companion as usual to let her know I had arrived. Once I got her reply I knew it was all good. I just grabbed my carry-on size bag from my back seat and went in as though I owned the place. I figured that if something was wrong my companion would have let me know in some way. Both times had a great visit and when I walked all cops were gone. Trying to not look suspicious is best. Actually, don't try, just don't act suspicious!
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    Hello, I have my old number back and will be working in moncton again. Sorry I went MIA for a while. Xo
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    Absolutely no offence taken, my darling! These conversations are so important and this one in particular highlighted some issues that definitely needed to be ironed out! I took a good look at the Winnipeg Massage Discussion forum and issued over 20 warnings and hid a hell of a lot of content. So it was necessary. On that note - please, no one feel afraid or uncomfortable to call me out or raise issues. It's how we learn, improve and keep Lyla a toxic free environment! Big love ❤️
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    I will apologize in advance for the rant as I feel the need to clarify my last comment. I seriously think @lydiahardwood /admins/mods need to seriously clean up the Massage Discussion forums. LYLA has a clear rule against the promotion/mention of sexual services, something well understood in most forums. But in many massage discussion, there's a culture of directly asking and heavily implying adult services are offered. Something I seen in a majority of inquiry threads and from members who should seriously know better. There no circumstances were anyone should ask if a normal massage or extras! And replying "I left happy" should NOT be acceptable! It's NOT clever and certainly NOT subtle! EVERYBODY understand the meaning, including cops and therapists! And FYI, every posts, recos/reviews will pop-up in Google searches. Comments implying "extras" are crippling for massage therapists offering health services. They end up with unwanted clients/patients and lose job opportunities because they're considered liabilities for places offering insurance receipts. This is not something I'm pulling out of my as.., This is a long time problem with real consequences. Once or twice a year we see news articles like this: Some registered massage therapists in unregulated provinces offering sex for sale and insurance receipts | CBC News Describing sexual harassment, men not understand the difference between MA's and RMT's and insurance fraud. If ladies(or gentlemen) want to offer erotic massages, they can mention on their webpages/ads, clarify details in private communications or offer it in person. But if you feel the need to ask, DO IT PRIVATELY and POLITELY! Hope I was clear enough and changes will come sooner than later.
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    Ouch! Not what I meant at all! Granted. But your unicorn is an asshole! I wish I we're 16 again!
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    Granted. You are also 90. I wish for super strength!
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    I wish for no snow or rain this winter
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    It is me, im new to this and will post reviews once i get them. thanks
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    I had the pleasure of seeing this lovely lady a couple times recently. I had been surveying the layout of the land, looking for a companion who was like the girl nextdoor, so to speak. She is a very genuine, sexy, unique women. I opted for the happy ending massage. The massage was incredible. We laughed, joked and carried on like we knew each other for years.
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    Hey gang. As you know, the community's feedback is not only welcomed, it is listened to. Riley Pierce recently started a thread on Twitter about star/number ratings on reviews. The replies from SPs were nearly always saying that they are demeaning. Based on that feedback, we have removed star ratings on recommendations. We hope you welcome this new change and as always, please come to me with any suggestions or changes we can make to help Lyla be a positive place, and not one of toxicity. ❤️
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    Thanks, Lydia (and the rest of the team behind the scenes). This is definitely a move in the right direction.
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    I agree with the decision. In most instances, those rating scores are polarizing. The full 5 or 10 stars are mostly given by courtesy and the one, half-star or zero are often used for bullying, intimidation and unrelated messages. As we're keeping the ability to react (like, thanks,...), feedback and approval can still be expressed. Thank you. 👍
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    Well that escalated quickly :S To be clear, it was not my intent to insinuate that there were problems with the moderation on this forum. I think we've hit the sweet spot where there's enough freedom for people to show their true colours while still maintaining a sense of decorum. I'd hate to see that change. My intent in posting this was to generate a discussion around the lack of effort that some folks, often newbies that don't know any better yet, show when posting for information, and what we as more experienced and active forum users could do to better inform/educate people. In my experience with managing and coaching people, they learn new behaviours best when: - We show them the expectations - We model the expectations - We provide coaching/feedback - We show that not meeting expectations does not give them the result they are looking for So this was the point I was hoping to make, that instead of providing all the info they were looking for, we instead give them the tools and some coaching to allow them to achieve their goals of finding that perfect companion. I've always said that the way a potential client interacts with people in a semi anonymous forum such as this, speaks volumes about what they would be like to deal with in person. With all the complaints I see (especially on Twitter) from SP's about the complete lack of effort from potential new clients to the point where they simply text "available?" without bothering to read the ad they found the number on, I'd think that this forum is providing a lot of information about some of these new folks to the providers here. But hey, that's the great thing about the poll, it shows that people don't agree with me on this point. And that's cool, to each their own. This was always about trying to make this already great forum even better, but I can certainly admit when I'm wrong about something. @lydiahardwood Quoting the bard William Martin Joel - Don't go changing, to try and please me, you've never let me down before -- I love you just the way you are.
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    Hey everyone. I hear your feedback and will try to take it all onboard and answer as fairly as I can. We have done what we can to make it as clear and easy for new member as possible. This includes: - Sending them a welcome DM explaining the rules - Having the "new to this" forum at the top on the homepage - Having the FAQs clearly visible As Greenteal mentioned, many people were saying that Lyla was over moderated before. In my eyes, the kind of posts asking "does anyone know this Provider", "where can I find a good Provider in x" may be a bit annoying to those of us who have been here a long time and understand how to use the board. But they're 1) not dangerous and 2) boards are kind of hard to use if you're not used to them (throwback to feeling completely out of my depth in my first month or two working here). I'm not excusing the laziness, just accepting that boards can be hard to navigate and people rarely read things properly, especially a big welcome message full of texts. ESPECIALLY when you're just looking for a quick recommendation or advice on finding a Companion. I have a couple of concerns regarding "cracking down" on these type of posters. - It may come across as pedantic to a new user - I don't want to discourage very needed activity here - I believe that mine and other Mods' time and efforts are better spent on moderating dangerous content, advertising schedules for Providers on Twitter, conducting interviews etc. My advice to you is: - Please do report these threads when you see them, if you have the time and energy, and we will remove or reply as necessary. Most likely with a link to GT's very helpful thread so they can learn to do their own research by themselves - If you get frustrated by them, don't reply. In the words of Elsa: let it goooo The actions I am inclined to take off the back of this: - Clean up the massage discussion area as per GT's suggestion as the points he has raised are fundamentally against our rules as opposed to being a bit annoying - Edit the welcome message to make it even clearer how to look up recommendations Any feedback is welcomed. ❤️
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