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    Each time I do one of these interviews I'm blown away by how much I've learnt and how many strong and interesting voices there are here in Canada! This week we've interviewed @SamGaines, male escort and intimacy expert. Have a look at his website here. Q: Hey Sam! Thanks for agreeing to being interviewed by us - I’ve seen your website and you seem like a really interesting guy to speak to (guys if you haven’t checked Sam out already have a look at his website here)! So first of all, tell me a bit about yourself and your career so far? A: Hello and thanks for interviewing me 😉 I have been doing this for about 2 years now. I was doing something totally unrelated to this before, and I spent quite a bit of time thinking about what I should do that is fulfilling and meaningful. I am not one to be bound to conventions so I knew that this would be an unconventional way for me to help women and give them the intimacy a woman needs from a man. I find it very fulfilling and know this is what I am meant to do. Outside of this, I am passionate about health, exercise, and the human experience. I would describe my personality as honest and to the point, with a strong sense of direction and passion. Q: On your website I see that you state you’re a straight Companion. Do you exclusively see women? A: Yes, I am for women only. Q: I can see that the services you offer are quite varied. What are some of the reasons that people come to see you? A: Women come to me for a variety of reasons. It could be that they feel lonely and want somebody who they can touch and talk to. It may be that they are looking for a real connection with a man. They may want someone who is not afraid to be a man. It may be that they want to feel fulfilled physically and emotionally. When it boils down to it, all of this is about intimacy. Women often see me because they are missing intimacy in their life. It is rare that a woman experiences real intimacy with a man. I think a woman deep down knows this is what she wants, but it is often difficult for her to articulate it, or even know what it feels like because she has never actually felt it. She often comes to me with a hope that she can experience what real intimacy is like with a man. I also find that sometimes a woman sets her expectations quite low, due to her own bad previous experiences with men. I think a woman will also do this as an emotional insurance policy. That way, if things don’t work out the way she had hoped, she is not very disappointed. I can sense this and I love to exceed any expectations a woman has about what real intimacy is about. This is such a great feeling and I feel blessed that I am able to do this with a woman. Yes women want physical intimacy, but before any of that happens they need to know if they can trust the man. Do they respect the man? Is he honest? Is he a sociopath? Is he only interested in himself? A man may be physically attractive, but that means nothing if a woman cannot trust him. Women are vulnerable and men are there to care for and protect women. If a woman feels like the man does not care about her and her interests, and only cares about his own, then she cannot trust him. If she cannot trust him, then she cannot be open to him emotionally and therefore physically. Q: I see that you like to use holistic methods in your intimacy coaching. What does “holistic” mean in this sense and why is it your prefered method? A: I use the word holistic because it takes into account everything that a woman needs, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. A woman needs a man to care for her, so that she can express herself in the world without fear. However, she needs a man with a developed character to do that. Someone who she can trust. Someone who she knows is able to care about her due to his own overcoming of selfish desires that plague most men. When a man is able to love her in this way, she can and will love him back, which is a beautiful thing. This nourishes the human spirit. Q: Are you out to your family/friends about your career? If so, what are their thoughts? A: My family, no. Some close friends yes. Most people don’t understand what I do and don’t want to understand, which I have accepted. Q: Do you think there is a stigma for seeing male escorts? And if so, do you think it’s a similar level of stigma compared to the rest of the industry, or is there more/less because you’re a man? A: Well, I don’t think a woman feels good if she goes and tells all her friends and family about seeing a male escort. The reason for this is because most people are going to have their own biases. And a lot of those biases are correct, in that most male escorts are just there to act mechanically and use fake emotion. Sounds nice eh? What I do is completely opposite to that, and most people are not able to understand that, or even want to. They are not able to understand the situation of the woman and what she actually needs. But then that should tell you what kind of friends you want to have anyway if they can’t even understand something that has a positive effect on you. So yes, there may be stigma of a woman seeing me, but that is just due to a lack of understanding. If your friends don’t want to understand, then get new friends. Q: What is your typical Clientele like? Male/female/couples? A: They are female, who are typically either single or divorced. The common thread is that they have not had the best luck with men, for various reasons. I am there to restore faith and hope into mankind, as cheesy as it sounds. I am very lucky to have the pleasure of meeting very nice, kind, caring, and thoughtful women. It is very rare that I am contacted by someone who is rude or disrespectful. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some are insecure about their appearance. I am a man who loves women so this is not a concern for me. After spending some time with me, their insecurities go away. Q: We talk a lot about feminism and misogyny here at Lyla. But I’m interested to hear if you tend to have negative experiences on the flip side, seeing female Clients. Have any Clients ever overstepped the mark? A: I am happy to say I haven’t experienced this. Yes there have been some rude people contacting me, but it never goes further than a text message. I have had some encounters that felt a bit impersonal, but I was fortunately able to turn things around and establish a deeper connection. This is the part of what I do that is challenging but also rewarding. I like difficult things and overcoming them. There are some women who may come to me who are guarded or posture themselves. This is a defence mechanism. We are not able to be intimate when we are guarding ourselves. It is my job as a man to soften a woman. A woman can only soften when she feels she is not threatened. I love to see the softening of a woman, because then she can really be herself. It is exhausting for a woman to have to harden and protect herself. It is unnatural and disease causing. Unfortunately this is becoming more common in our time. Q: Are there any comments that people make when they’re booking that make you uncomfortable or that you see as a red flag? A: Yes all the time. It’s just part of the job and you have to remember, I am putting myself out there, so it will attract the wrong kind of people. It just comes with the territory. But I am not a snowflake so I just deal with them accordingly. Q: What are some of the most common questions you get asked? A: I often get asked if I see older women, as they know they are older than me. Women are often self-conscious about their age. I look at the female-ness in the woman, which is ageless, and the most beautiful thing to a man. I am there to bring it out in her more. Her age is superficial and I don’t care about superficial things. I care about substance. A lot of women ask me questions to see if I am the real deal. They want to know if I am honest. They want to know I am who I say I am. I spend as much time as necessary to make sure they know who I am, and what I am all about. It is understandable that a woman is cautious. This is because women are putting themselves out there and being vulnerable. It is different for men, so men often don’t understand the vulnerability that a woman has. I am there to make sure she trusts me and sees that I care about her wellbeing. Q: Have you had many Clients get cold feet during a session? How did you handle it? A: Fortunately this has never happened. That is because I never move too fast. If they have any insecurities or worries, I am there to work them through it. That is what I am here for. There is no rush with me 😉 To see a woman open up is a beautiful process and it must be done with love and care. Q: Do you enjoy what you do? What’s your favourite thing about it? A: Yes absolutely. My favourite thing about it is seeing them smile in a way they never have before when it has been so long years since they have. Sometimes they break down and cry because it is so touching for them. It is really moving. It is difficult to describe the feeling. I will give you a real life story. One woman I met had been in a very emotionally abusive relationship. It was extremely toxic. She was from a very traditional background. Divorce can either be illegal or extremely frowned upon with serious social and economic consequences. Due to her fear of leaving, she felt trapped. Actually I knew she wasn’t trapped, but getting out was going to cause some temporary pain. It would be worth it in the end. Why do I think it is worth it? Because living in a hell is always worth risking getting out of. Sometimes we don’t see it that way because the hell we are living in is “normal” and somewhat comfortable, so we accept it. Miraculously she mustered up the courage to contact me (not an easy thing to do if you know her background). After much anxiety and talking back and forth, we finally ended up meeting. I knew I could help her but she had so many concerns and worries, which was understandable. She was extremely nervous to meet me, for a variety of reasons. She had never been with another man. What if her friends and family found out? We finally ended up meeting. I could tell she was emotionally traumatized. She was shaking the whole time. Not because she was nervous, but because of her trauma. After meeting, I could see her softening. Keep in mind her lifetime experience with men was not so positive, so she was extra cautious and guarded around me. After some time she was able to finally relax. I could see an internal shift in her. After we met, she ended up getting out of her toxic relationship and moving forward in a positive direction. The next time we met she was like a completely different person. She was smiling, genuinely. We still keep in touch and she is now in a much happier place. Q: What advice would you give a man looking to get into escorting? A: Ask yourself if you have the emotional capacity to care for women. It requires character development. It takes a dedication if one wants to really help women. It also requires a healthy mind and body. Getting to where I am requires a keen desire to challenge and confront your own deficiencies. Technically, anyone with a pulse can become a male escort, but it doesn’t mean you can understand somebody. It doesn’t mean you can feel what they feel. It doesn’t mean you can care about another person. These are the real things that matter. Good looks do not compensate for character flaws. Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to seek out a male escort? A: Listen to your gut. Spend some time getting to know them. If they are too impatient to get to know you, then you already know what you will get. Evaluate them like how you would evaluate dating someone. Do they care about you? Are they just self-interested? Are they dishonest? Men are designed to care for and love women. Women are designed to evaluate whether a man can do that or not. It is quite simple really. Q: Thanks so much for your time, Sam. Have you got anything else you’d like to add? A: I want to say thanks for reaching out to me for this interview. I am very passionate about what I do and I think if done right it can really help people. I am here to give women what they need from a man. I just use my profession as an unconventional way to do it 😉
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    Hey lovers! Apologies that this week's interview is a little late. I'm excited to share this one with the wonderful @JuneStarr on what it means to be sex positive. You'd think that everyone is positive about sex, right? Well, perhaps not. Have a read and please comment with your thoughts! ❤️ Q: Hey June! It’s great to have the chance to talk to you. Tell me a bit about yourself! A: The pleasure is mine! My name is June Starr and I am an escort. For the sake of this interview I will try my best to keep my answers brief, but this is a topic I could discuss for days on end. Q: Would you call yourself a sexual person? And if so, have you always been? A: Yes I would call myself a sexual person, and I would say I have been from the get go. I didn't always know what to do about it, or how to embrace it, so for most of my young life I hid it. But I have always been this way. Q: What does sex positivity mean to you? A: To me sex positivity means embracing and accepting your sexuality and desires as well as those of others. As long as no harm is being done, there is nothing wrong with taking a trip to bone town, or talking about it, or making jokes about it. You're straight and your gay friend got laid. Get it girl! Who cares that you're not into the same thing? The world is a tough place and your friend is swimming in endorphins and happiness. Celebrate! Q: Why is sex positivity needed? A: Because sex and the sexual world are not inherently bad or evil! I think there is a lot of freedom in approaching to the topic of sex from a neutral or positive place. Approaching it from a negative mindset really limits us. I also think sex positivity leads to more radical self acceptance, and acceptance of others who are different from us. Q: What stigmas around sex do you think need to disappear? A: All of them of course! One in particular I can think of that needs to go out with the trash is the stigma around not climaxing. In my opinion climaxing is not the point of having sex. Having sex is the point of having sex. Don't worry about climax, worry about making your partner and yourself feel good. Q: How do you think we can make that happen? A: I think creating situations where we can discuss our desires without judgement, but rather with curiosity, is a good place to start. "You're into what? Ok, what about that turns you on? Ohhhhh, that makes sense. Want to give it a try?" and boom suddenly you're having the kind of sex you want to be having! Q: What was it like when you were growing up? Do you feel like sex education was comprehensive enough? A: HA! I’m from a very conservative place where our sex ed was abstinence only scare tactics. “If you have sex, you WILL get pregnant and be shunned”. My sex ed came from Literotica. I grew up knowing that sluts are fun but don’t get brought home to meet mom. Good girls get married, and sluts aren’t good girls, so if you put out you'll never get married. Be attractive but don't be a tease, “good” but not boring... did I mention my town had one bar and seven churches? One young lady in town had a reputation for "having a mattress strapped to her back" and it was hard for her to find a job as a result. Nobody wanted to hire the town bicycle. This of course was not the case for the randy young men in town, they found jobs easily. It is not a sex positive place, full of double standards. Q: I personally feel like things are improving. Female masturbation is talked about more now. I remember telling my school friends I did it and they were disgusted, but now we’re all comparing sex toys. What advice would you give to someone who feels ashamed about their sexuality? A: That sexuality is a normal and natural part of our entire person. Even the Catholic Church agrees (where are all those babies supposed to come from? Spores in the ground?). Self acceptance is key. How can you fight the stigmas from society when you're fighting yourself? It might be the case that your sexuality is different from others', and that is really hard. Your path to self acceptance may be a particularly hard one. But you can spend your whole life hiding yourself from the world, or you can spend your life enjoying yourself. Hiding is exhausting, and if you ever get tired of it there's always the alternative. Q: Are there any things you struggle with still and are working to overcome? A: Oh yes! I still struggle quite a lot with stigma surrounding period sex. While I *know* this isn't the case, I have a hard time *believing* that non-period havers are not universally disgusted or afraid of my period. I'm still working on not automatically apologizing after period sex. Q: Love your inclusive language there! The sex industry… in general, do you think it’s had a positive or negative effect on people’s relationships with sex? Can we have some examples? A: I don't have nearly enough experience in the industry to be able to speak in generalities! From what I've seen though it appears to have had a positive or effect on most everyone I've encountered. Some examples: One of my clients was working through some trauma, and doing a great job, but was getting stuck when it came to "bedroom things". Coming to a professional took away the fear of rejection and the pressure to be romantic, and he was able to relax and enjoy himself. The feedback seemed to indicate he found the experience to be very positive, and helped his healing journey greatly. Another client came to me because they wanted to be more knowledgeable and confident in their own skills. They wanted to try different things that were maybe going to be awkward at first, so they came to a professional who could help guide them. Once this person had a handle on the basic mechanics, they seemed to really be enjoying themselves! It was wonderful to see them grow this way! A third client would visit for two hours once a month, during which time he didn't have to give his all to his family. We got to focus on his desires and his wants and having sex the way he liked to have it. This client could then go home fulfilled and be the most attentive, loving, doting father and husband he could be. To me these all seem to point to how sex and the sex industry can be used in so many ways to have a positive effect on our lives. Q: Thanks for your time, June. Is there anything else you’d like to add? A: Black lives matter. Indigenous women matter. Racism is bad for the economy.
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    Congratulations to our final two winners - @Katherine of Halifax and @MsManda! I will message you both to claim your prize now. Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's! ❤️❤️❤️
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    Happy Sunday beauties! I am so excited to share this interview with @pipernorth with you. It's about a topic I know I need to be better educated on, and I'm sure you guys will appreciate the points raised here too. If you enjoyed this, please remember to like and comment! ❤️ Q: Hey Piper. It’s lovely to get the opportunity to talk to you and get to know you better. First things first, can you tell me a bit about yourself and your career in this industry so far? A: Thanks for asking me to do this! I’m a full-service sex worker (escort) offering service to all genders as a trans non-binary, queer service provider. This has been my full-time job since starting in February 2019. I’ll be expanding my service options to include therapeutic and somatic sessions in the next couple of years, as I’m currently in school for social services (counselling) and somatic sex therapy. Q: For anyone that isn’t familiar with the term “non-binary”, can you explain it in your own words? A: It’s someone, generally, who does not identify as strictly a binary man or a woman, or is someone who is a type of combination of genders or outside of standard gender identities (not to be confused with intersex). Q: I apologise in advance if any of these questions sound ignorant - I’ll be honest that this isn’t a topic I know enough about. Which is why I am grateful for this interview with you! So what about gender fluidity, is that the same thing? A: Gender fluidity can fall under the non-binary umbrella but isn’t always the same. Genderfluid typically means someone whose gender is fluid rather than set – It can mean someone feeling more pull to one gender over another and having that change over time, whether that be man, woman, or something else. That being said, not all non-binary people are genderfluid. Q: Are there any other terms for non-binary we should be aware of? A: The most common terms used for non-binary can include genderfluid, bigender, or agender. It’s important to use the term set by the person and not make assumptions about what term they use or gender they identify with. Q: So I’ll hold my hands up here, the reason we are even doing this interview is because of a cock up on my part. I added your schedule to our social media but used the incorrect pronouns for you. You rightly called me out for that. Tell me, is that something you get a lot? A: Daily. It’s fucking exhausting to be constantly correcting people. I find I pull away from being in public or engaging with people outside of my close inner circle just so I don’t have to deal with it and do the work of validating myself later. Q: How does it make you feel when someone uses the wrong pronouns? A: A lot of the time I get frustrated or angry, especially when it’s someone who has seen that I’m non-binary and use they/them pronouns and just doesn’t do the work to use my proper pronouns. From those people, I see it as them not caring enough to do the work. From strangers, it’s a lot of eye-rolling on my part for the constant assumption. For a long time I had space for misgendering but the longer I deal with it, the less patience I have. Q: Generally speaking, do people apologise and then correct themselves in future? A: Eh, rarely. The worst part is when people make it about them. If someone corrects you on pronoun use, just simply repeat the sentence with the right pronouns and move on. Excuses shift the focus to the person who misgendered… then I have to make them feel better or validate their excuse, which is just more unnecessary labour for me. Q: What about the flip side, does anyone get rude/inconsiderate? A: All. The. Time. I get it mostly from men who end up saying really degrading and transphobic things to me. I’ve had death threats (from civvy men and from people contacting me through work), insults about my genitalia and body, degrading comments about my general existence, and threats of violence or sexual abuse – all stemming from my gender identity. Q: What about people who aren’t necessarily rude or unwilling, but perhaps a bit ignorant? In your experience, what’s the best way to educate these people? A: I have yet to find the “best” way to educate those who are wilfully ignorant. To be perfectly honest, this kind of work (educating others) is the work of allies to the trans community, not trans people themselves. Trans people put up with shit on a daily basis just living our lives and existing, and we put a lot of work into keeping ourselves safe and relatively happy. For cisgendered or heterosexual allies, they have a lot more capacity because they don’t have to put up with that, and I call on them to help us eliminate transphobia. Q: I know that the concept isn’t a new one, but it’s definitely being spoken about more now. Have you always realised you were non-binary? Or has this recent surge in awareness made you recognise it more? A: I’ve known from childhood that I was queer but felt different from the general gay community. I knew that trans people existed, as I have a few trans extended family members, but never exactly wanted to identify specifically as a man or a woman. It was about seven years ago that I was exploring “alternative” gender academic writings and suddenly, it all made sense. I slowly starting experimenting with pronouns and came out fully about four years ago. Q: Relating to work, what are your clients like? Do you often get non-binary clients? A: I don’t often, no, but would absolutely love to! Since starting work nearly two years ago I’ve only had a small number of non-binary or queer clients. The advertising platforms available are catered to cis men so getting word out to trans and queer clients is more difficult. Majority of my clients are cishet (cisgendered, heterosexual) men. Q: I can see from your website that you’re a very caring person who caters to different people and minorities. I love that about you! A: I see marginalized people, yes (a term I use rather than minority). I want all people of all races, genders, sexualities to feel seen, held, and celebrated in who they are – and know that they are worthy of connection and intimacy. Q: Can you give us some tips on how to be respectful when talking to a non-binary person? For example, are there any microaggressions where people may not realise they’re being offensive? A: Don’t bring up their gender unless they do first. Let them take the lead on any gender-related subjects or conversations. Just talk to us like you’d talk to anybody else! We’re still human, just like you, and want to be treated as such. Q: Thanks so much for your time, Piper. Is there anything else you’d like to add? A: Thanks for asking me to do this! I hope it'll help open up some conversations and encourage further learning in those who need to do more work and understanding. For further reading, check out this resource on gender identities (https://teentalk.ca/learn-about/gender-identity/) and the gender spectrum (https://genderspectrum.org/articles/understanding-gender).
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    Happy Valentines Day everyone! Today's topic is about what it really means to be a Companion with Alexis Lux from @BrassClub. ❤️❤️❤️ Q: Hey Alexis! Thanks for sparing time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for me. First up, how are you?! How have the past few months been for you? A: No Problem love, thanks for giving me something to do lol. To be very honest the past few months have been very tough considering pandemic and all. Mentally & Financially Eveything has been very slow, unfortunately. Business is still going forward as always, just because of COVID-19 I’ve been limiting my sessions per day to maximum 2-3 Clients with no GFE. Because of the “lockdowns” and such. Q: Can you tell me a bit about your career so far? Is escorting the only form of sex work you’ve done? A:I started around 10 years ago, just dancing in strip clubs back when money was regular and people still appreciated the strip club scene. I’ve worked in New York, Texas, Atlanta, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, London, Belleville, Pickering, Mississauga, Ottawa and so forth. Dancing is my passion and I miss it dearly, the reason I turned to escorting and massage is because unfortunately the strip club scene has plummeted dramatically in the past 10 years, I feel that gentlemen think because, escorts are much cheaper for a much more satisfying experience that’s where they should spend there hard earned money instead of the clubs. Currently I’m a Upscale Escort & Massage Attendant at The Brass Club Ottawa. Formerly went by the name Heidi or Heidi Quinn. Q: It’s coming up to the most romantic day of the year (apparently). Do you ever work on Valentine’s Day? Do bookings generally seem higher? A: Over the years I’ve always liked to work holidays during the “night shift” because, then I can enjoy my day and also help those lonely gents, on a day made for love. Everyone needs to feel loved sometimes. Q: What’s the average length of time that Clients come to see you for? A: Usually when clientele realize that my photos are authentic, my appointment times extend. My Regulars see me anywhere from 2hrs-12hrs, newer clients usually an hour plus. Last night I enjoyed an amazing 5 hour dominatrix session with a first time client. Q: So in that length of time, I’m assuming it’s not all the obvious. Can you give us a bit of insight into what kind of companionship many people are after? A: Oh of course, during my longer “dates” there’s many different options. Sometimes I will accompany my date to a beautiful dinner, shopping, movies or activity’s such as events or work meetings. Other sessions I have been flown out to different city’s and country’s to meet for weekend adventures. And then the “at home” dates I cook dinner we watch movies or listen to music enjoy a good glass of champagne or red wine some snacks and what not. The companionship is what most clients are looking for an connection, once that’s there then it makes for an amazing evening. Q: Do you ever have Clients who just want to chat? A: Yes I have done 5+ hours with clients whom I really enjoy deeply that just want to talk and hangout, my Snapchat and Skype calls are popular for that as well. Q: I think this Pandemic has made us appreciate how important human connection is. Everyone deserves companionship. Do you think that wider society appreciates that Companions provide emotional support? A: To be Blunt and very honest NO! I think the “vanilla world” has so many misconceptions of sex workers it’s unreal. Myself I do know and believe that Providers do give an amazing amount of emotional, mental and sexual support! Q: Being a sex worker is so much more than being physically attractive - would you say your emotional intelligence and awareness has increased due to your job? A: Yes of course, clients want to see smart, loving, funny, happy women! They are the prettiest of course inner beauty to me trumps physical beauty. But, all that we go through as providers has defiantly heightened my awareness! Q: I’m assuming that IRL bookings have decreased somewhat in the past year, thanks to the obvious. I see you’re on Only Fans - how is that going? A: IRL meetings are pretty difficult and not as fruitful as before all this craziness but, only fans is an A M A Z I N G, platform to advertise and please while also being safe. I have hundreds of videos and pictures, I’m also working on a lot more b/g, g/g content for my fans. I post almost on the daily and currently am in the top 10% of creators, and hoping to get to the top soon enough! My only difficulty with OF is how to promote myself is a little bit lacking because, I had taken 2 years off from the industry. So I’m currently building back my platform, also my old twitter AlexisBrassClub was deleted at 1,500 an account I’ve had since 2016! So sad. While this pandemic is still in full affect, everyone don’t be shy go subscribe - https://onlyfans.com/alexiisuncensored Q: Do you think that Clients who want online services want the same kind of companionship as Clients who book you IRL? Or is it different? A: I Believe there’s many different reasons why clients want to seek online services and the biggest are DISCRETION, SAFETY because of the pandemic , & or they live far from where you are located! I think all clients are looking for fun and connection no matter how the service is provided weather it be online or IRL. Q: Are there any Clients whose companionship you really appreciate? A: OMG, most fav question!! Yes of course there are many clients, some I’ve been seeing for 10+ years whom are more of a now friends with mutual benefits, I can’t count how many of my regulars who I absolutely love to be honest there are way too many. For privacy reasons I cannot @ them or mention names, but they know who they are! Q: Thanks so much for your time, Alexis. I hope the Brass club is back open soon! Is there anything else you’d like to add? A: I hope they open again soon this lockdown is making everyone crazy!! Everyone is tense and most defiantly needs a relaxing massage with a spicy ending lol. I just want to take a minute to say thank you for having me, and appreciating sex workers! Giving us a voice and a chance to let everyone know just how we feel about our work! I’m just going to add my other social media platforms for people to subscribe or follow! Your a Doll Lydia. I can’t thank you enough! ❤️ For Bookings & Inquiries please contact 343•312•5715 [email protected] Twitter - @TheRealAlexiis Instagram - @alexiis Website - https://brassclub.ca Only Fans - https://onlyfans.com/alexiisuncensored Warm Regards From Your Favourite Italian Bombshell !! Alexis Luxx
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    Hi there admirers, There is a possibility we will get to Yellow zone by March 7 so i will be touring Fredericton, St.John, Miramichi and probably Bathurst or other cities if there are serious demand (with deposit). Simply let me know in advance. I will post the exact dates beginning of March and hopefully i can see you by end of March at the latest. New photos and videos of me were taken yesterday Feb.26 2021. For those who like me with less make up, check the second photo. For those who like my fit, athletic look, check the last photo. I keep myself being active even during winter, thanks to my pooches. More videos and photos with different looks on my website www.alliezeon.com, or better, more photos and daily news on my Twitter for sure, from video free of make up to a doll up look to freshly awakened in the morning 😚. I’m the real deal 😉 😝 In the meantime, if you are in Moncton area, i am only within 30 min away (Shediac-Cap.Pele area). Catch me before i fly:) Take the benefit of $`100 off in New Brunswick for EVERYBODY during the pandemic Enjoy:) Allie youtube video: SEDUCTIVE, SULTRY LOOK OF ALLIE ZEON FOR 2021 - YouTube (SULTRY, SEDUCTIVE VERSION) www.alliezeon.com AVAILABLE:) - YouTube (NAUGHTY, PLAYFUL, VERSION) ALLIE ZEON: TEASER VIDEO FEB.26 2021 - YouTube (FRIENDLY, INNOCENT VERSION)
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    Just like ANY job we have out off days and daily struggles. It’s Deff not an excuse but some of us could really use the money right now and are nervous about taking time off and not getting paid. If she was a lovely lady the first date I would give her a another chance. Sex workers are human and we have emotions as well. Bring her a gift and some wine next time you see her and ask how she is doing this will go a thousand miles and bring a smile to her face. If you love a SP treat her well even when she’s not feeling herself ❤️
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    Hi everyone :) This is Sam here. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts. I also want to say thanks to Lydia for taking the time to interview me. I will try to make sure to answer each question you guys have. Also if you have any other questions you want to ask me directly and discreetly, you can always contact me through my website www.samgaines.com or via email at [email protected]
  9. 9 points
    Another awesome contest, thanks @lydiahardwood! I would like to nominate @Exotic Touch Danielle who is a kind soul, beautiful person and damn is she sexy. Thanks
  10. 9 points
    Damnit Lydia! You stole my nomination. F-it, doing it anyway! @clearbluesky15 - you are literally the most amazing person I've ever met. You have always been an ear, a guide and an amazing soul... Im so glad we got to enjoy so much time together before you left. I miss you so much and I hope you get spoiled on Valentines day.
  11. 8 points
    I have a meeting scheduled with Sam early March. I have talked and FaceTimed with him and he is what he says he is. I am a widow and can usually find someone for just sex but what Sam offers is an intimate experience of being loved and to be loving. Also a friend and companion. Thanks for posting this interview. jj
  12. 8 points
    On this Valentines day I really want to wish a happy one to all our fine ladies of Lyla. I wish that some day when I retire(if that will ever happen) I will find the time to visit all of you and spend some quality time together. Also a special Valentines wish to Lydia and ModCat. Hugs and kisses to you all !
  13. 8 points
    Big neeews! Today's winner is the divine @Deanna Delight. I will message you with details on claiming your prize 🙂 I'm nominating @HenryOcean as my Valentine today ❤️
  14. 8 points
    We have our third winner! Congratulations @Kitten, I'll send you a DM so you can claim your prize. Today I would like to nominate @conquistador as my Valentine ❤️ 🌹
  15. 8 points
    I nominate the very lovely @Daysha Love. I've never met her (Ontario gent) but she is a straight shooter, thoughtful contributor here and does things that make lyla a better place. Specifically she has shared her photos in the 'Fun Threads' forum in the 'Keep on Tugging' and 'Best Bums' threads. Thank you Daysha! I would be remiss if I didn't thank @SarahAlexxx for doing the same thing and also congratulate her on being selected yesterday. Well deserved! One or two carefully selected photos from a lady's album add a lot to those threads and I truly enjoy lingering to admire them. For me, this makes lyla a better place :) Many good reasons to stay safe, Valentines..... especially since it would allow me to do a NS visit sooner!
  16. 8 points
    I would like to nominate @Katherine of Halifax!!! She is one of the best, most honest, talented and true person i have ever had the pleasure to meet...
  17. 8 points
    Am dying to meet @SarahAlexxx but haven’t had the chance yet. Her witty banter alone helps me know that I wish she was my valentine. If even for an hour...
  18. 8 points
    I also want to vote for a wonderful lady that is too far for me to see but I really love her pictures and how she participates on here. Here is a special Valentines day virtual hug to @Exotic Touch Danielle, XOXO
  19. 8 points
    There should be a Valentines day once a month and I would choose a different girl every month to be my special one. But since it's only once a year I want to vote for my top favorite girl I will go ahead and vote for @JessyCeleste.
  20. 8 points
    I would like to nominate @KylieJane. She has been steadfast in her support and encouragement. A true companion!
  21. 8 points
    I'd also like to nominate @OldandNerdy for being my very first Valentine in the industry. I went through the effort of putting a lovely date together, and he was the only one who took advantage. What a lovely day spent together... and I wish I could spoil you everyday like that. You deserve it.
  22. 8 points
    The world needs male escort like Sam just as much as all the fine ladies like the ones we have on here. I'm not single or divorced but I also need intimacy and comfort like all the ladies that see male escorts. Yes, Sam may be a good looking guy(from a woman point of view) but he has the character to do his job well and not everyone can do that. I'm reminded of the movie "Deuce Bigelow, male gigolo" where all he did was make the women feel good about their selves. Man and women are wired differently and not everyone can decipher all of that. Sam may have the magic touch to do so. Thanks @lydiahardwood for inviting him this week.
  23. 8 points
    Great interview and perspective, thanks again! I Ike that it illustrates in the end we are all human and have needs, and its more than the ‘mechanics.’
  24. 7 points
    There's a government petition on decriminalization: https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Sign/e-3132 If you care about sex workers and you're a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, please sign it!
  25. 7 points
    Oh Notch, you have no idea 😂 #coronaloner
  26. 7 points
    Freshly taken from NEW BRUNSWICK!!!! O Canada.....lol
  27. 7 points
    When I can't have sex I look for ice cream, that usually solves that problem. I have had 2 special ladies that inserted a prostate massager in me with my consent. I have to say that it was not that bad. I also agree that in this day and age there should be no more judging of people because of what they practice (except if it's illegal) and with whom they do it with.
  28. 7 points
    Hello all I just wanted to reach out and make a quick post. If this is in the wrong section admins feel free to move it ! if you’re looking to book with a lady PLEASE to your best ability do it in advance if possible. Obviously this can’t be done Everytime but will make the process easier on both parties. I recently had a member from the site reach out to me to make a booking keep in mind it is Friday and things get busy. As well as the fact that I stream live in between calls and escorting is not my only job pre bookings go a LONG way for me these days. I talked to said gentlemen back and forth ( if you booked me you know I respond RAPIDLY and so was he). We had no issue making arrangements until I asked him to send his deposit(20$) and confirmation. He also asked me to provide services for him that I do not offer. And once I mentioned to him that I have other inquiries and would need to know or else it will be listed as a red flag/time waster he accused me of black mailing him amongst other things. Now keep in mind I do not rush clients but it is Late afternoon and my bookings for the evening are not really accommodating to last minute appointments especially those less than two hours notice. This gentleman got extremely defensive and attempted to insult me. CLIENTS THIS WILL NOT GET YOU ANYTHING BUT BLOCKED AND REPORTED. Any Lyla member who has read my listing would know better than to do this. I just want to remind clients of proper booking etiquette the same way some of you might be busy working and don’t owe us a response the same thing goes for us! Please remember mutual respect, READING, pre booking are your best bet. No lady should be insulted because she’s trying to book you in. I am not the type to put any client on blast but some of the clients these days are having a big attitude and are just purely wasting time due to lack of knowledge on how to PROPERLY book a appointment. Remember even at walk in clinics,restaurants,literally any other appointment based service ITS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE and those with a reservation/deposit are going to be catered to first!!!
  29. 7 points
    They are not at all similar. Negative reviews are often overly personal, misogynistic and detrimental to an SP's business and privacy. Daysha's "venting" is merely a reminder and potential eye opener to Clients. It would be nice to see this feedback being received with empathy and understanding.
  30. 7 points
    I’d like to choose @MelanieRose she has been very sweet & helpful to me! I do not know her personally but she’s a genuine sweetheart & a real hottie 🔥
  31. 7 points
  32. 7 points
  33. 7 points
    With the amount of nominations this lady received it's no wonder she's today's winner! Congrats @MelanieRose I will send you a message so you can claim your prize! Another day, another $100... I'm nominating @StephanieMystique for being so glamorous, caring and strong even when faced with difficulties. Also she's a fellow redhead and we gotta stick together 😉 ❤️
  34. 7 points
    Welcome Gentlemen, For those of you who have not met me yet, I am Ms. Brooklyn Styles. Open minded, charismatic and accommodating to your needs and desires. A passionate, free spirited Woman who loves to indulge in her sensual and Naughty side. I have been dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure, and my goal is to be a breath of fresh, exhilarating air with my positive outlook and relaxing presence. Independent, reliable and always an authentic session, I'm a petite Woman with magic hands available to share unforgettable moments with you. I am selective in choosing my dates, so please introduce yourself and let me know what type of session you are seeking. Maturity and cleanliness is a must! When visiting please give the same respect you would going anywhere else in this Pandemic. Don't book if you are feeling sick and don't use Covid as an excuse to waste my time. Thank you in advance, Ms.B Styles 506-588-0397 PS* The red hair is a wig ;-)
  35. 7 points
    I'd like to nominate Athena Lust. A lady who's both on Lyla and Twitter bringing a ray of positivity with her upbeat shout outs A Rambling Good Luck Athena RG
  36. 7 points
    @charlottequinn123 for always being so kind and friendly to talk to, you're a blessing to have around. 💕
  37. 7 points
    Today I’m going to nominate @Exotic Touch Danielle! You know how wonderful I think you are ♥️
  38. 7 points
    I want to wish a happy Valentines day to @Cheeky.char, another fine lady that lives too far for me to see but maybe one day !
  39. 7 points
    Just wanted to jump in here to say that one of Sam's clients has kindly agreed to be interviewed! How exciting is that?! If you have any questions you'd like to ask her please DM me or comment on here with them 🙂 Also, recommendation for Sam here -
  40. 7 points
    To @SarahAlexxx. She is light bringing warmth to the lives she touches.
  41. 7 points
    Nothing but adoration for you, you beauty of a human being ❤️
  42. 7 points
    And I guess @lydiahardwood could be a nice back up if ya'll fall through. She's a hot little stud muffin and has been one of the most endearing, supportive people I have ever met. Thank you for being our one true hero. Savior of all Sex Workers.
  43. 7 points
    Also, @Lilosloan who honestly deserves all the hugs, cuddles and kisses in the entire world. I have never met anyone more humble, humorous and sincerely here for the long haul. He puts effort where effort is desired and always go's the extra mile for me. You are literally my Valentine every day of the week babe. ♡
  44. 7 points
    I would like to nominate my fellow SW. She has been a huge support and friend to me @Cheeky.char
  45. 7 points
  46. 6 points
    Hey lovers Okay I've gone down a rabbit hole. Hear me out. Sex toys and self pleasure. I loooove how women/vulva owners have been encouraged to explore their own bodies. Masturbation is way more normalised now than it was when I was at high school. I remember telling my friends that I tried it and they were disgusted but now we all discuss what toys we are gonna buy from Love Honey lol. But it got me thinking about men/people with penises and how, if anything, self pleasure for them is almost shamed? Like I don't know many men who'd feel comfortable talking about exploring butt play solo. Or who would use a fleshlite or wand. The only times I've heard guys speak about fleshlites is to laugh at people who use them. So I am curious - what are your masturbation habits like? Do you think there's much shame when it comes to men exploring solo pleasure? Why are so many people grossed out by butt play on men but not when it comes to women? How much of this is to do with homophobia? How much of it is due to misogyny (butt play associated with dominance and perhaps that goes against gender norms)? Would love to hear your thoughts. ❤️
  47. 6 points
    @lydiahardwood I wasn't aware that you had so many toys in your night stand drawer to do this in your dishwasher.😂
  48. 6 points
    I found this thread very interesting. Some of you know I was an SP and MP in Ottawa for many years, and I see much truth in his comments. I will say, some of his answers (previously discussed) came off a bit arrogant and very generalized, but he's not entirely wrong and is certainly entitled to his opinion. I would add, my experiences of the reasons women see a male sp mirrored his responses, although I had a large clientele of couples where the man was providing me for his wife. That said, I think my approach was very different to his. Not criticizing at all...just different. All in all, good interview which gave one man's honest opinions and experiences. Not bad...made me miss the biz.
  49. 6 points
    @charlottequinn123 for being the absolute best SW momma in the world. I have so much anxiety of meeting new people and you literally took the ball from my court and made every minute with you just fun and chill. I have so much respect for you.
  50. 6 points
    @Metalsmith for being a true gentleman and an amazing soul. Thank you for being so amazing through this pandemic!
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