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    *Warning PDA* I am not sure if this is a normal post or not, but I am going to share it anyways. 🙂 I have a lot to be grateful and thankful for this past year. A little over a year ago when I started here. I just moved to the area and life was handing me lemons, a ton of lemons: 3 moves, 3 jobs and no friends. 😞 They always say when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Where would I find the sugar to create this lemonade? Enter you, this platform and community. ❤️ Thank you for being my sugar. Thank you for being the icing on the cake. Thank you for opening your arms and welcoming me in. I really appreciate everyone that has taken the time to support me and include me. Thank you to the remarkable gentlemen that I have the pleasure and enjoyment of seeing, building connections with and just being able to have fun together. Thank you to the ladies that have included me, helped me out and above all become friends! You are the best. You are all absolutely incredible and I look forward to seeing where this next year will lead us. From the bottom of my heart to the very top of it; Thank you so much, Stephanie
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    Went to a HT conference and halifax police said they are going to be starting to go hard on John stings soon because of the new trafficking grant they got. just beware of the girls you are seeing!!
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    Guess who's thinking about you?
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    Can anyone help me? The sun seems to have disappeared. My bikini is very sad to be trapped in the bottom drawer. I know a sun dance if you'd like to learn the steps :). I prefer not to move back to Australia!
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    As a provider charge what you feel you are comfortable with...if they want to see you they will pay it I offer three different rates and still get those who try to negotiate Go figure lol
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    As with anything, it's all about supply and demand. If you want less business, increase your rates, more business, lower them. I'm sure there are SPs here who find themselves working more than they want to (maybe they've got other full time jobs, or only want weekend work), so rather than turn people away, the best way to solve that problem is increase the price a bit. I've also seen SPs lower their prices, and I would assume that is to try to bring in more clients if things are slower than they'd like. To answer your question about whether or not it was a smart move, only you can decide on that. If you were hoping for a decrease in business, and you're happy to have achieved that, then that's a positive thing, if you were just hoping for an increase in income, while seeing the same amount of people, but that hasn't happened, then maybe it isn't a smart move. If you're hoping to maintain the same level of clients, and increasing the price has had a negative effect on that, you could consider some other options to try to bring in more business. Your availability doesn't really work at all for anyone who works a Monday to Friday day time job, as likely a lot here do, if you can change that, you can probably bring in more business. Any boundaries you set, only serve to potentially decrease business. By limiting your schedule to those days, stating that you prefer 24 hours notice, but maybe can work with 3 maybe, asking people not to text after 10, etc, you have a lot of people possibly ruled out from sending you a message. Also I can see people interested in kink sessions being turned off by a 2 hour minimum. Often times boundaries/safewords, etc are discussed prior via email, quickly firmed up upon meeting, and isn't considered billable time at the full rate for the session. You could consider a 1 hour minimum for kink sessions, but a slightly higher rate than non kink sessions to make up for a 10 to 15 minute discussion at the start on what's going to take place. Anyway, I hope you don't take this the wrong way. I'm not suggesting that your rates are too high, or that any of your stipulations are unreasonable, but regardless rate increases, and boundaries will still have the same effect of potentially limiting your business, so if you want more business, you've gotta figure out which of those things you can adjust, or other ways to add value, or just deal with the level of business you have as a result. Most of the time when I meet up with an SP it's a last minute decision, and I send a text, then within an hour or 2 meet up with them. I've planned out things a day ahead and half the time it doesn't work out because they cancel, forget, don't text back till it's too late, or very occasionally something could come up with me. Some people have families or whatever and don't know 24 hours prior if they're going to be able to get away, etc.
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    SarahAlexx, your new rates are not too high. You provide an excellent, professional experience, a decent location and you’re gorgeous. You’re prior rated we’re too low. You’re worth every penny of you’re new rates.
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    I have to agree with your sentiments here. Lyla is way too quiet comparing to a few years back. As far as Vivian is concerned (I agree with you and Notch), I will add - her beautiful body, silky smooth skin and great personality. And.. I just saw her again this past week. What an amazing time!
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    Well Stephanie I think it should be us thanking you for letting us spend time with you. You are a very remarkable lady and I am thankful for the time you let me spend with you and getting to know you better. Hope you have a wonderful year Stephanie. This also goes out to all the SP'S that let us have the pleasure of there time.
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    I would get regular hosting and a wordpress site. Leaves you in control with no worry of it being removed
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    Here are a few of the sexy ladies in Ottawa that I offer duos with. Prebooking is always a must.
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    1) Breath taking Vivian 2) Her tiny little body, soft and perfect 3) In no particular order black, white and red(specially on a red head) 4) Too old to be on twitter but thinking about it. 5) If I was on Twitter I would thing Jackie Gilcrest(just like Greenteal said)
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    Im bacccckk in Ottawa!
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    Well I have to agree, Alison. Lyla is waaaay too dead and that is unfortunate! I will address your questions though I would have preferred to only answer 2)...... The last MA I saw was Breath Taking Vivian and her best asset is her captivating smile :) I don't care about lingerie colour (OK Red) but really I just want it to come off. I seem to be too old for twitter so to 4) and 5) I'll respond Donald J and Melania :)
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    I’m somewhat surprised at some of these responses. It’s my observation that what you were charging was part and parcel most likely the reason you had so many negative responses when advertising. I would expect those with lower rates would attract a less desirable clientele. Although I’m sure higher priced ladies get their share as well. If you’ve lost some clients who you feel were decent then perhaps question your meaning of decent. As I believe a decent client wouldn’t object to a lady charging a reasonable rate, which your rates are now, very reasonable in fact. No I think a good and decent client should have objected to you charging so little and would have offered more and showed some concern for such low rates. But there will always be those who want a superb lady yet don’t want to pay a fair price to share her time. I’d say forget these suggestions for discounts I think you have already given enough away. Your rates are more than fair and justifiable. Those that refuse to pay the difference have done your screening for you. Move on and enjoy a more selective and appreciative clientele.
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    I'll reply to this one first, just so others know too.. by responding to these points, may answer other below questions. My half hour rates were raised by $100 to stop fuck and dumps. I was having an internal battle on whether or not I wanted to offer half hours at all anymore, due to the the sexting and no actual booked time, no shows, or even 2am wake up calls. I dont cater to drunk men (I don't believe consent can be given while drunk). I require a 24 hour heads up, majority of the time, because I do this out of my one bedroom home, while also having a full time girlfriend who has serious health issues. I book my time around her. Most of my clients have been before 10am or after 12. I rarely have my clients ask for evening times. Solely because that's not the clientelle I cater to. The hobbiests who text and arrive, are the ones I dont make time for. I'm sorry. But I can only do so much with the space I have. I had someone inbox me and tell me DFK and BBBJ were mandatory parts of GFE, so I should take down my 'safe play' statement. I for one completely disagree. I do not offer bb of any kind, and kissing is the lease likely way to contract anything other than mono(kissing sickness). Heres a break down of my rates and how the jumped: $80/HH is now $180 - for the reasons above. $150/H is now $260 - now in the middle range of rates. $300/2H is now $500 - same rate as most SPs who offer the same services as I do. Kink sessions have been changed from 1 hour minimum, to 2 hour, because 99% of the messages I receive from kinksters is all sexting about what they want me to do to them and then never book my time. This way, if someone is genuine and I build a bond, after our first meeting, our actual play time will greatly increase. I refuse to play with a bottom, if I cant get to know them as much as I can within our session. Kink isnt just about sex (as most of my kink session dont actually include penetrative sex) it's about control and that person giving it with full trust. That takes time. Someone also mentioned pictures.... Some of you may not know this, but I'm a cam girl and model on the side. I'm an amateur adult film producer. My professional photos and videos are not something I lack in, they are just for sale, not for free eyes. Huge thank you to everyone who commented. I appreciate the support so much. I hope I can figure things out so everyone is happier. --- Jessica, if you dont mind, I'll send you a message soon.
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    I have one suggestion. I would start an email newsletter list. You can use mail chimp, it is free. You set up one newsletter email per month with a small discount from your higher rate to those on your mailing list. This gives posters like above me, to not miss the chance to see you at a little lower rate and maybe they won't wait so long because that special is only offered for that month. I do do this as Durham is a lower price point in the market then our neighbours in Toronto but my rates are more akin to those TO rates. I believe mine are the highest in the region. This helps bring some clients who would not normally be able to see me. This is way you are not offering public discounts that can bite you in the ass and you can work on building clientele in your new price market. Remember, your type of client is going to change based on the rate. You have now jumped into a different market and they may need something else to help book. Maybe it is pro pics, maybe a different style in website, maybe they want more pics or more thought provoking writing on your ads and site. You may just need a little tweak. Also your advertising venues may not support your new rate. If you jump from a $80 LL girl to a $250/hr lady, then maybe LL is not the place to put all your ad money. I hope some some of that makes sense. I'm slightly rushed but wanted to get some of this down for you. Please feel free to PM me and we can chat more about it if you like.
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    Just throwing this in the discussion for now, since this thread is recent and being that we are at the beginning of spring time maybe some guys are busy going to the cottage, getting the boat ready for fishing, saving up for a new car, etc... All I'm saying is that it's possible that many of us have priority once the snow is gone. Just saying...
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    So I think it was greenteal that linked me this topic after I asked if anyone has fallen in love with an sp in a separate topic. Anyway I think I’ve read this topic three times in the past couple weeks and just wasn’t sure if I had anything to contribute. However I do have some knowledge in this area. While it is true that most sp/client relationships should stay that way, we are all adults here and as long as it’s mutual there is nothing wrong with going beyond that. But it has to be mutual.. Take myself for example, I’ve never shared this however since there a certain anonymity here it’s not like you all know me. Back in the early 2000’s I met an sp as a client, spent only an hour and a half with her, it was a good experience, and I figured we’d go our separate ways and that would be the end of it. Anyway low and behold the next day I got a message from her asking if i wanted to hang out. I advised her I didn’t have any money that night (I was spending my osap money) so I would be unable to visit with her and I figured she was just trying to maybe hit me up for another evening and when I declined I thought that’s where it would have ended. However she said it was no charge just come over. So me being young and dumb sure I went over. We spent the whole night together, I figured she was lonely, so it was an odd experience for me to say the least as I had read threads on terb at the time that the client/sp boundary is sacred and never to be crossed. Anyway we continued to see eachother for about a week while she continued to work as an sp. (I got an interesting inside look into it then too) At this point we had started to really develop feelings for eachother and decided to change the relationship and started dating. She decided at that point to quit being an sp. We were married 6 weeks later and have been married for nearly 20 years now.. So my point is, while there is an established boundary with a client/sp, there is no carved in stone rule and nothing wrong with two consenting adults wishing to take the relationship somewhere different. Blue Skies ✈️
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    Ohhh... YA!! (Sorry,I Couldnt Help It) 😏
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    Well in her case it appears to be that simple.. Her rates increased, and her business went down. "change/lack of clientele due to rates? I just feel like I've lost many people due to the fact that I've changed them." It's simple economics. Yeah of course there's always more to it as with anything, but in general the idea applies. I've got a couple of regular SPs that I see, and I've been to a couple new ones lately. The new ones that I saw, I enjoyed my time with, but less than I do with one in particular, and the one I enjoy my time most with costs less than either of the other two I tried out recently. After I visited her once or twice, she offered me a new rate, and I keep returning. I do visit others to see if I'd enjoy their time even more, and if I did then perhaps it would be worth their increased cost. But as it is, I can pay $200 per hour for the one I have enjoyed the most, or $320 to $360 per hour for ones I enjoyed, but to a lesser extent. So I wouldn't bother returning to see those SPs, partially due to the rate, but also due to enjoying my time more with others.
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    It's a bit of an oversimplification and the reality is not as clear cut. In the industry, hobbyists will pay more for services that are unique or specialized. Most won't mind a little inflation if they think they get their moneys worth. Dropping the rate doesn't instantly translate to increased business. On many occasions it raises red flags and show signs of desperation. While it can bring new clients , it's not always the most welcomed ones. If the OP offers a personalized service that match her rate , she should be fine. But if her regulars don't see the value, this is where she needs to rework her rates and offers.
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    I agree with Greenteal above. Your rates did jump significantly, but from what I’ve seen and read about you, you were asking well below “market value”. You are definitely asking above average now, but if you offer an incredible experience then it’s likely justified, and those that think so will keep coming back. Personally, I am definitely hoping to be booking a date with you soon, regardless! (Maybe you should have a Lyla member special rate... lol 😉)
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    I admit, if a provider that I'm a regular with raises her rates, I'd at least be prompted to go looking. Doesn't mean I won't continue seeing her, but yes price is a factor in seeing a provider. Especially for people who don't have a big budget and especially since paying for services is not a necessity but a luxury. Sexual services are also touchy and can trigger an emotional response, if the client feels they have a connection with you, a price increase can feel like a form of rejection even if it's not. I have no idea your rates but lets just say you raised it just $20. If I was an existing client and a regular I'd be thinking well can I find the same or better value with another provider? With that $20 I could get some weed, I could get some cigarettes, I could get some beer, I could get some groceries so do I want to skip spending that money on those things or do I want to continue seeing that specific provider.
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    You should be free to ask the rate you see appropriate. As for it causing a clientele migration, I only see it if you go from below average to above average. If the service/offering matches the recommended donation, not too many should leave.