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    I didn't want to put this in the sticky thread because this is not about bugs in the new site. I have seen many get their panties a little twisted because of this change in the site. I can say that with any site change over, there are bugs that take a couple of weeks to straighten out sometimes. So please, before you get all pissed, say this sucks and storm off with your keyboard in hand, just wait it out a bit, come back every couple of days, find bugs and report them in this thread, and maybe give the admin team here a bit of a break while they make all the changes and fixes. This site has given to so many, for FREE I might add, the least we can do is give them a little time to work on this with us.
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    I wish everyone wouldn't pile on Neazy, you are just making him feel worse while stroking your own egos. It only discourages others from posting scams. Neazy's well aware of any mistakes he made, you telling him "he should have turned around" doesn't really help as you are only pointing out the obvious, he can replay the scenario in his head and think of a dozen things he'll do different next time. I've also dealt with providers who's pics didn't match (or I wasn't 100% sure) and still had a great time so you can treat it as a warning sign but it's not conclusive proof you're going to be scammed. Thanks Neazy for posting your experience, it's a shame it happened but I am glad you are warning others.
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    For goodness sake, people! If you can't remember the name or contact method you used the last time you dealt with someone, don't expect her to be able to find you in her crystal ball. This morning, someone texted me from a number my phone didn't recognize and gave me a name that didn't appear anywhere on my ledger or calendar, except attached to other people who aren't him. At first, he insisted he'd seen me in 2017. I have no evidence of that. Then he says he knows I'm not taking any new business, but would I happen to feel like taking a chance on him? Yeah, I always feel like taking chances on people who try to trick me. Then he changes tack again, and swears we really did meet (doubtful), but he just can't remember what name or number he might have been using. At this point, I know he's a liar. I just don't know when he lies or why. I'm semi-retired now (and loving the hell out of it, thank you!). But this used to happen all the time, back in the days when sometimes I needed an appointment to pay the bills. It's very frustrating. I understand why it's second nature for you guys to want to act like secret agents, sneaking around and leaving no traces. And I won't even ask you not to do it, because I know it wouldn't do any good. But here's the thing: these days, with disposable phones, calling and texting apps, number spoofing software and more, if you want us to remember you for next time, it's up to YOU to give us a way to do that. And if you can't--if you can't remember what name you used or what number or email address you used, you know what? You might be better off just starting over from square one, and never mentioning any previous meeting. You'll have to be revetted and you forfeit any privileges you'd enjoy from being a known customer, but consider that the price for being untraceable. It's probably better not to try to have it both ways. It only calls attention to your lack of candor in your dealings with us. If you want us to remember you, leave a trail of breadcrumbs.
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    Actually it's a simple process of holding up a sign and sending it in. No real verification. I've seen ads where the non verified pictures were clearly of a different body type vs the verified picture. Someone could even get their friend to pose for the pictures. I've also heard of verified pictures being stolen and used elsewhere on LL. I dont think the coordination is as thorough as we would hope. So the verified pictures don't always mean what we hope they mean. Do your research. Scammers will always figure out a way to breach systems.
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    I apologize for any frustration I may have caused. I will return with more details and future dates shortly.
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    Independent Collective Member Affiliate of Studio 110 by Sophia (who you all know and adore) Discreet, Mature and Classy Companionship for Gentlemen All appointments must be booked 24 hours prior for NEW Clients Established Clients Please Be So Kind as to Give me as Much Notice as Possible :) NO CLIENTS UNDER THE AGE OF THIRTY PLEASE Clean Respectful Gentlemen Only Older gents don't be shy :) TEXT 450-990-9265 E-MAIL [email protected] Find me on Twitter @ MariskaHarley Well Reviewed on Lyla.com as MHarley
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    Diamond- one of those times when you meet someone who makes your jaw drop and knocks the breath out of you.....I was just emerging from a very good time in the cr with the lovely Nicole, one of my favs, and thinking I would finish my drink and head out, when I saw Diamond on stage. Perfect spinner body, long and lean, and other features that I find attractive, if you're familiar with my posting history:). Ok, not leaving yet.....She finishes her show, and comes and joins me at my table. Not only is she stunning, but sweet and fun, with an easy smile and a great attitude. The bank machine beckons, I visit it, and back we go to the cr. She likes using the duo couch, where I have many happy memories, and now I have some more to add. What a night, with two amazing beauties, and others on the floor that I didn't get to see. I'm glad that Barb's seems to be thriving. Gotta get there more often....
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    Notice to any Durex condom users. A batch of Durex condoms is on recall. https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/durex-real-feel-extra-lubricated-10ct-condoms-batch-recall-690240071.html
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    There's definitely an adjustment period required. But most of the changes are easy to understand and quite instinctives. Complaints and bugs are addressed quickly and I see more positive than negatives in the new interface. Go team Lyla.
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    Saw Rose last night just for a quick stop. I cut the encounter short and left. Will not repeat. Pm if you want the details.
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    I forgot to mention that every SP has her own way of screening. One way isnt better than the other. Some ask for references, some want board handles, others request work number or a LinkedIn page. I prefer to speak with them as my intuition is very good. I always listen to my instincts and have always been correct in my assessments. If you are looking to advertise same day, the reference way of screening won’t be of any use as this could take a few days. There are ways to check for texting apps so pm me if you need help on that end. If you are just starting out on your own, you don’t want to be inundated with wots and the like while trying to book appts that could potentially turn into a nightmare. I always tell new ladies who have asked for my advice is to not chase the dollars too quickly. Slow and steady always wins the races and protects you more. You will build up an established clientele if you take the time to do your due diligence and that includes screening.
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    Look at those sexy fripples, the sexy undies plus she looks so damn good drinking a coffee, need I point out the sexy body?
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    Thanks for the support guys!! I'm not telling the media I am a former sex worker (to protect my family), but this project is very near and dear to my heart. My goal is to travel around Canada next year and interview as many sex workers as possible (who are out and are comfortable with possible media attention) so any bit of contribution helps!! I am a retired sex worker and full time student now. xoxoxo -Lindsay (Natalie)
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    Welcome to Studio 199 by Mariska! I have been often asked when I could come back to Fredericton give you the services you had become accustomed to! After meeting with the lovely and intelligent Mariska Harley it was such an easy choice to decide to re-open my original Studio/spa. Mariska will remain independent with in this collective. Fully booking and advertising as her own affiliated business. And I intend to periodically go between Moncton and Fredericton. When there I will offer my 30/30 sessions & solo massage and showers for 2 in a large glass shower:) Our grand opening is mid August and I will be booking from 15th to the 21! View my site for rates and description of 30/30 and solo massage. ladysophiaclassic.com 506 261 7313
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    Visited Catherine who advertises on Leolist. She's a self confessed Sci Fi, Star Wars nerd. Had a great time. Seen her at her hotel room in Dartmouth. She made me very comfortable, she's very attractive. Catherine's a little chubby but in an entirely good way and a beautiful face. Catherine has stunning large breasts and anyone who's a boob lover will not be disappointed. We started with kissing in bed and she was very affectionate and enthusiastic with making out. She's great at conversation too and as me made out we chatted when catching our breath. We moved on to DATY and then DATO and a BBBJ. Had a super experience and as soon as finances allow I'll be back to see her again.
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    These lovely feet belong to my ATF!
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