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    "...and his coworkers could only speculate as to why his suit was pressed when he returned from his extended lunch break...."
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    First let me say, the gentlemen in attendance at the Ottawa Independent Companions Fall Social came to impress! I loved it, each of you looked phenomenal. The companions in attendance were all stunners, I even saw a few lovely ladies in sultry gowns. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about attending the event with so many of the local powerhouse brands/names gathering... but the collective’s brand, values and standing reputation, had me feeling more than confident that the event would be a fabulous affair, and it absolutely was! I had searched the forums, before inquiring about attending, for any hint of the what the private affair was like for companions and did not find too much. So I thought I would share my first ever experience at a meet & greet with a hybrid “Reco-view” of the fall 2018 Ottawa Independent Companions Social (https://ottawa-independentcompanions.com/). Thank you again, Nathalie and the entire OIC crew that poured so much hard work and effort into this event, it was absolutely fabulous! The Ottawa Independent Companions social was everything I knew it would be, an upscale affair, discreet and confidential, and the perfect safe space to mingle and network. This is an event every companion needs to attend at least once. The event was held at a wonderful upscale location and the atmosphere was perfect. A private event so it made sense that it would not be held in a public space, this made me feel much more comfortable attending. Complimentary glass stemware for all the wine everyone brought as well as ambient tea light candles throughout the location, spoke to the posh and sophisticated edge the collectives brand holds. Everyone was discreet and all the details of those in attendance remained confidential. With optional names tags, no one was obligated to reveal themselves or their handles. Aside from the random person checking their phone, I did not see anyone Snapchatting or taking Instagram pictures of or at the event. I also appreciated the collective not listing the attendee’s and instead allowing us to mention it first, also thank you for retweeting us into your timeline. The event was the perfect safe and welcoming space to mingle with some of the vetted board members as well as meet and network with other companions. As someone that blossoms best in one-on-one situations or smaller intimate party settings, following through on attending the social set off a bit of anxiety. The collective’s brand is upscale but without pretension or judgements and with a genuine desire to support independent companions, so knowing that I knew the OIC social was the perfect safe space to step outside of my comfort zone and network with other Indy’s, meet lovely gentlemen while enjoying a luxe night out. In truth, I do not like to tell another companion what to do, but if you have any reservations about attending an OIC social, dismiss them and send off your RSVP, STAT! It is not often a companion related event is delivered at this calibre while still allowing everyone to feel welcome and appreciated. From one companion to another, save the date, you will be so happy that you did! Thank you to all those involved in the event, it was everything I knew it would be, and gentlemen you all looked absolutely exceptional. Aswell the entertainment was the perfect touch of sensual and sexy. I look forward to attending future events OIC will be hosting. Alex B. Symone (formerly Ember Symone)
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    Hey everyone! First time posting here on Lyla. I'm super excited to meet all of you lovely gents! First a little bit about me, my name is Ryliee Rose, I'm 5'6 and a peite spinner, 21 years old and I enjoy meeting new people. I'll be servicing the Halifax and Dartmouth areas offering outcall only to safe neighbourhoods and hotels. Advance notice is required. If I've managed to catch your attention please email: [email protected] or pm for booking details. Please include screen name, date/time you'd like to book and references if available. Hope to hear from you soon xx RylieeRose
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    Hi, I’m Hannah! I’m a compationate, well educated world traveller. Although refined, my dorky/ fun-loving side often shines through. The perfect combonation of small town charm and big city sophistication. I have a big heart and a passion for food and trying new things. I would love nothing more than to get to know you over some great conversation and a bottle of good wine. Come escape from your stressful workday, and have some fun with me. Hannah xo To contact me please visit my website: www.mshannahsimpson.com
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    I love my little titties! What I lack in size I easily make up for in nipple, and these little guys keep my back so strong. Couldnt help to share them with you ❤️
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    Problem for medical users who use legal LP's. They ALL have to pay online. Every Aurora client for example. Which is the largest leading medical cannabis company in all of Canada. Im so to the point now that I don't even want to bother to go state side for anything! Good to know they can check your CCs though. I am sure they will get check for more then just weed purchases.
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    https://www.mtlblog.com/news/us-border-officials-can-now-check-canadians-credit-card-history-and-ban-you-for-legal-marijuana-purchases I don't use it but this is getting crazy. Now the US borders can check our credit cards to? WTF The USA has gone a bit nuts in the last while. I used to love to go there now its getting fringing scary. No privacy.
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    This shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone. The US is one of the most backwards countries in the world when it comes to customs and immigration. They have had a long standing policy of refusing entry to Canadians with the most minor of very old criminal offenses. But rich Russian gangsters have flooded the country in recent years with extensive criminal records and they turn a blind eye. I was recently having a conversation with a friend of mine in real estate who actually bought a house in Texas and spent $7000+ on immigration lawyers trying to get a green card only to continually be stymied by red tape and utter bullshit until she finally gave up and sold the place and stayed here. It's almost like Canadians are not welcome other than sports stars, actors and medical fields. Just don't rock their fucking holier than thou boat.
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    Pretty hypocritical considering the recreational use of weed is legal in 9 states and likely more after the midterms elections. A simple solution is to pay cash. But if this thing really get imposed, you can expect legal actions from both sides of the border from people without any criminal records. And can someone explain me how some artists with multiple possession charges can somehow cross the border without issues, but average joe who purchased a pipe in a pot store can't?
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    My schedule for the week of Monday Sept 24 to Saturday Sept 29. Please text or call 902-456-2898. Email [email protected] Mon.....Sept 24 Incall 1230pm-12am in Halifax. Tues....Sept 25 Outcalls only 1pm-10pm. Wend..Sept 26 Off. Thur....Sept 27 Incall 1230pm-12am in Halifax. Fri........Sept 28 Off. Sat.......Sept 29 Outcalls only 1pm-10pm. **visit my website kyliejane.net** **outcalls are Halifax and surrounding areas** I'm a beautiful blonde with bright blue eyes, full pleasing lips, soft touchable skin and a pleasing demeanor. My body is fit with an hour glass figure. At 5'6" tall, 130lbs, my 36d assets, perfectly shaped hips and booty and firm strong legs you will be very pleased in the way I look. My attire is always sexy, erotic and can be selected according to your needs and desires. Whether classic lingerie, jeans and tshirt, short skirts and dresses I can give you what you are looking for. My central location is clean, discrete, safe, well presented and the mood is always set to make you comfortable. Kylie Jane, xo
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    Thank you everyone for your kind messages and encouragement on my new start! I have great news, I will be getting my keys to my new location today and will have everything ready for tomorrow Monday September 24th! I can’t wait to see you all! Xoxo Tiff 5068644724
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    Your account is for work purpose so post for work and if those regular people have an issue, they will unfollow. I made a comment on gardening and I had about 20 regular gardeners, one was like 75 years and female. I had boobs and nipples and everything hanging out and they still followed. I didn't change my stuff and some still follow, some don't. On twitter, I find more people are open minded enough to follow others they may not normally on say Facebook. My question to you would be, do you risk losing money for strangers on twitter?
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    Discreet, Mature and Classy Companionship for Gentlemen 45 MIN MASSAGE 30/30 MASSAGE AND BEDROOM TIME with myself or Meaghan, and of course magic hands Sophia 90 minute Eros 75 minute Jacuzzi Massage Bedroom Time with Mariska and/or Meaghan Clean Respectful Gentlemen Only Older gents don't be shy :) TEXT 450-990-9265 E-MAIL [email protected] Find me on Twitter @ MariskaHarley Well Reviewed on Lyla.com as MHarley
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    As of today I am branching off and expanding my horizon on my own personal journey! I have spent an amazing year side by side with Sophia at studio 110, but have now decided to open my own location and follow my own path. I wish Sophia and all other ladies the best and hope to see them prosper! With that said, I will be hosting at a private location for the next 2 weeks until my permanent incall space is ready Oct 1st. I also plan to make a trip to Fredericton next week, I will announce dates as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and I can not wait to accommodate your every need at my new location. xoxo Tiff
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    Well, hello Lyla Lovers! Some of you may remember me as Anna Sweets... but change is refreshing. So, you can call me Liv from here on in 😉 I'm delighted to announce that I'm back and looking forward to reconnecting with my established patrons, as well as making new connections. I am taking bookings for this upcoming Monday September 17th though to Thursday September 20th. I Host or You Host 1 Hour Minimum Please visit my website for my bio, rates and contact info https://liv-waters.weebly.com/ It is only recently that I reactivated my Lyla account, so I invite you to follow me https://www.lyla.ch/profile/191370-liv-waters/ You can also follow my Twitter. Total newbie, so bear with me. ha. https://twitter.com/LivWaters4 With anticipation, Liv
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    I absolutely agree Dr. love. I remember the good old days when if I posted an ad and there was a spelling error or some grammatical anything in my ad I was always contacted by one of the wonderful hobbyists who support me and many others. Those were the days when it was really exciting to sign on to the Cerb. There was always somebody saying hello, Signing your guestbook, flirting and guys from all over Canada contacted me. I did not meet half of them but we had an online friendship which was awesome. It was never invasive or intrusive but people dropped ia lines all the time. There are many, many people that I really miss on this board. I also miss the friendships that I used to have with the ladies on the board here years ago. We ladies love to go out and have dinner and share a glass of wine. That as well seems to be a thing of the past. I now have a dinner date as often as I can with another lady in Halifax and it is always so rewarding to talk with her and just exchange ideas. This lady is Cristy Longlegs and we can spend hours talking, exchanging ideas and just helping with what ever support I need or she may need ar the timw . We have tried a couple of times to invite other ladies and we did have a lovely lady dine with us a couple weeks ago. She is a member of this board and it was a pleasure for us to meet her. A few years ago my inbox was full most mornings. Some of them were booking inquiries some were people from all over Canada that I had met or perhaps have not met. But they took the time to say hello once in a while. For me that part of Lila seems to be over. When I signed on here I look to see sometimes if there are any of the old members who may have come back. Sadly that is not the case and it seems people of gone to Twitter or other platforms. To be completely honest I do not get a lot of bookings from this site anymore. I am kept as busy as I would like but still miss the interaction that this board always gave me. So I guess the main thing that I miss is having the opportunity to socialize and meet new ladies. Also the fact that gentleman that I had never met once in my life would take the time to message me and say hey “ you need to spell Saint John NB correctly. Honestly my ads were never up for more than half an hour and I would be getting messages telling me to fix my silly mistakes. Some members that I particularly miss and in no real order. Lee Richards. A friend and somebody you could count on as a lady. If you were stuck somewhere he would help you with absolutely no obligation. Guys like that are very hard to find. Hfx Andy , he was supportive, funny and I love his posts. He and I went out on a date once just for social time and it was absolutely fabulous. I really enjoyed his company he is much younger than myself but handle them self as a mature gentlemen. MrNice2. . He used to post many interesting and very intelligent , thought provoking posts. I have to say that some of his posts were very political towards the United States and some I did not understand. However he did open the door to many topics that we need to pay attention to such true posts. He was a huge asset to this board. Alas for some reason he doesn’t post much anymore and I certainly miss his comments. Lets see another great poster was PEI magician. I have not heard much from him in a couple of years but he was also a great poster. He saw quite a number of ladies and he wrote insightful reviews for each and every lady. How could I forget pistol Pete and Ottawa. That friendly gentleman saw several people sometimes in a week. He was very , very kind and he supported each and every lady that we saw. I had the pleasure of meeting him to her three times when I just did it Ottawa and he was just a gentleman extraordinaire. I believe he is moved onto Twitter as well and she’ll be missed. No to the one final person I miss the very most. Drumroll please. It is again auto was most wonderful man that we know as old dog no I guess it is Elder dog now. This man wrote many many humourous and insightful directions on how to treat a lady how to be clean how to be on time, I remember once he said do not argue with a lady on her donation just pay the pretty lady and be thankful that she is seeing you. Such wise words from our elder dog. He also taught me that if you wanted to keep a client that a bacon sandwich with necessary. Now if you come to visit me for a two hour date or more I will ask you if you like bacon and if you do, get ready I will make you the best bacon sandwich you ever had. Thank you all dog for teaching me this. I was also very fortunate when I used to tour into Ottawa. At least two or three times I had an invitation extended to attend a party at Old Dogs. I can tell you each party I attended was absolutely excellent. Ols dog had a very well stocked cabinet. He seem to have something for everyone and he was so generous with his home and his bar service to all of his guests. I know you’re not here anymore all dog but thank you very much for giving me wonderful memories and Ottawa. There are so many more that I could talk about but those of the ones that come from to mind and gosh, I miss all of those days and the fun we used to have.