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I had been thinking of meeting Peach for quite some time. For whatever reason, there always seemed to be something that would come up and I wouldn't. Finally a couple of weeks ago the opportunity arose that I was available as was Peach, so I booked and finally got to see her.


I had briefly met her once and knew how good looking she was, but that was just a quick "nice to meet you" moment. After we got chatting for a while, it became very obvious how charming she is and easy to talk to. She is shy, but once she gets comfortable with you, the conversation easily flows and there was clearly chemistry between us.


For those who have seen her photos either on Twitter or elsewhere, if you think those pics are hot, wait till you see her in person. Her body is just ridiculously sexy and so much fun to explore. I never thought that natural boobs that big could be so firm! :p


She always works out of the east location, and let me say trip is definitely worth it!

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It's been two years almost since anyone has posted on Peach, and I for the life of me cannot understand why? 🤷‍♂️

Now, I personally have not seen her in over a year as she has been away, but I did get in finally to see her today. Nothing has changed. Our chemistry is still there and it was like we just saw each other yesterday. 

She's just an outstanding person, fun, loves her music and just a blast to be around...and her body and beauty still make me melt! She's one of the best there is. Go and see her!

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