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I had such a horrible experience that I feel morally compelled to let people know.

She seemed friendly on the phone and told me the price was 100 hh and 180 h. She texted me to confirm and also confirmed the price in a text message and confirmed that bbbj was included. I went to meet Karissa at a downtown hotel. She first kept me waiting in the lobby for 20 minutes which was annoying. I came up to the room, showered and handed her the money for a half hour without her even asking for it. She then told me the price was $120 and I showed her the text. she then proceeds to call her pimp and screams at him that she's not doing it for $100. When she refused to give my money back I reluctantly (and stupidly) agreed to pay the additional $20.

Now she says BBBJ is not included and again calls her pimp who wants to speak to me and he threatens to come over and beat the crap out of me. I told him I didn't want a problem and it seemed he was more pissed off at her than at me. She ends up freaking out and crying and started deleting her ads from Ã?Ã?Ã?Ã?Ã?Ã?Ã?Ã? (or so she said). She was texting people from three different phones and was mumbling that she wanted to kill herself. It was super fuckin' weird. The next thing I know is that there is banging at the door. It's her pimp and she tells him to go away and that everything was fine. He ended up lleaving after a shouting match through the door between him and her. At that point, I just got the hell outta there. She can keep the money - I just wanted to get outta there before it really hit the fan. After I left, I called the hotel to let them know what was going on. I was sincerely concerned for this girl's safety. Yeah maybe she ripped me off- but it doesn't mean she deserves to have her head kicked in by her pimp.

What a night mare...total nightmare. I have seen a lot of girls on this board and had many good experiences. I've also had some not so great experiences. However, I have always kept my experiences to myself and am not the type to post a review (but thanks to all those that do - very helpful!). In this case, I feel absolutely compelled to tell my story and tell all of you TO STAY THE F$CK away! This could just be a sign it's time to retire from being a hobbyist. here is a link to her ad. [url]http://toronto.Ã?Ã?Ã?Ã?Ã?Ã?Ã?Ã?.com/FemaleEs...day-22/8515908[/url]

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