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Nanaimo trip october 29-30

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[SIZE=5][CENTER][I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Iâ??ve always been the kind of woman who cannot deny passion. It runs through
my veins and occupies my thoughts. When intimacy is invited to take on a
life of its own something incredible happens. Secret urges rise to the
surface and overwhelm us with sensuality. The epicurean in me tends to find
beauty in even the subtlest of nuances. Though I am stylish at first
glance, you will soon discover another side that is quite natural and
down-to-earth with a zest for good living. Maybe my French heritage lends
to an organic attitude that invites pleasure and ������ attraction. I have
a refreshing way of looking at love without pretense. Why complicate things?

All the ideals of a traditional relationship start here. Iâ??m as decadent as
I am affectionate with a sweet, whimsical nature. Intelligent conversation
turns me on like crazy in a way that becomes mental foreplay. Even a soft
caress becomes charged with deep desire that cannot be resisted and
suddenly, we are more alive than ever. If it feels good, let desire have
its way with us. Relaxation will become second nature because itâ??s just you
and me living in the moment, completely carefree where stress is left
behind. I donâ??t know what it means to be bored and neither will you!


Iâ??ve been told that the way in which I carry myself exudes charisma and sex
appeal. I love to wear flowing dresses that caress the shape of my long
legs enhanced by high heels that flatter the shape of my feet. With no more
than a lacy t-back underneath, my body looks incredibly sexy in faded jeans
that hug my derriere and accentuate my lean navel outlined by a tight
t-shirt. I have luscious curves that defy gravity in a bustier and silk
stockings reserved for private moments. As much as glamore becomes me so
does a casual look with tousled hair and barely a hint of makeup. Exploring
a bit of fantasy always spices things up. Shall we let our imaginations

I feel chemistry with a man who has panache as much as I am drawn to the
gentleman with a relaxed spirit. Intimate connection matters most because I
tend to enjoy lasting relationships. I also welcome one or two hour trysts
because they will allow us to explore our compatibility. If youâ??d like to
know more, take a peek at my website, reach out and tell me a bit about

Tout mon amour,

*All my love,*



if you would like to meet kindly provide your name or handle
with cell
day,time,duration and the type of session
i can be reach via pm
text 646-349-7115 or 647-485-7570


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