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LIVE NAUGHTY COOKING SHOW-Naomi Nixion & Erica Chapelle | $10Tickets FRI MAY 8TH 8:30pm

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2 Girls 2 Kitchens

A LIVE & interactive dinner party broadcast hosted by Naomi Nixion & a different co-host every show!
TICKETS: $10 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2-girls-2-kitchens-with-naomi-nixion-guest-co-host-erica-chapelle-tickets-103072175652
Viewers will be able to type comments & questions that will be responded to during the live feed. 


My goal with 2 Girls 2 Kitchens is to connect online models & fans around the globe through cooking!
Come join us while we cook dinner, dance to the oldies and answering all the questions you've been dying to know, shenanigans included!
Broadcasts will be 1 hour in duration & available for viewing for 24 hours after live show.

FRIDAY MAY 8TH 8:30-9:30 With guest co-host  ERICA CHAPELLE - A vibrrant, & outgoing classic beauty with worldy life experiences and smarts to boot! Come get silly with us while we make tacos! Erica will be showing her face during the broadcast for those who have been dying to have a sneak peek at her gorgeous face!
TICKETS: $10 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2-girls-2-kitchens-with-naomi-nixion-guest-co-host-erica-chapelle-tickets-103072175652
*Erica and I will be matching ticket sales and donating them to a SW support fund in Ottawa[/SIZE]

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