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"Despite knowing they wont be here for long they still choose to live 
their brightest lives 
Rupi Kaur 

The great treasures of simplicity, patience and compassion guide 
my companionship practice. 

This allows me to offer a safe space in which to meet as well as an 
understanding of privacy and discretion. Akin to a river, flowing and 
changing with every bend, our chemistry is an adventure of which we
are the heroes.

Between closed walls or prancing down wondrous paths with beaming 
smiles, our time together is where we get to explore trust and 
intimacy. Within a discreet setting, I offer a contact point between 
you and I - a daring dance of seduction, flirtation and adventure.

Originally from Montreal, I moved to the West Coast three years ago.
I find sanctuary in nature and love the outdoors. 
Often sporting band-aid on scratches and bruised knees,
I live in my body full time, and I love it! 
Once the day is done, and the thrills are had, I do appreciate the 
soothing delights that life has to offer. Lounging by the pool with a 
crisp glass of bubbly in hand or savoring a fine diner with some live 
jazz are some of my most cherished ways to unwind. 
If you are curious about what it feels like to indulge side by side,
to stop the world for a few hours and luxuriate, drop me a line - 
Let's make these stars align!



1500 - 6h

900 - 3h

500 - 1.5h

400 - 1h

overnights, extended dates and arrangements available for returning guests


My Website

-What blooms between us is ours to explore. - 
I am available for mindful companionship in Vancouver & are happy 
to welcome you in a private hosting space downtown.


SMS / Text 



venn[email protected]

[email protected]

Twitter Handle










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