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WIN $$$ - 7 Days of Lyla Cheer

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Wishing everyone an enjoyable holiday~! From the lurkers, to the moderators, and especially a shout out to all the SPs, past and new, a holiday cheer to all! Tagging a trio @Staciexox @missjessyka@karmellaricci

I tried to upload a Gif of sexy presents unwrapping but failed so I gave up

Also I know the dates past but I still wishing holiday cheer

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Late still wanted to give cheer
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I know its over and I totally failed at coming here everyday but I want to give a special thanks to Lyla itself, the website, all of you and those who worked so hard to revive it, those who never gave up. I also absolutely have to say a special Happy Holidays to @NotchJohnson who wished me Happy Holidays and has brought me much joy over the years. Id like to add a special photo here but for some odd reason each day my max total size for attachments is at 0.03MB which... ya that doesn;t help lol. So I will add it to my photo albums instead.


Happy Holidays to all of you. I also have to tag @lydiahardwood here who was and is instrumental in Lyla's comeback! 

Each and everyone of you who are currently taking part in this community are just as crucial to Lyla's resurgence. It wouldn't happen without you / us.... so thank you! This site is so crucial to facilitating our independence and safety.



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On 12/19/2020 at 10:32 AM, Kitten said:

Thank you!

@Deanna Delight is such a darling ❤️

I had the pleasure of connecting with them a little more as well recently. I wish travelling was a little easier at the moment I'd love to go out and have a drink! Another thing to fix in the near future...

Today I would love to send some positivity over to @Andee who has also not been shy to share tips and tricks she may has.

I cannot get enough of those sexy boots in that photo 💋

Thanks for your kind words.  Made my day.

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Thank you @Kitten for the sweet comment, If I can help anyone at all with advice or my experiences I am happy to do so. I see @Andee feels the same way I do and thank you for being a caring and helpful person. Keep being real, we all love you for that.

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On 12/17/2020 at 10:52 AM, Kitten said:

Kindness is just a sexy as bravery 💋

This is why for day 3 I also have to give much love to @Katherine of Halifax


A few months after joining this community I decided I was going to finally spoil myself with a trip out east. I had popped up a post asking for any guidance or tips as I plan my adventure out.

Katherine was the only lady on the East Coast that responded to me and gave me some excellent advice. In fact she went above and beyond and even offered me a place to come have a drink. I can't respect, adore, or appreciate that enough.

Sadly not having a credit card at the time prevented me from getting a rental, which would allow me the freedom to go see her. To this day not being able to connect with her makes me weep and I'd like to show her some appreciation now. 

I have since fix the issue of the credit card and when returning may be safe I would love an opportunity to rectify this issue.

Is it also safe to assume she's been in this game a while?

That alone deserves absolute respect 💋

Sweet. xoxo

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