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Wishing you the greatest of this unique holiday experience!

I've made a new photo album for Xmas and 2021!


I will be continuing my Covid-Smart Only policy until I receive the 2nd dose of vaccine and the recommended time has passed. Telling me you have been vaccinated will not be enough to have me make an exception, as I have not only my own health but the health of other's in my hands. 


I will be adding even more content to my Members-Only Porn Site as well. 

My usual in-person schedule is between Wed evening and Saturday afternoon. OnlIne services are available at any time.

And for those asking, you can click here to find out what a Covid-Smart Session looks like,


Keep in mind, once I'm immunized and can resume my old wily ways, I will be instating a far overdue rate increase. This is in the spirit of fairness to both myself and my fellows in the industry. While inflation takes place and salaries increase, I can not remain behind. My rates will continue to be more than reasonable and those who feel my rates do not reflect my worth, are encouraged to tip 😜 Please be a gentleman and save me the awkwardness of having to ask or correct you.


Above all, please be safe this New Year's Eve. Mine will be spent creating content (much fun) and end with watching Its A Wonderful Life for the first time.

As you will see in my gallery, I have a new addition to my collection of entertainment equipment! A massage table! Those who enjoy receiving and giving me massage will now have a whole new experience, not to mention the possibilities for Domination sessions. Until I move to my new incall (post vaccination), I will need advance notice if you want the use of the table. Later, in my new location (same area) I will have a second room where the table will be ready & available at all times.


I'm excited for the future and the possibilities therein!

Sending all of you warmth, love and good energy. Be safe so we may continue to enjoy each other's company!



Jessy Celeste

xoxo xxx

Text Only: 438-274-3853

URL: www.JessyCeleste.com

Twitter: @JessyCeleste1

Alt Twitter: @JessyCeleste2

Instagram: @JessyCelesteSP

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