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June Starr touring Nov 25-29

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[email protected]

I am an intriguing mix of elegance and curiosity, refinement and originality. Eccentric and adorable, while at the same time a seductress (and possibly a succubus?) you won’t want to bother escaping from 😏

I love bedsport and intimacy because they allow us to take off the masks we wear in our day to day, even the ones we wear around our friends. We get to bare ourselves naked and say, “This is who I am. Witness me.”

Whether you’re looking for some company for the evening, a dining companion, or some good old fashioned bedsport, shoot me a message! I can’t wait to hear from you 😘

For those interested in longer dates but without the time to plan one, I’ve got you covered! Would you prefer to plan a night on the town, or let me create a decadent night for you? Do you prefer gin and tonics or tequila? Feeding sushi or tacos to each other? Jazz or soul on the speaker? Let me know your preferences ahead of time and we’ll make it a very special time indeed 🙂 xoxo June






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