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Vivien Claire

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I just got done my second session with Vivien Claire today.  She's beautiful, professional and has a great personality.

The way she conducts things is very structured which was slightly intimidating my initial visit because I'm new to this space but it was also comforting to know exactly what to expect.  Upon actually meeting her, she was extremely easy-going and has a charming and funny personality which helped me relax.  For the second session today, it was a breeze to set up, schedule and meet.  Her space is very safe and didn't make me feel nervous. She's absolutely gorgeous as well.

We talked about expectations via email beforehand and go over it quickly in person as well to make sure nothing has changed or if I wanted to incorporate anything new.  She's open and non judgemental about a wide breadth of kinks and role-play and adds ideas of her own.  The play is exciting, fun and engaging.  When I'm there I feel like I have her attention rather than watching the clock or feeling rushed.  She's also knowledgeable and always makes sure to listen to any needs if anything gets too uncomfortable. 

Looking forward to the next session!

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