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Hello there,


I am Ms. Powers, kinky alt provider from Toronto. I will be visiting Ottawa this Thursday to Saturday and I would be most pleased to treat myself to correcting your behaviour in any of the following ways:


--Compel you to kiss each eyelet of my high-heeled boots

--Shave your tender parts and then treat them to some severe squeezing and slapping

--Dress you up in panties and stockings and write SLUT across your chest in my lipstick

--Treat you as my personal toilet and fill your mouth with my piss

--Introduce my cock into your tight little -----hole and pound you gently or cruelly - dependent on my mood of course

--Invite you to wear your jammies and suckle at my nipple - milk guaranteed

--Spank you with the utmost love to remind you that peeking in the window at teacher while she is alone is NOT appropriate

--Grind my asshole all over your mouth, nose and face so you can't breathe because of all the luscious ass in your face

--Force you to service my pussy with orgasm after orgasm while I read my magazine or watch television...


Or whatever else I feel motivated to do to you.


I have an all new latex pencil skirt and low-backed halter top, complete with Cuban heeled latex stockings and garter belt for you to stroke, lube up, and uselessly hump away at. I may laugh at you while you fumble.


I entertain a number of fetishes and kinky ideas and I am always impressed by creativity. If there is something you like, ask nicely. I am open-minded and free-spirited.


I will be visiting Ottawa Feb 7-9. You can contact me via PM, at [email protected] or 416 605 3910 (call or text). Research me at http://www.missroxypowers.com and see if that puny little penis of yours gets hard enough to call.



Roxy Powers



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