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Hi everybody,


for my very first post...I would love to talk about an amazing experience I recently had with a lovely young lady named Katarina.


I was browsing BP looking for a new lady to visit, when I came upon her ad. Her pictures are very professionally done, very tasteful, and showed off her absolute best features. This lady is one of the sexiest, most talented providers I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. I haven't been in this hobby very long, and have had one bad experience last year, which I shall not mention, because it is in the past now, and is not relevant to my current post.


Where to start? I don't even know...


I found Katarina on BP, as I have already mentioned. Contacted her via text message, and she responded fairly quickly. We texted for a bit, maybe a bit too long, and that was entirely my fault...sometimes I just don't know when to stop. She gave me the general area to where I should be heading to, and I was on my way within 30 minutes of her last text. Now, mind you, I drove out from Burlington, all the way to the airport area, and it took me forever to get there. I will admit though...on my way there, the entire time I was wondering if her pictures were real, and now I regret doubting her ad. I get to the location, and send her a quick text letting her know I was there. She asks me if I can come up in 15 minutes, as she is getting ready, and promises I will not regret it. I agreed, knowing somehow that she will not disappoint. Let me tell you now, I was glad I waited!


After about 10 minutes, she tells me to come up and gives me the exact location. I make my way up to her place, and knock on the door. What I saw nearly made me have a heart attack! This lady was stunning! Absolutely gorgeous young girl, with a slim figure, and a body that I would say...can speak 7 languages! She was that sexy! I come in, place my donation on her nightstand, and we make some small talk. I asked her what she is OK with, and she tells me what to expect, after which we start our session with some very hot and passionate kissing. She soon goes down on me, paying attention to my body as she slowly inches towards my member. The oral was simply...for the lack of a better term, out of this world! I have never had a provider pay this much attention to me, especially in the way that she was doing it. It felt like I was in a dream that I could not wake from, and it felt amazing.


After about 10 minutes, I asked her to lay down on the bed for me, as we started kissing again, and soon, I was making my way down her gorgeous body. This girl was A+, model material...I was still shocked over her looks, and was doing my best to show that to her. I took my time making my way down her body, and as I got closer to her snatch, I teased her by kissing her stomach, playing with her breasts, and kissing and licking the inside of her thighs, until she pushed my head in between her legs. I spent some time admiring her love box, and thoroughly enjoyed myself...normally this is not something I do with providers, but with her, I would have kicked myself if I didn't go for it! She was getting into it, grabbing my hair and pushing me down on her, until I started making my way back up her body. We kissed some more, and she reached for the condom. We started off in missionary, and I could not believe how accommodating and vocal she was! She was encouraging me to go deeper, harder, faster, and when I got tired, I slowed down and let her enjoy long, slow and deliberate strokes. We switched to having her on top, and the session got even better. She completely took over. I couldn't believe how much energy this girl has, and was thoroughly amazed by the way she made me feel! I had to hold myself back from finishing too soon, as I didn't want the session to end. We changed to several more positions, until I finished, and then cuddled and kissed/made more small talk and played with each other until she was ready to go again. We ended the session with the most amazing blowjob I have ever had! She was completely taking charge of me, and kept going deeper with each stroke, until I busted again on her chest.


We talked a bit more, and I left her a tip as a small token of my appreciation on my way out.


Several days later, I came back to see her, but that is a story for another day/time. The second session was even better than the previous one, and I will post again if anyone would like to read it...let me just say that she made my day/week on the day of my second visit. Her comments regarding my size really made me feel like a different man!


So to recap, I definitely recommend seeing this girl. If you haven't done so already, you are wasting your time.


Closing thought: this girl really IS the #1 playmate in town, and right now she's #1 on my list, and will stay there for quite some time. In terms of service, no other lady has come even close to what this girl offers! Simply stunning, and the energy she has is just out of this world. I will repeat as many times as I can, and as often as I can...even if it means I will go broke!

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