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iphone 4g....or Blackberry Bold 9700

What should antler do?  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. What should antler do?

    • Go for the BlackBerry 9700 now!
    • Wait for the iPhone 4g..it will be worth it......
    • 6 of one....half a dozen of the other.........undecided

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Android is probably the best OS out there. It certainly has the most potential for interesting new Apps and whatnot, being open source software. No Apple to take their pound of flesh from the App


I currently use a BB but RIM seems to have fallen behind, perhaps Blackberry OS 6.0 and some of their upcoming phones will turn convince me to stick with them, we shall see.

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I got my kid a XPERIA X10 Model he loves it the apps are fantastic. Again with all these type phones (touch screen) the knock is the battery power normally lasts 6-8 hours But if you are listening to a lot of music which he does, the juice does not last long.


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I currently have a samsung omnia II which uses the windows mobile platform that is very much outdated really. i needed something really quick because i wasnt satisfied with what was on the market at the time.


Now Bell is about to release the Samsung Galaxy S, which is their android division of handset. I hope to get one when when it gets released this month or early next month.

The handset has alot of great reviews and Android is simply an amazing platform for mobile and social networking.

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going for the blackberry...as they are locking and limiting thje Apple phone with rerstictions on Apps........

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