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Whistler Recommendations

If you had an experience that makes you want to recommend a specific provider this is the area to do it.

Rules for posting recommendations

Lyla is a positive review forum (a.k.a. recommendations) - a place where members of our community can positively recommend service providers based on their personal experiences with them.

  • We do not tolerate any negative recommendations. Positive experiences only! 😄

  • Recommendations must now contain a link to at least 1 contact method for the service provider (e.g. a link to an ad, their website, phone number, etc.)

  • All recommendations will be manually reviewed before being published - this is to ensure that spammers and fakes are kept away! 🙂

  • You must have posted at least 5 times on the forum before you can leave a recommendation.

  • We do not tolerate self-recommendations or fake recommendations. These will be removed and could lead to a ban.

  • Recommendations cannot contain openly sexual references (these include abbreviations and acronyms).

  • Recommendations must be sufficiently long and detailed (a few words or lines don't cut it).

If you have any questions or doubts before posting a recommendation, please reach out to a member of our moderation team, or use the 'Contact Us' button on the forum.


Lyla x

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