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    Thanks for visiting my page. Please explore, and post. I really enjoy hearing from other cerb members, so let's talk!

    Be sure to check out the social group area too on cerb. There's something for every taste. My favourites are RHAG (Redhead Appreciation Group), IRE (Intimate Redhead Encounters - I like redheads lol), and AW for lovers of beautiful bums. :) Come and join the fun! :)
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  1. Thank you, friends, and all the best to you! See you soon, I hope.
  2. Hi friends. It's been a long time, but I still think of my good times on this board and its precursor. To those of you I've met, to thise who remember me, I send my best wishes for a healthy, happy New Year! Maybe I'll see you around in 2024. Thanks.
  3. If anyone would like to connect on Twitter, I'm CatoNSW there. I'm happy to greet old friends and make new ones. Thanks.
  4. Hi again, friends. Sending my best to all my contacts here, with lots of good memories. More to come!
  5. One of the worst things about the last couple of years is that I've lost touch with so many friends. This used to be my favourite website, and I loved my interactions with people here, and all the glorious women I met. I think of you all often, and hope that we can reconnect. My best wishes to you all for a very Merry Christmas! Let's keep our spirits up, and hope for better days. Thank you, friends.
  6. Some of you may remember me as a frequent poster in the past, though I have been inactive lately. I am just dropping in to send good wishes to my old friends on the board, and hope that you are doing well. I will be back! Thank you all.
  7. Hi everyone! I used to be a regular on here, and I wanted to say hi to my many friends on this site. I am on Twitter occasionally, as CatoNSW, as I mentioned before. I’d be happy to reconnect with people, or make new friends. My best to you all! Keep having fun.
  8. Hi everyone! Dropping in to send greetings. I am on Twitter @CatoNSW. Join me if you like. Thanks.
  9. Hello friends. It’s been a long time, but I want to reconnect with my community and to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I’d like to be back in touch. See you!
  10. I nominate Madeleine Claire, MaddyCMJ, who has been an awesome supportive presence throughout this lockdown, and who I had the pleasure to mest just once before. I look forward to more meetings with this sweet beauty!
  11. Cato


    And my birthday, NJ 🙂
  12. If there ever was a new candidate for our Best Bums on the Planet thread, it’s Miami at Brass! What a babe! Gorgeous, fit, athletic body, amazing ass, good service. I booked an hour but will do longer next time. I enjoyed the conversation too, with a hot, smart, sexy woman. Seriously good! Happy Vanetine’s!
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