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    Thanks for visiting my page. Please explore, and post. I really enjoy hearing from other cerb members, so let's talk!

    Be sure to check out the social group area too on cerb. There's something for every taste. My favourites are RHAG (Redhead Appreciation Group), IRE (Intimate Redhead Encounters - I like redheads lol), and AW for lovers of beautiful bums. :) Come and join the fun! :)
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  1. Cato


    And my birthday, NJ 🙂
  2. To my Valentines, past, present, and to come, sending love and good wishes. May your dreams come true, and may I be in them (sometimes...) 🙂
  3. I hope it‘s been a good one! Hi to all my cerb/lyla friends!
  4. r__d

    Season's greetings to you Cato and continued thanks for your former participation on the board. Things are, of course, different here in Ottawa after the demise of Barb's but your name always reminds me of the glory days on Queen. St.

  5. Cato

    Saying hi! Merry Christmas!

  6. Saying hi! Merry Christmas!

  7. Hi! It’s been ages. How are you?

  8. Dear Friends, I have been off this site for most of this year, but wanted to send Christmas greetings and good wishes to my many friends on here. I have had the most awesome time since I joined this board ten years ago, and wanted to say thanks to the amazing women I‘ve met, and to the lads who‘ve joined me for a drink or a laugh or a post on here. My best to you all. Maybe I‘ll see more of you in 2020.
  9. I want my old profile page and friends list back! I lost 6000+ posts from friends dating back to when I started.
  10. Wishing all my friends on here the very best for 2019. I have to say (again) that the women I have met through this board are awesome. I have been having a great time, and look forward to many new adventures in the new year. A sincere thanks to all who have given me pleasure, excitement, satisfaction, and friendship. You have my thanks and admiration.
  11. Wishing all my friends a very happy Christmas and New Year! All the best.
  12. Thank you, friends. Your comments are really appreciated. I do my best 🙂
  13. I would like to have the 6000 posts on my cerb profile page back, please, and my pm capacity to be increased to what it used to be. I can't send messages now and have deleted dozens but am still way over the new, limited capacity. Thank you.