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    Thanks for visiting my page. Please explore, and post. I really enjoy hearing from other cerb members, so let's talk!

    Be sure to check out the social group area too on cerb. There's something for every taste. My favourites are RHAG (Redhead Appreciation Group), IRE (Intimate Redhead Encounters - I like redheads lol), and AW for lovers of beautiful bums. :) Come and join the fun! :)
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  1. Ten years ago today I joined cerb, and I can't let the occasion pass without saying thank you to my friends in this community: the wonderful women I've met, the mates I've shared a beer or a story with, the people I've been in touch with about shared interests, the social groups, and those who left the 6000 posts that were once on my page, before the change occurred. A whole history of fun and excitement. I'm grateful to you all. Great memories, and more to come! Thank you!!
  2. Hi. My inbox is full so I can't message you. Please delete the word white from the title of my Ottawa Massage reco for Kylie. Thanks 

    1. cerbmod


      Hey Cato, 

      Unfortunately that's not something I'm in control of. It's inserted based on the descriptions chosen. This is a design that is in discussion with the developers and owners of the site at the moment. I agree it should not be shown, but their logic is it may help differentiate. I don't see it that way myself. 

    2. Cato


      Thank you for your reply. I do find this headline embarrassing, as it was not posted intentionally by me, and a racial description is not something I endorse. I wish it could be edited.

  3. Hello, Rebecca!

  4. Sending good wishes to my friends for Thanksgiving. I really am grateful to you all for the good times and great experiences over the past ten years, yes, ten years, since I joined this board. I've been posting less lately, but am still active and having fun. So a good reason to say thanks!
  5. It seems that my inbox is 200% over capacity, so I can't send or receive messages on here. Feel free to leave me a message on my page until I can get this sorted. Thanks.

    1. Kilt Boy

      Kilt Boy

      You might think about editing the incorrect/outdated info in your profile while you're about it.

  6. Excellent news! Thanks!
  7. "I love you." Just now. I'm happy.
  8. Cato


    Diamond- one of those times when you meet someone who makes your jaw drop and knocks the breath out of you.....I was just emerging from a very good time in the cr with the lovely Nicole, one of my favs, and thinking I would finish my drink and head out, when I saw Diamond on stage. Perfect spinner body, long and lean, and other features that I find attractive, if you're familiar with my posting history:). Ok, not leaving yet.....She finishes her show, and comes and joins me at my table. Not only is she stunning, but sweet and fun, with an easy smile and a great attitude. The bank machine beckons, I visit it, and back we go to the cr. She likes using the duo couch, where I have many happy memories, and now I have some more to add. What a night, with two amazing beauties, and others on the floor that I didn't get to see. I'm glad that Barb's seems to be thriving. Gotta get there more often....
  9. "Follow:, is this the new system for friends?   hope so

  10. Cato

    IMG 20180516 125817 246

    So awesome, Brianna!
  11. Cato


    I met Adrianna the other day when she was working as a shooter girl. Amazing hot body in her work clothes! She told me she danced daytime, so I will go see her soon. Very hot looking babe!
  12. What a beauty!

  13. Cato


    Very satisfying reunion with Stacy in the cr last night, followed by a quick session with Carmella, looking awesome with her perfect new boobs. A mini-goddess. Very hot.
  14. Thank you for the pic comment <br />

    Kiss kiss

  15. Welcome Lexii!