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  1. hi there just wondering if theres any girls in the byward market or close enough that you can walk. i'm wondering because i work everyday and i;m located in the market.
  2. today i had the honour of visiting michelle at her place for one of the best experinced in my life. she is very down to earth, as soon as i got there she made me feelm right at home, shes not the shy type. she slowly undress me as we got to know eachother than we head it to the shower were she soaked and lather me up, so i felt the need to return the favour. after she gave me the best back rub i ever had, shes not like other girls that say they are ma she reallty does know what she is doin with her hands. the i had the pleasure of experincing her body slide and is nothin short of amazing through the whole visit she made me feel comfortable and at peace. i always see a lot of different members talking about who has the best butt in town, well i think i have found it!!! thats all i could stare and touch when iwas there.. michelle is very good at what she does beause i feel that she loves her job and what she does. a little bit of a warning with her she might seem innocent but shes a little bit of devil, she will tease and drive you crazy but its all worth it. if haven;t seen her, what are you waiting, get in touch with her you won't be dissappointed!! thank you michelle and will be calling you again and again
  3. great service, great attitude, very easy to talk and she very down to earth. my visit did not seem like i was visiting an sp, it felt like if i was visiting an old girlfriend of friend
  4. so i decide to try one of those asian sp numbers just because i never had a memorable experince with those number and it had been a while since i tried calling them, so i ended up seeing jazmin she looked close enough to the pic on the website, it might have been a younger picture of her, but her service was top notch, she knows how to take care of a men for sure. i would call her again anytime, no i will call her again. sometimes the juice is worth the squeeze.
  5. hi all, i was just thinking today and i decide to post a question to everybody. i enjoy dressing up casual (jeans and a polo shirt) due to the fact that i work in shirts and tie all day. not a big deal right? but the more i think about it i find myself asking why is it that when i go see a sp in my work clothes i find getting better service than in my comfortable casual service? you might say maybe is the sp itsefl but i have done the test itself by seeing the same sp and the time was more memorable when i went in my shirt and tie!! just posting to hear your thoughts!!
  6. hi guys and girls, i was wondering which sp provide their services real early? i'm looking for sp that work between 6.30am and 8.30am? thanks guys
  7. i visited the place about a year ago, prices are high end and ladies are great looking but not recommended
  8. hey is there any girls in the aylmer area for incalls?[/b]
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