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  1. I had entered into correspondence with Gabby, who I found to be witty, intelligent and a real charmer. Contact had easily been established and maintained via email. We switched to texting for the final arrangements. Gabby is a delight to know. She is prompt and courteous. When I arrived at her room, she was suitably attired, as per my request. We embraced, and I was quickly off to the shower to freshen up after a long trip. Her in-call was high end, clean, orderly and welcoming. By the end of our session I was fully convinced of the quality of the large double bed, believe me, we needed the real estate. Shower facilities were first rate, though I usually bring my own amenities, just in case. I had forgotten my mouthwash, but Gabby had that covered. Obviously, she is the Lady in the photographs, a quite pretty little redhead. Her breasts are a delight, her butt is super grabable. She has a couple of tattoos, but nothing that got in the way as I satisfied my cravings. Her legs are perfectly sculpted columns that lead downwards to two of the cutest feet. Gabby is a very excitable woman. Her moans and giggles were matched by her fluidity to guide me to pleasure her. And to pleasure Gabby is to pleasure ones-self: the wiseman tends to the Lady's needs, and reaps the rewards. Gabby knows how to please a man, while at the same time allowing you to please her. As Gabby observed, at my request, she had set the room temperature into the 60's (15-18c) and she was so hot, I was perspiring profusely. After msog via mpos, I had a most welcome second shower before departing for the long trip home. And a nap when I got there. Gabby was/is wonderful. To those who haven't seen her, you have NO idea what your missing. She is highly recommended. Details as to time costs, preferences, etc are available on her web site, see above. Gabby is more than great VFM. And, of course, as always, YMMV. Treat her as the Lady she is...and you know the rest.
  2. Probably too late for the OP, I would suggest you check out Alisha Shae, who has a recommendation on this board. She is part of Prairie Paramour. Another part of PP is Gabby Lauren, who has an account here (gabbylaurenxoxo). Also:
  3. Just curious how you made out? Regina has its fine Ladies & we get many great visitors. So if you've had the pleasure of finding one, plse share. Thx.
  4. mjbear: Thanks for your recommendation. Although I have yet to see Alisha, we have exchanged emails. I have found her very easy to communicate with, and quite patient. I only need the stars to align...Thanks to your review, there is absolutely no doubt that we will meet, someday....
  5. You may wish to be more specific in what your interests are, but in the meantime I would suggest a couple of fine Ladies: Gabby Lauren and Eva Nikita. Check BP for ads. We get a lot of first class visitors, so check the boards & BP. Good Luck and plse advise how you make out.
  6. Chrisinda is back... with friends;) Geeksagurla (Mandy) is a.k.a. Sweet 'N Nawtee. I would recommend you check out the previously mentioned boards & SEA for more info.
  7. This is not a review board, therefore I will not post my review. It is available on a review board. This is a recommendation board: I recommend.
  8. Thanks for the excellent, prompt review. While this may be your 1st review of her, hopefully it will not be your last review of her. Myr.
  9. This is a recommendation board, so there don't appear to be any reviews. Weird. Chrisinda was good, but she seems to be gone now. Geeksagurla (Mandy) is also good but hard to find. Cannot recommend anyone else other that visitors, when they come. Check the Pacific and Cow boards for more info.
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