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  1. dreamer8

    Not a Lurker Anymore

    GHT wellcome to the party.
  2. hy's, prime 360 or the cornerstone patio if it's nice? I am in for where ever we end up.
  3. I agree, worth a watch but not as rental or in the theater :) I was more interested in how well researched it was, then how well it was acted.
  4. The movie came out last month in a limited number of theaters scored a 59 on R.T. so I thought I would give it a try. I was surprised at the accuracy and relevancy to the actual industry (from my perspective). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. http://www.megavideo.com/?v=T2ZJ3QE0 skip the intro or you will be out of time (72 min) and have to wait 54 mins to finish the last 5 min. if you pass the credits at the end last min the is a 1 min Easter egg
  5. dreamer8

    Spinner of the day!

    nice thanks keep them coming and I will be visiting them ;)
  6. dreamer8

    Spinner of the day!

    now that's nice and even available!
  7. dreamer8

    help with abreviations

    with the help of an SP over a couple glasses we came up with a new one(s) CIT (cum in throat) something like bbbjcit or something extreamly long like: bbdtbjcit (bare back deep throat blow job cum in throat)
  8. dreamer8

    Spinner of the day!

    another collection of my fav model http://tinyurl.com/l5dosq
  9. dreamer8

    Spinner of the day!

    only pic I can show The gallery has some a couple nice pics http://tinyurl.com/lzsblz
  10. dreamer8

    Spinner of the day!

    trust me http://tinyurl.com/lpod2x
  11. dreamer8

    Spinner of the day!

    WOW! check out the close up kitty shot in the gallery she has a beautiful flower (pussy) and the puffy nipples I love. http://tinyurl.com/mb4367 just noticed how this shot looks like the dark haired girl in my avatar.
  12. dreamer8

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  13. dreamer8

    Spinner of the day!

    mixed girl page I love this picture .... it's so erotic! diffrent girl same page lower down. http://tinyurl.com/lzxe4s
  14. dreamer8

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  15. dreamer8

    Spinner of the day!