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  1. She is a good looking girl with a good body but her skills and sexuality (passion) makes her exceptional and a must see. She gave me a very memorable BBBJ and was very responsive to oral and penetration to the point where she cam so much she became too wet ;). My only regret was that I didn't book her for an hour instead of the half. If your a boob guy she's not for you but she looks better in person then in the pics on the site she must have lost a few lbs :).
  2. Shannon has a perfect ass with gorgeous legs that seem to go on forever .... I was in heaven. This agency has set there prices above ottawa market even for such a stunning woman but they offer a $20 discount if you sign up for their newsletter (which at the time I used their service was not technically possible dew to web site related issue). So excellent service and picture perfect ass and legs but if your a boob guy look elsewhere. She comes to ottawa a couple days a week with one of her friends who you can book a duo with :). Check the site for her dates in ottawa.
  3. Beautiful young spinner, if having sex with a model like woman is your goal at a low fee then she is your girl, if you like GFE and or more then she is not for you. I clicked all services that were provided if it was not clicked its because it was not available.
  4. I have always been Leary of Asian agencies for a bait and switch that occurred to me a long long time ago .... So I just simply stayed away! When I saw the 5 photos of this beautiful woman I couldn't believe my eyes. There is no way she is a real provider ..... I though for sure it is a scam and the models pics would show up on a google search! I was wrong! So I took a risk and booked thinking that if I get there and the woman is not as advertised I will just turn around and leave. I get there and before I even knock on the door it opens .... but I can't see the person opening it because they are hidden behind it! I am thinking I knew it shes going to be Fugly and they want me inside so its harder for me to leave. I go in anyway and the door slowly closes to uncover an Asian goddess. I was in SHOCK she is beautiful and perfectly proportioned like a sex doll that came to life! The session started and ended with a shower and was amazing from start to finish! (more details available if you PM me) She is only here for 2 more days so if you want to see her do it ASAP! Here are her pics that convinced me. http://www.girl613.com/gallery/laura/laura.htm
  5. {There is so much I want to share but I have been blasted in the passed for being too graphic so if you want the lured details I will write a complete Xrated review and send it to anyone who messages me for it.} Here is the G version: Sonya opened the door and I found myself looking at a stunningly beautiful girl with a cute shy smile looking into my eyes. I arrived early and she was able to see me right away. we started slow ... very slow and she kissed me like we were first dating (light butterfly kisses very erotic) I was not all that impressed when we first started (cbj).... I was actually thinking of calling it off but I gave her a chance and omg I am glad I did!!! A few mins later I was in pure bliss (msg me and I will tell you exactly why) then later halfway thru our session I asked her what she likes and what she said blew my mind and took it too a whole other level! She is young and very pretty but not exactly my body type (I like anorexic gymnasts lol) but I had an amazing time with her and will see her again. She has small boobs with soft slightly puffy nipples, super smooth soft skin and the most delicious bum.
  6. I never asked the first time but found out recently that she is down for GREEK! OMG she has the perfect little spinner ASS!
  7. Jenna is a sweet girl with the Ultimate spinner body, she is highly bbbj skilled and really sexually responsive (wet) when the right buttons are pressed (massaged). I recommend this girl if you enjoyed the last spinner alert I posted a couple years ago. she is around 5 ft 90 lbs tiny perfect boobs with little jujube candy nipples, silky smooth skin and a perfect little bum I cant stop thinking about. if you want more details PM me. http://www.pinkkittyescort.com/kitty.php?id=10
  8. I believe she is on vacation for a little while, her number will be on CL when she gets back.
  9. hy's, prime 360 or the cornerstone patio if it's nice? I am in for where ever we end up.
  10. I agree, worth a watch but not as rental or in the theater :) I was more interested in how well researched it was, then how well it was acted.
  11. The movie came out last month in a limited number of theaters scored a 59 on R.T. so I thought I would give it a try. I was surprised at the accuracy and relevancy to the actual industry (from my perspective). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. http://www.megavideo.com/?v=T2ZJ3QE0 skip the intro or you will be out of time (72 min) and have to wait 54 mins to finish the last 5 min. if you pass the credits at the end last min the is a 1 min Easter egg
  12. nice thanks keep them coming and I will be visiting them ;)
  13. with the help of an SP over a couple glasses we came up with a new one(s) CIT (cum in throat) something like bbbjcit or something extreamly long like: bbdtbjcit (bare back deep throat blow job cum in throat)
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