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  1. Drakas, I hope you were just trying to be funny. All women are queens? We gotta respect all women? This is total BS!! Women are human beings. We do not need to respect all human beings. Some human beings are horrible. This includes women. It also includes men. Respect is earned. It is not something that is simply granted to you because you happen to have a specific gender.
  2. Honestly, Rambler, I would never do any of the things that you are describing in your post. I am always clean and sober for any encounter of this kind. I would never negotiate or short a woman. I behave always in an ethical way. I also like to keep my commitments. Unfortunately, I have to listen to my instincts. In the future, I will not carry through if something doesn't feel right. It's tough in the situation I was in. No idea if this woman is volatile, has someone watching her, etc. Backing out could be just as, or more dangerous than carrying through. Anyhow, there are two sides to this, Ladies. Complain all you want about the men; there are a big chunk of women in this business who are just as bad. Again, I am new to this and have a lot to learn.
  3. Greenteal, this was a long term member of Lyla. Admittedly, few comments written about her, but ... We certainly, can't count on long term members of this site being of good quality. OK, I'm new to this, lesson learned! You also have a nice weekend.
  4. You're right about the date. The November I mistakenly selected was that of one of the last poster. Sorry, I would love to share this experience with specifics. How do I help the rest of you to avoid my bad experience when I am not allowed to post a negative review? Of course, I am learning from my experiences, nonetheless, I feel it appropriate to communicate the insanity of some of the whining I read from the escorts. Practice what you preach, ladies! In fact, that is probably one important observation to make the next time: any woman who expresses some kind of complaint or demand on a guys behaviour in advertising is likely a red flag.
  5. Back in November I posted a thread about a miscommunication I had with an Escort that expected me to greet her in the lobby of the hotel. Of course, a few of you, in particular a few escorts on this forum, chastised me for the way I handled myself. Ok, lesson learned, it was a first for me. For the longest time, I felt badly about this, until my most recent experience. Over and over I read about you ladies having difficulty with the guys that contact you, play you, fail to follow through, etc. Ok, fair enough. So, I just had an experience with a woman who just completely misrepresented herself. Probably about 15 years older than the age reported on her ad. Pictures that in no way matched up with her actual appearance because of this age gap. I went through with it only because I was really hopeful that her massage skills after 10 years might be ok. That part was moderate. During the entire hour she was complaining about how awful guys are with her. So ladies, how does this compute? You want to be treated honestly, respectfully, etc., and then you pull a stunt like that? Is it any wonder that many guys treat you like trash?? It truly is a crap shoot. I will from this point forwards back out of an appointment in a flash with zero notice if there is even a hint that something isn't right!!
  6. Holy ... sugar! OK then. Enough. Please, stay out of this. Really sorry escorts get bullied. Really sorry women get bullied. Man, life really sucks. It's so so hard! We ALL deal with "sugar" ( sorry for the silly expression - don't want to be accused of bad language again). Stop feeling sorry for yourself!! Anyhow, the key point here is communication. I screwed up using poorly chosen words that were interpreted incorrectly. I also screwed up because I was ignorant and didn't know the protocol. I also hate the written word in this situation and wish the escorts wouldn't rely so heavily on text only. Speaking to a person over the phone can clear up almost everything!
  7. There wasn't time for that. It was complete surprise. One minute I'm quietly waiting for her upstairs with refreshments and a bottle of wine waiting for her. The next minute I receive this text from her to get her downstairs. I was shocked and didn't know how to handle it.
  8. I will never deal with a text only escort again. Now I know what is expected in a hotel visit. Lesson learned. Please, people when you reply to those of us who are inexperienced in one way or another, being condescending and judgemental deserves nothing less than a "piss off" remark. I was trying to learn. I didn't deserve all of these negative comments from her. Now let's move on.
  9. Wow! You have problems. You’ve read way to much into this and blindly passed judgement. Piss off! Here’s the text conversation : her: I’m here but you have to come get me. me: why? What’s the problem? Front desk won’t let you up? That’s awkward. Not really wanting to be identified like that. her: ok hun it’s ok I left. No worries me: ??? Very peculiar thats is all I had to work with. Nothing more. I asked at the beginning it was normal protocol to meet in lobby since I’d never been in this situation before. However I don’t deserve your abrupt judgement nor did I deserve her abrupt reaction . She could have easily softened this, explained the problem and helped me to understand so the date would be possible. Therefore, I owe her nothing! So so sorry that other guys have played you. I was totally sincere.
  10. “Game playing”? I think you’re judging me on the basis of your own negative issues. I was never given a chance to deal with it properly. I expressed surprise and discomfort but this is not “chickening out”. If you can’t handle a client questioning you, and instead build a negative attitude, as you apparently have, then I think you’re in the wrong business . Oh, and how do I compensate a person who simply disappears? Sorry, I think you’re really expressing your own bad attitude. Furthermore, if you’ve established a policy where you’re only doing outcalls, you’re forcing me to provide place. Please, communicate your expectations in advance. Don’t assume I know all your rules.
  11. I think that if you're going to require this of me, if I were a client of yours, I would expect you to communicate this to me in advance. Simply surprising me with it at the moment of your arrival, is a bit much. You are wrong to assume that your clients know and understand your protocol. You should communicate what you expect.
  12. There was no opportunity for communication. She left the moment I expressed even a bit of apprehension.
  13. Exactly, this would have been fine for me, but there was zero communication from her. Only, an abrupt insistence that I meet her downstairs, and as I said above, she had already left before I had a chance to negotiate.
  14. I was never given the opportunity to do anything. I simply asked, have you been stopped in the lobby? I then said that I find this rather awkward. There was no opportunity for further discussion only a blunt, "It ok, honey, I left."
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