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  1. aka WHITE MALE CLIENTS ONLY Any information on this lady? Her photos look amazing. I am just a bit worried that she will not see me because I have gone south for a week and got a pretty good tan. She must be looking for folks with deathly white alabaster skin or maybe just dead folk? Anyway any information on this hot lady who purports to be a teacher by day would be much appreciated as well as what is on the menu. I think I would like to eat her! Thanks, Bob
  2. Can anyone enlighten me on the laws in Ontario regarding prostitution? I seem to recall that the Provincial Government had up to one year to appeal the ruling that it was now legal or certainly decriminalized. Just wondering because I am thinking of starting a new hobby. Thanks, Bob
  3. Hi...Breastpump here. As you can imagine I have a fetish for lactating ladies. Does anyone know of any ladies out there who would be willing to share? A good feeding is all I'm interested...more if the lady is interested. Thank you, Bob
  4. Any lactating ladies out there willing to feed a milk starved guy? Toronto are please. Willing to travel 100 miles for a good feeding if necessary. Thanks, Bob
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