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  1. Uh, yeah.... I think you mean Angela. Angelina Jolie is a smoking hot Hollywood actress who is married to Brad Pitt.
  2. These two are here next week.... http://www.sensualnikita.com http://www.alwayslovelychanel.com
  3. I turn my ringer off during sessions also. It's ironic that this is the reason I book sessions with SPs.... to get away from the stresses of my job. The SPs that I pay so much for..... I am paying for their professional attention and service. It's been a very long time since I've experienced any sort of bad attitude from any SPs. I should extend a hearty thank you to all my regulars here. Life is good. I have a two hour duo scheduled in a few days with two very established SPs. Things could be far worse!
  4. I've had this happen before.... an SP checks her phone during a session. Personally, if she asks me first if I mind, I don't. As long as it's brief and at an appropriate time (between shots, or during a cool down). As one who generally books only long sessions of two hours or more, I recognize this as an important part of customer service for any SP. Therefore in a two hour session, I have no problem if she (or they) do this, but no more than twice. Thoughts?
  5. You're welcome. Couldn't resist. :biggrin:
  6. Back in the days of Kerry and Amanda, they held a lottery for the Christmas Cheer Board. I believe it was $20 or $40 for a ticket. All proceeds went to the board. The winner received a free one hour duo. I'd like to see two local SPs bring this back.
  7. I don't do 'cheap shots'. That's not my in nature to do so. I have never even once stood up an SP. I expect the same in return. To Monique's credit, she did PM me an apology for this event that happened 'a lifetime ago'. I personally do not know any five-year-old pooners. An apology is nice, along with an offer to make it up to me. What I would really like, however, is an explanation of why this happened.
  8. TOFTT! Chanel is a beautiful Belorussian elite companion from Toronto. Advertises on EC and BP. Extensive services menu. Gorgeous 5' 6" busty, slim blonde. Great kisser. LOVES what she does! Outstanding SP. I had the time of my life! Pics on website are what you get.... 100%! Lovely accent. Not a clock watcher as our session exceeded two hours. Definate repeat. Definate recommend! Treat her well gents! I want this goddess to return often.
  9. Looks TGTBT.... http://www.alwayslovelychanel.com She has a phone number from NWT/Nunavut/Yukon. She hardly looks like an Eskimo. (On EC).
  10. Good reco gunit! Hard to go wrong with this sexy lady!
  11. My bad. Sorry, I misunderstood the post. As for hotel staff...... as I generally book two hour sessions and frequently use a certain downtown hotel, I really suspect they know why I am there. I really don't think they care. I am treated royally, even getting free upgrades to a room with a hot tub.
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