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  1. I'm looking for a petite SP here in town...specifically, I'm looking for a small woman, small breasted, who shaves. I've been checking out the asian women around town, and while they meet the body profile, almost none of them seem to shave. If you can recommend someone, or fit the bill yourself, please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Anyone tried this place? They're advertising like mad...
  3. Icarium

    Asian girls through "Don"...

    100 views, and not one comment? :(
  4. I've seen a fair number of posts for asian girls in Edmonton on places like CList and Backpage, with many of them stating to call "Don" for an appointment. Anyone know anything about this service, these girls, etc? There really aren't a lot of asian SP's that I've found, so I find the ads tempting, but am unwilling to risk a stupid mistake, you know?
  5. Anyone know if there are any good SP's out in Sherwood Park? (Or out that way....S/SE). And to steal a phrase by another poster here, by "good SP's", I mean one where I won't walk out thinking "I can't believe I just did that...". Thanks. :)
  6. Icarium

    ISO: Asian SP

    Fantastic. Thank you for the information!
  7. Icarium

    Asian Touch

    Fantastic. Thank you!
  8. Just before the holidays, maybe November, I was looking at a webpage for Asian Touch, but now I can't seem to get to their site, and the phone number I had written down doesn't appear to work anymore either. Does anyone know what happened to them? And if they are still around, are they worth my time? I've been looking for an asian SP/MP around for a while now, but haven't had much luck. Thanks.
  9. Icarium

    ISO: Asian SP

    Wow...just under 1000 views, and nobody knows of a single asian sp or massage place, nor any petite sp's? *shrug*
  10. I'm looking for an asian SP or massage (w/extras up to FS) in the Edmonton area (preferably southeast/Sherwood Park area). Alternatively, I'd be interested in a *very* petite SP in the same region. Anyone aware of any? Thank you.