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  1. septum ring haven't seen one woman yet that is better looking with one of these first thing that comes to mind when I see one a bull, snorting with snot flying out of it's nose, lol the proliferation of bad tattoos, too feel sorry for all those future old folks home workers, trying to figure out what the hell they're looking at on those future asses they're going to be wiping :confused: at least you can take the septum out, lol
  2. there are, they're already here, but it ain't going to happen but those ways can't support a population of 7+ billion in the same type of lifestyle that people desire if it was it would have already, you're eastern Liberals, Chretien signed it, GHG rose under him, they'll rise again, under this new worthless deal you need to stop expanding, people are the cause of that expansion, basic math 20yrs from now, the GHG will be above what they wanted to restrict them to, there will be close to 9 billion, probably there's a episode of VICE, titled Meathooked and end of Water this is the typical behaviour of mankind, create a problem, think up another one to solve it or better yet delude yourself into thinking it's not a problem I'm not "choosing" who needs to go, I'm just pointing out the obvious it's a numbers game, basic math any other animal and we would have already culled it exponential math, diminishing returns, it's already happening the solution is less people, like it or not wait till they start to come for our water, maybe you'll change your mind then, lol
  3. like it or not, pointing out the obvious would be the 2 countries that are the most overpopulated India and China the have between 2-3 billion of the 7 or at least quit letting them send their problem to other areas of the world it isn't the 1880's, not even the 1950's, that outdated ideology that we need people to populate the bush, to look after the old, is no longer needed a policy on our birthrate is what's needed selective immigration to supplement the difference, sure, but to continue to send us on the path that obviously doesn't work is moronic in the news the other day, 4 countries, guess which one's? are responsible for 49% of the GHG, in 2010 numbers (that's if you can even believe the BS from China/India/Russia, that low, cause they're so reputable, lol) China, USA, India, Russia, they have about 3.1 billion almost half the world's pop and China and India, aren't even getting started, wait till they're up to the standard we are which they've already stated, f-you, whitey, we're not cutting back on polluting, you did it, now it's our turn, till we get rich like you it's a basic numbers game, like it or not going after Canada, Tonga, ain't going to make a difference you need to cut where it will count
  4. clearly you can't read between the lines obviously going from 1 to 7+ billion people on the planet, in barely the last 100 or so years, has had an effect it's basic exponential math, diminishing returns but deluding yourself into believing the same people who created or caused the problem will solve it, no, I don't "believe" it's going to happen, cause the solution is getting rid of 5-6 billion of us there's a Doc, called Sand Wars http://sand-wars.com/ completely related to people, too many people, which is the same cause of the problem which you're discussing balance is the key, and you need to decimate the human population to bring it back into balance, bottom-line letting it happen here, bringing in people from areas where they overpopulated, isn't going to help or solve anything only one way to reduce pollution, less people, less need cause you aren't going to get people to stop consuming we're selfish, insatiable animals, all you have to do is look at history to see that
  5. and people who'd be in this camp, like our clueless leader, Zoolander's french cousin should be outraged that we're still bringing in a average city of almost 300,000 a year and have been for well over a decade now bottomline, if you delude yourself into thinking you're an "environmentalist" how many people have you killed? cause that's the only way "climate change" is going to "reverse" "stop" the human population is out of whack at 7+ billion less people-less pollution-less energy-less food production but instead we get idiots who want to do the opposite point out the one place in the world that's overpopulated that is soooo great to live? our immigration policy, David Suzuki is a hypocritical douche, but he got one thing right, we don't need more people here we need a policy on our natural birthrate, get it back to 2, natural replacement, keep our pop steady, more people doesn't equal a better quality of life if you care about climate change, less people is the answer, not more there was nothing wrong with Canada with 25, 30 million, we don't need 50+ and neither does the environment
  6. and as our new rightly anointed sperm leader says it's the environment stupid! how is bringing in 25,000 more insatiable people going to help? not to mention the 2-300,000 we've been bringing in for the last 10+yrs? you can't have it both ways they will all eventually need a furnace, a toilet, food, electricity, want a car, cellphone, ect........ migration isn't going to solve the fact that there are 5 billion too many people on the planet we've went from 1 billion to over 7 in just over 100+ yrs like someone mentioned, resources, more people, less pie, can't make more earth we can't have 5 billion living the lifestyle we live in the rest of the world it's time to cull the herd, like it or not, cause wind/water/solar are never going to be enough to satiate the wants not that most of the world is going to stop burning coal/gas/oil despite what our delusional politicians do here more people/growth/growth, isn't the answer if it was why don't you move to China/India? Suzuki is a hypocrite, but he got one thing right, we don't need more people in Canada, would say it's full like him, but, it isn't necessary, nor going to help it's time to let the middle east solve their own problems, they are more than capable Saudi's, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, ...... could take in all the Syrians it's time to start looking after who's here, Natives/Northerners, mentally ill, impoverished children, ect.... then send all your after tax dollars to the UN, just stop sending everyone else's without their OK, like our new rightly sperm leader who's put us back, like we ever went anywhere help them over there, don't want to do that, then just turn the channel
  7. Kayden Hayes Athena Lust Coco Dream if she's in town Christina, fench, she's here right now Roski, believe she's in town right now Kennedi Kole, if she's in town Angel St. Clair, when she's here
  8. spent an hour with Heaven, it wasn't enough, it went by far too fast. This little lady is cute, friendly, with a attitude and service level beyond her years. Her body is fine, especially her bum, couldn't keep my hands off it. The girl can kiss, lots of dfk, all her services and rates are on her ad here and her website. Greek is ymmv, but her services are all inclusive. Great bbbj, the fs was quite fine, doggie, with that view of her bum, yummy Everything about Heaven is what you expect from a sp, the fact that she is so personable and good looking with a spinner type body is just a welcomed bonus It was a full hour of action and fun, she's always smiling, she's delicious, you just want to devour her in every sense. Heaven's a repeat and vfm for sure
  9. Jenni - Vietnamese hottie looking for quality gentlemen to spend some quality time with 27yo, 5'3", 95lbs Private, clean, upscale location Available 11am - 11pm Jenni, is tiny, good looking and gives very good service you can try wonderbeauty, search wonder69, they are said to have accurate photos, services aren't always up to gfe in some reviews, but most are on the positive side destinyXu, Nina Del Cruz, two indy travelling girls who come to town every so often, Nina isn't petite, she is small, but a little curvy, with great service, destiny, tall but petite, very thin, is French/Viet from Quebec, Nina is Pilipino from Ontario, I think
  10. Andrea Cavalli offers topless dealing/waitress service on her site
  11. Very pretty, small, tiny, slim, petite almost beyond belief, great curly long black hair, safe gfe, a bum that's so small it doesn't even fill up your hands, a woman who is instantly likeable, a very personable young woman saw her a week ago or so in Edm and would repeat a great package of looks, talent and personality, she's a girl it would be hard to get enough of haven't see any reviews that say anything but good things
  12. you kinda missed the part about being in the edmonton section
  13. It isn't a pension, OAS is welfare for the old. It comes out of general revenue. CPP isn't changing. You can still retire at 65, you just won't get the extra welfare check for 2 more years, virtually all old people will get it because they don't claw it back until your income is in the 50,000 range and not completely until the 100,000's Also love your refugee facts Those poor refugees that can afford a plane ticket to Canada, I can't afford one to get out, do they bleed all over Air Canada's seats? Did the Harper gov't quit paying for that too? What about the those poor Tamils from Thailand that where obviously in so much danger of being tortured while on the beaches of Phuket, where did they get the 20,000 or so it was reported they paid for their cruise to Canada? Let's not even start with the unreality of Unemployment "INSURANCE" like your tag line says there's a lot of crap out there
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