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  1. Reubalach Albannach

    Deep Throat

    Russian Irena
  2. Reubalach Albannach

    Which Local Escorts LFK, DFK?

    Any local or visiting sp's anyone know of that lfk, dfk? Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  3. Reubalach Albannach

    Any info

    I try to see Lynn as often as the funds permit. I have always had a great time with her and she has always been accommodating to work around my schedule.
  4. Reubalach Albannach

    Current Winnipeg Fav's

    Courtney is my hands down favorite (who hasn't been on EC for a couple of months, not the young Courtney, no offense but the Courtney in her early 30's) I hope she comes back soon! Holland from EC Danielle from Broadways Samantha from EC was pretty energetic Shawnna from EC What can we say guys, we have a great selection of ladies to choose from here in the Peg!
  5. Reubalach Albannach


    Just thought I would give a shout out to Holland. Met her at her place yesterday and she is friendly and accommodating as she is sexy and fun in bed. For any of you out their that were contemplating in meeting up with her, I would strongly suggest you do so! Like some of you posted, her pictures don't really do her justice, (even though she looks great in her pics to begin with). Great tight body, nice tits and a absolutely hot ass! She keeps the landing strip clear and enjoys DATY. Plays safe with a CBJ which is fine and her warm up HJ is nothing short of fuc-ing ay! The one thing I also like about Holland is that she understands that there are 60 minutes in an hour. You never feel rushed and she is great to talk with afterward when you are lying there out of breath and your world just rocked! Can't wait to see her again!
  6. Reubalach Albannach


    PM me for info
  7. Reubalach Albannach


    I saw her about a month ago. I would pass this one up guys.
  8. Reubalach Albannach

    Info on Mary Jane

    It is an escort website with Winnipeg escorts. Actually the site is 2hotnsexy.com
  9. Reubalach Albannach

    Info on Mary Jane

    Has anyone tried the services of Mary Jane listed on hotnsexy? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Reubalach Albannach

    Amazing new SP

    Hi Alex Could you please pm me her contact info as well? Thanks
  11. Reubalach Albannach

    Adora Cocks and Miss Kitty

    Yeah, I have heard very good things about Holland as well. Hoping to see her in August some time. If you do go see Miss Kitty, please post a thread to let us all know how she is. Thanks again, Reubalach
  12. Reubalach Albannach

    Adora Cocks and Miss Kitty

    Thanks for your thoughts on the matter. I think I am going to pass on this one. not sure why an SP has to use two aliases. I have read great things about Holland (listed on EC). We have been having some scheduling conflicts but it has been problems on my end, not hers. Hopefully I can get a chance to see her in August. But like you said GBeck, I would be very interested in hearing what Adora Cocks/Miss Kitty is like if anyone tries her services.
  13. Reubalach Albannach

    Adora Cocks and Miss Kitty

    Thanks for the help!
  14. Reubalach Albannach

    Adora Cocks and Miss Kitty

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there knows if Adora Cocks and Miss Kitty are one and the same SP? I thought a couple of weeks ago I saw one of Adora Cocks photos on Miss Kitty's listing on EC, then a couple of days later it was off again. Both are blondes with natural large breasts so I am curious, before I make an appointment with Adora You can find Adora Cocks listing at SITEREMOVED/canada/manitoba/winnipeg Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  15. Reubalach Albannach

    Massage with Marian

    I know we are only suppose to write only positive things about the SP's and I have had some great times with Shawnna, Lynn and Stacey (all listed on EC). After my experience with Marian I can not recommend her